Heather dPA misses the point

Right up top, we’ll acknowledge that Scarlette could’ve done things a lot better.

She shouldn’t have danced for the Chiefs without security. She shouldn’t have allegedly brokered extra payment for extra jobs. She shouldn’t have taken a single step closer to them when she realised these boys were as drunk as she claims they were.

If Scarlette was the owner of a house, she hasn’t been responsible. She’s left all the doors and windows open and then gone out for half the day.

When she’s come home to find her place burgled, few of us are all that sorry for her because few of us would be that careless.

All the female neighbours have shuffled out in their dressing gowns and slippers to tell Scarlette it’s her own fault.

But, hang on a minute. What about the burglar in this analogy? Are we saying the burglar was well within his rights to try the door handle, let himself in and help himself to the TV, laptop and a quick bath?

As careless as we think the homeowner is, none of us would make excuses for the criminal. You wouldn’t have talkback callers phoning in to say, “Oh well, burglars will be burglars”. Or, “if you leave your doors wide open, what did you expect from red-blooded burglars?”

This isn’t a country where people tolerate burglars as a bit of a hassle when they’re drunk, but otherwise really good at what they do and pretty nice guys. By the same token, it shouldn’t be one where people make excuses for rugby players or men in general.

In fact, if I was a bloke I’d be pretty angry at women who have the audacity to call talkback and suggest that men go from human beings to aggressively aroused male ostriches at the mere sight of a wiggling bum.

That’s some reverse sexism from you ladies right there. Somehow women have the ability to exercise self discipline but that Y chromosome reduces men to something close to drunk, sex-crazed toddlers who must touch what they see.

This is on Louise Upston. As the Minister for Women she needs to man up. It’s not about telling dudes what women expect. It’s become clear it’s about telling women what they should expect.

Instead of saying it’s “not appropriate” for the Women’s Minister to comment, Upston should take a lesson from her Beehive senior Judith Collins.

When asked who was to blame for high burglary rates, the Police Minister responded, “The main contributors to the burglary rates are criminals”.

The same thing goes for men who want to grab when they’re not invited to.

Right up top, we’ll acknowledge that No means No.

But Scarlette had sold access to her body to a player for $50.

The act was seen by other players who were unaware there was a commercial agreement in place for only one player to experience this extra.

This caused an expectation which can not, under any circumstances, be considered unfair or unreasonable.

And yes, it took Scarlette a while to get it through their thick drunk skulls that it wasn’t a free-for-all.

Scarlette knew what she placed herself into.  She has enough experience to know.  In fact, she has such a level of self confidence in her own abilities, she went there without security and relied on her own reported martial art skills to keep a room of fit, drunk, testosterone fuelled men at bay.

As for the burglary analogy, these is a huge onus on the house owner/occupier to take all reasonable steps not to get burgled in the first place.

Try and get your insurance company to pay out of you leave your house open and unattended and it is ransacked.

Similarly, try and get your insurance company to pay out when you take your car onto a beach for a joy ride and you get stuck in the sand and the tide comes in.

By failing to take reasonable precautions, almost all the blame lies with Scarlette.



– Heather du Plessis-Allan, NZ Herald


“sex-crazed toddlers”?  Really?

  • Hard1

    It was the bus driver. HdppA is rattling on about a parallel universe. It involved a lap dance, then a sort of back flip, putting the bus driver(70) in a position. That’s the version being promoted as the actual truth.

  • Christie

    I agree that there always has to be an element of personal responsibility, and that Scarlette knew she was going into a room full of drunken young men. Why she did not take security with her is anyone’s guess, but it should have been a priority in cases like this. It seems that personal responsibility has all but disappeared all together.

  • shykiwibloke

    Doesn’t the burglar analogy fit deception while buying a firearm a little better than this situation? Sure the procedure had a door and a windo open, but that does not excuse the burglar that falsified documents at the front door….

  • Cadae

    A more correct version of HDPA’s analogy is: Scarlette’s gone out for half a day and she’s advertised that anyone is free to burgle the house on payment of $50.

  • iera

    “I [the 70 year-old bus driver] went down to see if they were ready and they said come in and then they got me to sit in this chair for her to give me a lap dance,” the man said.
    He said he was not told he couldn’t touch Scarlette so thought what he did was acceptable.
    “She kind of did a backward flip and ended up with her legs around my neck kind of thing,” he said.”They [the players] were standing around shouting out, encouraging me.”
    The man said he briefly licked Scarlette and she then flipped back and kept dancing.
    She then got partially dressed and walked around chatting to the players before packing up.
    “She came up and gave me a hug and a kiss and gave one of the other players a hug. She didn’t seem upset at all.”

    When Scarlette is reported here as contorting herself to present her presumably naked private parts either against the 70 year-old’s mouth, or only inches from it, the point of Heather’s silly burglar analogy totally escapes me.

    And it does seem that if the man had been aware of the $50 extra charge (which he wasn’t) and he or someone else had payed, the whole event would have gone unremarked on.

    Where now does this leave the open letter signed by Devoy, amongst others?

    • oldmanNZ

      Imagine I go to the supermarket, they have these samples, tasty morsels, here have a taste.
      I take some, eat then walk away.

      How do I know its free?, there was no price tag on it, I only assume these were free samples.
      Imagine the shock and horror after eating them , it came with a $50 price tag.

      There was no price tag on Scarlett holes, she stuck it in his face, assuming it was a free sample.

      Think he needs to complain to the commerce commission .

  • Phenandra

    No-one comes out of this well. The players were sleazy nasty cretins, even if the more serious of Scarlette’s accusations are not true.

    Scarlette hasn’t gone to the police, it seems; it also seems that much of her story has proven to be unverifiable from independent witnesses. It seems clear that she did feel threatened, but the details must remain in considerable doubt. Given that she has gained huge free publicity from running to the newspapers first, she has a clear vested interest in selling a sympathetic story.

    It seems that all parties are frankly beneath contempt, and idiots to boot. This isn’t verifiably a feminist issue; Dim Susan has once again jumped on a passing bandwagon when it would have been prudent to do a Louise Upston and wait till matters were clarified before commenting.

  • LesleyNZ

    And after reading the 70 year old bus driver’s account of what actually happened (pretty gross) now shows that all those painting Scarlette as a poor victim jumped to conclusions and they now look real silly. The word “abuse” has become like the word “poverty” – they both no longer mean what they really mean and it is those championing their “cause” or agenda using these words who have done this.

  • KatB

    Scarlette hadn’t just left the doors and windows open, she’d invited people she didn’t know, into her house. A bit different to burglary. As much as we may or may not like it, men, (and even women), aren’t going to have the same respect for some girl flashing their bits in front of you and letting you pay for extras, as the female doctor at A&E that’s just saved your life.

  • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

    So HDPA the well known firearms ‘collector’ has an opinion as to legality and illegality nowadays ……

  • peterwn

    She was sent by the Devil and now the Devil is laughing his head off.

  • Teakay

    I understand that one of the reasons that the Rugby Union decided not to take more substantive action was that the person who paid for and received the sexual favour was neither a Chief nor a player! If that is true then Louise Upston was absolutely right not to comment in the first instance.

  • Huia

    Heather is right off target with this nonsense, she seems to have no have no grasp on illegal doings, guns or otherwise.
    Nobody burgled Scarlette, she was selling samples for $50.
    She had her bits on a plate and served them up to the bus driver, who stupidly and in the spirit of things took a sample, (I hope he has had a checkup and a shot for that little episode).
    Scarlette made money doing what she does best, and hugged him after. To me that does not shout she was a victim or abused or had even said no.
    What on earth does she expect when alcohol, sex and teasing is the name of the game. she had her legs around his neck and her fanny in his face, sure she is innocent.

  • Shouldn’t the title be “Heather DPA misses the point AGAIN”

    • David Moore

      The short hand for this is just “Heather DPA”.

  • JEL51

    Heather dear,
    how dare you denigrate those of us in dressing gowns & slippers for having & giving opinion. If it is good enough for YOU, then it’s good enough for us.

    I am one who called her, Scarlette, out for what she was…”..a silly girl…” Now that can be debated endlessly, but why bother.
    What bothers me is why you have found it necessary to jump on the SWBully wheelbarrow with a whole lot of other ‘ME TOO, I’M IMPORTANT’ types? Why do you deem it necessary to have yet another go at yet another female MP. Surely there are far more important things to occupy yourself with than doing the opposition’s job for them. Be thankful that some women put aside much of their personal lives to get up to become MPs, FGS!!
    From my point of view, I am extremely glad that the Minister for Women didn’t go out to join those on the Wheelbarrow, because I expect more from an MP than to go into bat for someone who couldn’t handle the attention she purposely set out out to seek.
    Louise read that one right.

  • ex-JAFA

    I don’t think the burglary analogy is quite right. Burglary is always a crime; intimately touching another person usually isn’t.

    If a burglar sees someone emerging from a house with the TV, he might think the person is moving house or perhaps was collecting a purchase made on Trade Me. He doesn’t think it’s automatically okay for him to go in and take something too. He may well take something, but he knows he’s acting in his professional capacity as a burglar, not as a citizen participating in a free-for-all upon which he’s stumbled.

    Using the way the whole Chiefs event had previously been reported, the people involved had no way of knowing that an additional service had been prepaid by one of their number. The revelation that the “culprit” was the bus driver who had only just arrived and understandably read the situation out of context, and that Scarlette appeared to be inviting the attention, just makes HdpA’s analogy even murkier.

  • Rick H

    HDPA-Soper – – -Firearms Criminal.

  • waldopepper

    its pretty clear HDPA is desperate for attention and relevancy, as she and the rest of the msm take the final few corners on the path to obscurity. the end is near, last to leave please turn out the lights.

  • Digger

    I’m getting confused by all these numbers… first there was a 50, then a 70 and now a 69? BINGO!