Heaven forbid that they focus on the real danger

I must be missing something because I haven’t seen in the mainstream media any articles involving American far right extremists cutting off people’s heads, stabbing people with knives, inciting violence in other countries and raping children.  Why on earth Googles Jigsaw has decided to target the so-called American far right eludes me? Have they made them a strawman to take away attention from ISIS and Islamic terrorism?

Google’s Jigsaw will target the American far-right in the same manner it has been targeting Islamic extremists.

“We’re partnering with the Gen Next foundation in order to have a North American focused second phase of this project. Which focuses not just on jihadism but also on far-right extremism,” Ross Frennett, co-founder of Moonshot CVE, said at a Brookings Institute event Wednesday.

Moonshot is a start-up that uses technology to counter violent-extremism. Frennett said Moonshot will as well work with Jigsaw on “phase two” during the event.

Google Jigsaw describes itself as a “technology incubator that aims to tackle the toughest geopolitical issues.”

Jigsaw and Moonshot have attempted to counter Islamic extremism by showing them targeted advertising to dissuade them from their beliefs. The Obama administration has actively sought help from the private sector in attacking extremism online.

They are joking, right? Targeted advertising to dissuade them from their beliefs? I really don’t think showing them a fluffy kitten is going to stop them slaughtering  infidels. Only a bullet or prison will do that.

“We are very conscious as our own organization and I know Jigsaw are that [violent extremism] is not solely the problem of one particular group,” Frenett added. “Our efforts during phase two, when we’re going to focus on the violent far right in America, will be very much focused on the small element of those that are violent. The interesting thing about how they behave is they’re a little bit more brazen online these days than ISIS fan boys.”


Yeah right. It’s ” not solely the problem of one particular group. ”  Let’s just use false equivalency to compare the rare violence from the so-called old “far right”  with the large-scale slaughter and terrorism of ISIS and other Islamic extremists  in their quest for world domination.



  • JeffDaRef

    It all depends on who is allowed to define what “far right” means.
    The screaming skulls here in NZ constantly wail that John Key is “far right” – he’s nothing of the sort…

  • shykiwibloke

    History Repeats! Recall prior to ww2 pamphlets were dropped explaining why war was not a good idea. That worked about as well as this will!

  • Des

    How about the thousands of Gangsta’s that are killed every year in Merica by their own kind? You know, the ones Black Lives Matter don’t talk about. Surely fluffy kitten videos would stop them wanting to bust caps?

  • Duchess of Pork

    You don’t understand SB. These far-right extremists worry about their children’s future and are dangerous. They protest! The olds write letters to newspaper editors, the younger set use naughty words on Twitter and Facebook before they’re banned. They upload videos to YouTube to inform the prols. The very bad groups (think Pegida) march! With banners!! They vote against Globalists as Cameron and Merkel have found to their detriment. And it’s happening right here in NZ. Will the Jigsaw tentacles extend downunder in the ensuing phases?

  • cows4me

    Who made Google chief judge and executioner, oh wait, I have a fair idea. Given Obama’s name has been mentioned it would come as no surprise to learn that his far left lunatic administration would be more than happy for Google to censure the so called far right. This has nothing about stemming violence but more about the censorship of ideas that idiots such as Obama feel are repugnant.

  • Eiselmann

    Looks like they are channeling NZ Green Party policy with their solution to ISIS.

    All we have to do is sit down with ISIS and have a chat and show them the error of their ways. Sadly while the Larper advocates this, she isn’t prepared to give up a few days of clothes shopping to go to Syria and bring peace to the region.

    So maybe some targeted adverts will work ..Jigsaw, .I suggest using goats to front your campaign.

  • exSME

    Big Brother is here.

  • BigNose

    As soon as you see the phrase “technology incubator” you know it will demand a fortune in grants and achieve precious little.