Happy Fathers Day

Dad and Me at Statham Street

Dad and Me at Statham Street, Suva, Fiji

This is one of my favourite songs.

I always play this on Fathers Day.

To Dad this song is for you.

  • GoingRight

    You stIll look the same! Amazing isn’t it.
    Add: Happy Fathers Day. Enjoy!

  • cows4me

    It’s the wife’s birthday also today so my son moved the yearlings and my daughter helped her mother to feed the calves which probably saved us a hour of work which was nice.

  • Hailstormers

    Great song choice’s. Happy Fathers Day to all Dads out their. For me I got up early and took the boy to rowing and then we went out after for a big late breky and a decent coffee.

  • Lux

    Growing up, on father’s day, I used to cook my parents breakfast in bed, one year it was pancakes, the first lot I delivered to them was, yes well… pretty bad, so dad got up to help me with a new batch.
    I’ll never forget as he was showing off his superb cooking skills to all of his children, and he was teaching me the art of flipping.. so he flipped a pancake, and it flew through the air and stuck to the ceiling.. and he yelled out laughing.. That one is for Lux .. it was hilarious.
    Happy Father’s Day everyone…