Guest Post: For once I am a bit cross with SB

For once I am a bit cross with SB in her article about the forced marriages of young girls.  She demands “what are the feminists doing about this?”

This is not only a feminists’ debate and action – it belongs to all of us, men, women, old and young.

If action is the responsibility of one small group of people that action can then be isolated and lose its power.

I realise that in part this comment is an attack on the feminazi, but please don’t mix objectives!  

The actions reported require a collective response regardless of our demographics.  Let us all say this is not acceptable.  Let our New Zealand and Australian men voice their disgust without feeling they are siding with the feminists.  I am sure they fear for the safety of their daughters, and feel in their gut the horror that is being perpetrated on the young.  Let us harness everyone’s emotional response and present a very loud community “NO” to these actions.

It is not the responsibility of one group.  It belongs to all of us.  Men, we need you to speak up too.  This is not just the job for women.  We must all respond.  We are fighting for our children, regardless of race.

Let us all be heard.  Let us all take responsibility for that.

Frances Denz MNZM

Frances has been instrumental in helping entrrpeneurs establish more than 4000 businesses since 1986. She is an authority on business start-ups and regional economic development and is a keynote speaker at conferences internationally. Frances is the co-founder of Stellaris Ltd and specialises in the small business and government sectors.
In 2013 Frances was honoured by the Queen with Membership of the Order of New Zealand (MNZM) for services to business.

As a Maori woman of Ngati Tuwharetoa and Tainui descent, Frances has worked with many Maori organisations to establish expertise in self-employment. Frances has special interests in the health and horticulture industries. 
She was  the founding chair of the Womens Loan Fund.

Frances is the author of Hope and Rehabilitation, Able to do Business and Women at the Top. She is passionate about encouraging small businesses to establish good governance and management in order to develop into very successful businesses.


  • JEL51

    In defense of SB, I did forward that article to my two sons across the ditch.

  • Jimbob

    True, it is the responsibility of all of us to fight this scourge but it is very appropriate for SB to point out the hypocrisy of the usually vocal feminist movement.
    Anyway, it is an outstanding article – you should be proud.

  • Rebecca

    Perhaps menfolk are concerned they’ll be accused of typical cisheteropatriarchy behavior if they step up to the plate on such issues rather than deferring to female leadership described by SB?

  • spanishbride

    Fair point, I am smacking my hand with a wet bus ticket as I type :)

  • Flattanker

    To be fair to SB, I read it as the feminists being so enamored of their Islamic sisters with burkini type issues, that they were too intellectually crippled by their ideology to see the great harm being done to women and girls by these beliefs.

    I would also add that as a male these days, our voice is shunned and criticised, if we venture into these territories. I am reminded of the people who stayed silent on problems in the UK because they didn’t want to have to put up with labeled racist etc and all the social justice bullying backlash that goes with it.

    I do see your point though in that these problems belong to all of us as a society

  • Des

    I’m sorry Frances, but enough of this collective guilt clap-trap. A quick web-search will show you dozen’s of organisations fighting this specific problem. How is liberal hand-wringing going to help? SB was correct in her assessment. Feminazis jumped on the Scarlette band-wagon, dragging the whole Chief’s franchise through the mud for a publicity stunt, so why don’t we hear them doing the same for real issues? If I knew of a single instance of this behaviour, of course I would do something. If you want to alleviate your feelings of guilt, donate to one of the charities. Not my problem

    • Duchess of Pork

      As the child bride (and FGM) problem is manifesting in increased numbers in western societies perhaps these ‘dozens of organisations’ are not structured/funded sufficiently to effectively stop the practice and need some additional support from us all. I for one was very relieved to see many men of all ages participating in the Australian march against this Islamic tradition. Frances and Jimbob are right. Unless we take this on as a collective responsibility it will cost us all economically and socially.

  • bilgewater

    I don’t think straight, white males speaking out will have much effect. Sounds much better coming from a feminist.