Guess what your “independent” candidate Phil Goff was up to on the weekend

Guess what your “independent” candidate Phil Goff was up to on the weekend.

Yup, you got it…campaigning with Labour.


The man really is a charlatan and a liar.

There is no way he is independent. If he was he should point to all the National party people working on his campaign.

And watch when he wins. Andrew Little will claim him as “their” mayor in Auckland.

Phil Goff leaks, lies, and obfuscates. Welcome to Auckland’s new mayor…like Len but without the rooting.


– tipline

  • GoingRight

    I’m wondering if he will also be the Labour Party sludge fund when Labour run completely short of the readies? Hopefully we the taxpayers won’t be paying for Labour Party electioneering with the likes of photocopying use, postage, stationery, manpower, and I am sure there are many ways Phil can assist them. All a little worrying in my book, someone should be keeping an eye on him. In addition someone needs to tell Phil if he gets to be mayor, he is mayor of Auckland not there to push labour policies throughout the whole country but is there to keep to the basics and look after we the rate payers who are paying his salary. Spend those rates wisely Phil, we will be watching you!

  • Boondecker

    I just see Goff’s claimed political allegiance is simply going down the similar line as those that claim to be ‘LBGTQI+’. He can and will claim to be whatever he wants to be on the day – and woe betide anyone besides him who questions it. Everyone else knows exactly what they are though. Some judge and some don’t – but everyone knows.

    • biscuit barrel

      Did you have a problem with John Banks being an ‘independent’ mayor of Auckland ? People vote for a familiar face who they know and Banks was successful at the job, thats all that should matter.

      • Boondecker

        I intensely dislike and don’t trust leftists. Especially those that are going to be no different than their predecessors. Well, except that I expect Goff will be keeping his trousers well zipped up in the Ngati Whatua Room,

        • Minnie Mouse

          We’re assuming a lot here. Goff may well get big ideas above his station if he gets to wear the Mayoral chains and might get propositioned even!

      • Sailor Sam

        Seeing as Phil is still sucking on the taxpayer’s teat as a little party MP, I suppose he thinks he should support that party’s candidates.
        He obviously believes he will not become independent until after the election, assuming of course that he will win and then resign as MP.
        If he does not win he will stay a little party MP, sucking on the taxpayer’s teat.
        Phil Goff would get 100% more credibility if he resigned as MP today.
        But that would be a Tui billboard.

        • biscuit barrel

          careful what you ask for . Dalziel resigned the day before the results announced. A dreadful minister and mayor…but I digress

          • Sailor Sam

            He does not have the guts to resign now, which makes him a coward.

          • hookerphil

            I salute you for your comment.

  • shykiwibloke

    I’d alter the byline to like Len, but a different sort of rooting. Rooting the city by working to a Labour agenda that does not necessarily align to the ratepayers best interests.
    The life of a serial trougher.

  • Keeping Stock

    The marketing crew at Dominion Breweries should put out a billboard especially for Auckland; something like this:

    • biscuit barrel

      They have another brand whichmight make some interesting billboards
      “Desperados is the world’s first Tequila Flavoured Beer.”

  • Quinton Hogg

    Another question is why is Greg Presland campaigning out west without Labour colours in a seeming neutral manner.

  • Bob Dazzler

    A trougher going from a failed party of shrinking troughers to a lovely but fat trough, oh goody.

  • contractor

    At least Len is a plain-to-see fool. Goff is worse – a conniving smirking charlatan. Anyone But Goff.

  • 61dart

    Goff is a total charlatan. While “representing” Mt Roskill he chose to live on a life style block near Bombay Hills. He was to good and important to live with low life who he was supposed to represent. His excuse was that he did not want his children to have to go to a school in Roskill and maybe suffer from being his children!!! ANY ONE BUT GOFF for Auckland Mayor.

  • Kevin

    Presland is pushing Goff for mayor as a “progressive” candidate.

  • Pagan

    Len Brown with pants. Once upon a time I thought that would be an upgrade but now, not so much.