Halfwit Union can’t even name its candidates!


The Meat Workers Union have given up on trying to get change through getting their reps into the Labour Caucus. Insiders tell us it is because no one thinks the Labour Party will be in government after the election.

So they are running candidates at the local body elections. Though despite massive union membership they were only able to get two candidates
This year, Jobs that Count is standing up for you in to the Local Government elections. Jobs that Count candidates are standing in the North Island, including two Meat Workers Union members.  Other candidates are signing up to our Jobs that Count pledge and the support is coming in thick and fast.
You would think the Meat Workers Union would name their candidates but no, they do not. And the interested union members have chosen not to comment at all on the page. It looks like the Meat Workers are specialising in smoke and mirrors.
  • Keeping Stock

    This old friend of the Whaleoil blog is standing for the Whanganui District Council; Phillip Rewiti Bear…

    • Sally

      Yes and lets help them by naming the other one. Roberta (Bertie) Ratu who is standing for Western Bay of Plenty District Council.

    • InnerCityDweller

      Who is that extended middle finger for? Little?

    • Alan Beresford B’Stard

      He always wear that hat, as though he’s about to go fishing or has just finished fishing. Possible a clue to how effective he would be at the public trough.

  • Cadwallader

    Those tee-shirts are gaudy. If they could afford green-buckets they’d be ideally kitted-out for rugby watching in the Manawatu.

  • cows4me

    I would like to know what jobs don’t count ?

    • Crowgirl

      I’d imagine the answer to that is non-unionised ones.

    • Hard1

      “I would like to know what jobs don’t count ?”
      The job of ACC Case Officer does not count. They are the firewall. They cannot make a decision, report back to someone else, make any change to your situation, or do anything else other than listen. Their sole function is to record your abuse on your file. That’s it. An ACC Case Officer does not count.

    • OneTrack

      Race Relations Commissioner?

      Labour Party MP?

  • Isherman

    well, if I was an organisation that had people standing as candidates for local elections, who had told a female crown minister that “a bit of sexual violence never hurt anyone”…I might not name them either.

  • Hard1

    New Zealand has one of the highest minimum wages in the world. The problem is not the generous remuneration, the sole problem is the high cost of renting or buying accommodation near your work. This high cost is directly instigated, purposefully, and seemingly maliciously, by the Union/Labour Left-wing Council duopoly, which enables the ideologically perverted operatives into implementing their hellbent and socially criminal drive to ram people into ever smaller living spaces.
    If Unions want someone to blame, look no further than the nearest mirror. You did it, you clean up the mess.
    Catch the bus to the train to the next bus? To where, the next Station?.
    Maybe that was the goal all along, to get pillocks to travel around in squiggly patterns while the rest of us drive to where we actually need to be, the fastest and most economical way, by car.
    The next Mayor should make all Council workers travel exclusively by public transport.
    Promise that, John Palino, and you’ll probably get elected.

  • Rick H

    Looks like the entire Labour party has joined the Greens.
    Perhaps they will simply merge Greens and Labour into a single party.
    They could even have 4 co-Leaders.
    Little Shaw, and King Turei.