Have the Social Justice Bullies found a new way to get rid of Hosking?

Here at WOBH we refuse to call these clowns Social Justice Warriors. If there was some real fighting to be had they’d be quivering in fear under a feather duvet. Instead we call them Social Justice Bullies…because that’s exactly what they are.

Currently, the target du jour is Mike Hosking.

One TVNZ employee is banking more than a $1 million a year, but the state broadcaster is refusing to say who it is.

Traditionally, the healthiest pay packet has always gone to the chief executive, but has polarising Seven Sharp frontman, Mike Hosking, edged out boss Kevin Kenrick as TVNZ’s biggest earner?

A spokeswoman for TVNZ said the broadcaster “didn’t have any plans to identify the remuneration of presenters or other individual employees”.

The question came as the British government prepared to force the BBC to reveal the size of pay packets given to 109 of its top broadcast journalists and personalities.

Britain’s Department of Culture was expected to confirm the change in policy this week, ahead of the government’s looming renewal of the broadcaster’s royal charter.

At present, TVNZ and Radio New Zealand (RNZ) publish the salary bands of all employees earning more than $100,000 in their respective annual reports.  

While TVNZ is publicly owned, it is commercially funded through advertising and pays a dividend to the government. RNZ is a Crown entity.

TVNZ’s annual report for the year ending June 2015 revealed the salary bands of 218 employees earning more than $100,000, with its highest-paid employee banking between $1.10 and $1.11 million a year – up on the previous year where the top earner made between $1.02 and $1.03 million.

Massey University School of Journalism Associate Professor, Grant Hannis , believed those commanding the biggest salaries should be identified to create greater transparency.

“There is real interest and, perhaps even, concern over the very high salaries that some people in news media organisations are paid,” Hannis said.

“I think it may reveal some interesting issues such as the disparity between what the very, very big stars are getting paid and what your average presenter or journalist is being paid.

“Equally, it would be interesting to see whether there are any differences between what males and females are paid, or what Pakeha versus non-Pakeha are paid.”

TVNZ reported a profit of $12.7m and a dividend payment of $13.4m for the financial year ending in June 2015.

I wonder if this academic wants his pay packet examined in detail? I suspect not…he’d cry about his need for privacy.

But surely we need greater transparency over academic salaries, grants and other troughing mechanisms they all avail themselves of. Goose/Gander and all that.


– Fairfax

  • Graeme

    Why hosking. He is only on air for 30 minutes a day. How about greg boyed or simon dallow and so on. Boyed always pops up in different news reading times [email protected] and so on so perhaps he is “the one “.

    • Ruahine

      Surely Mr Simon Dallow is not paid over $1,000000.

    • Kevin

      Because Hosking is regarded as an evil “right-winger”.

      TVNZ is charged with operating as if it was a commercial venture. It’s not a public venture but is required to give a return to it’s shareholders. In other words presenters get paid according to how many bums-on-seats they can get or to put it more accurately, how many ad dollars they get in.

      • Brian Dingwall

        Kevin, in agreeing with you I would add it is not necessary to be right-wing to be attacked by lefties.

        Simply promoting a message of positivity and optimism is sufficient to become a target.

        How can cloth caps sell their message of doom and gloom, and the need for state control of everything, when Hosk is showing us all how good we have it? And how much better it is getting.

        He features entrepreneurs, rising stars of the music and arts world, and understands that in spite of the left the world continues to improve.

        The great “enrichment of the masses” that began in Holland in the 17th century continues unabated, except in places and periods when the left (or extractive dictators) have been in control.

        It has nothing to do with the state, except in enforcement of property rights, and protecting the freedom to innovate. They hate this.

        Therefore he must be silenced…..

        • pisces8284

          My feelings exactly Brian

  • Sally

    What about John Campbell at RNZ? Why aren’t the SJB demanding what is in his pay packet?

    • Dave

      Hmmm. Little johnnie Campbell is now earning closer to what he is worth, he was on far too much in MediaWorks, no doubt on half as much now, it’s the old commie mindset, bring them all down to our level of misery.

    • Wheninrome

      The article refers to AVERAGE journalists and presenters being laid less, so he would fall into that category.

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    “I think it may reveal some interesting issues such as the disparity between what the very, very big stars are getting paid and what your average presenter or journalist is being paid.”
    And perhaps to be fair they should find out how much MORE revenue the big starts bring in. Once again they want a ‘level playing’ field when life isn’t like that. Those that do better tend to do better!

  • Cadwallader

    Simple questions: What is this “greater transparency?” Why do we need to know who gets paid and how much? Will this improve our personal well-being? Is it anyone’s business other than the parties? Would Hosking be paid more in another country?
    There are numerous instances of poor money management in NZ’s media so why get fixated on salary levels?
    I cannot see the point in Hosking, Soper and others traveling to Washington DC for the Presidential vote. To me that is a pointless expense when the USA is replete with political reporters who can do the job perfectly? Will the NZ media types have access to the open channels of information before and on the election date?
    PS I’d like Kevlar to go to Washington DC or anywhere else for that matter preferably strapped to a comet with a long and vast orbit.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Ah the US may be “replete with political reporters” but can our MSM be sure that they will give us the ‘spin’ they want? Obviously not, hence their ‘need’ to go themselves. Of course preferably one from each network, paper, etc in case anyone should feel ‘left out’, ‘disadvantaged’.

  • cows4me

    So an academic thinks there would be real interest and greater transparency if those getting the big dough were identified. Translation. Mr Hannis suspects the highest paid will be some right wing mouthpiece that should have their wings clipped because they are not promoting the ways of socialism and pimping the poor. Mr Hannis is hoping for a little class warfare where I’m betting the perfect wiping boy would be a rich white male conservative, something the left just love to hate.

  • BR

    How would this troughing academic respond to the suggestion that all public broadcasting be sold, thereby removing any perception of political bias by state run media?


  • biscuit barrel

    I dont think its Hosking at all and its the CEO, as it should be.
    After all Michael Noel james Hosking has ‘another employer’ NZME so its likely one or both have him as a contractor not a salaried employee.
    Its not clear what his company is but MHK Investments Ltd seems to be connected

    • BigNose

      Yep, I’d be very surprised if he were an employee, almost certainly providing services on a GST basis.

  • jimknowsall

    “…it would be interesting to see whether there are any differences between what males and females are paid, or what Pakeha versus non-Pakeha are paid”.
    Yeah right, because comparing the pay of a small number of star employees with statistically outlying salaries is a great way to measure sex and racial equality…not.

  • XCIA

    If Hannis wants greater transparency, he should start with Captain Underpants who has managed to blag a myriad of honorarium, salaries, advocacy, consultancy, bonus and other assorted fees from the great Maori sinking fund. Even Maori want to know what the trougher is blagging, but his lips are firmly sealed.

    • Kiwi As

      Captain underpants !!! You got me. Thanks for the belly laugh.

    • GoingRight

      I always refer to him as the underpants man as I often forget his real name. He certainly knows how to make money usually for himself but to give him his due he turned his tribe Tainui around and they seem to be doing rather well now.

      • XCIA

        I would suspect then that his motto is “what is yours, is mine”.

  • jimknowsall

    Would it be fair to say that Mike Hosking is a like a political mirror image of John Campbell? Similar ages, same jobs, similar style, but Mike is right wing and John is left wing?

    I do wonder because whereas there were campaigns from SJW types to save Campbell Live in order to retain a decent current affairs programme, this desire does not seem to extend to such a programme presented by someone who is not of their political persuasion.

    • Vaughan

      Exactly, he’s too positive and too happy for the chardonnay socialists and the bitter left.

  • Crookednose

    And you know what – Hosking is probably worth it. Turned Seven sharp around from a lame O magazine show with a failing lefty slant back to a more serious old school current affairs show. The ratings went up and interestingly – Campbell’s took a major nose time during this period. I’d say the advertisers came running back to TVNZ in a big way with Mike back on board. So more money all round.
    All power to him I say!

    • Huia

      He certainly put John waffles Campbell out of business.
      Love him or hate him, he does not deserve this kind of bullying from the left and brainless.
      Very nasty personalities involved in this targeting.

  • Forrest Ranger

    If you want to hire top talent you have to pay for it. Regardless of whether you agree with Mike Hosking or not, he is undoubtably very good at both his jobs i.e. he is top talent.

  • Sagacious Blonde

    With no money to spend on electioneering, the SJB’s are mounting a raid on Hosking, attempting to taint him in public opinion, before he starts asking hard questions in Election year.
    We can expect much, much more of this shock, horror, expose ‘journalism’; what else can they afford.

  • Plantagenet

    Normally don’t watch or listen to Hosking but the obvious targeting of him by the left makes me want to become his biggest fan. These people would be funny if they weren’t so insidious and dangerous.