Helen Clark sliding further backwards

Helen Clark

Not looking good for hells bells

Miss Clark came in eighth in Friday’s fourth straw poll for the next secretary-general, one place lower than the previous two polls.

The established frontrunner, former Portuguese prime minister Antonio Guterres, came out on top again.

While the vote could swing drastically in the final days with the Security Council’s permanent members – the US, Russia, China, France and Britain – holding vetoes that could strike Mr Guterres and other favourites out, Miss Clark’s slip in the standings is a setback to her campaign.

She was given six “encourage”, seven “discourage” and two “no opinion” votes.

In the only positive sign, in the third poll she had six “encourage”, eight “discourage” and one “no opinion”.

Russia has been lobbying strongly for an eastern European candidate so could eliminate Mr Guterres with their veto, while other nations, including the US, are believed to be pushing for the next UN secretary-general to be a woman.

In the first poll Miss Clark came sixth and in the second and third polls she fell to seventh.

There remains a theoretical chance that she’ll make it once the top 5 countries have exercised their veto rights, but even then, she’s sliding too far back now.  Seven “discourage” votes is a clear signal she’s not wanted.

Still, she’s managed to pull other miracles from the fire.  And she’s still in there giving it all she’s got.


– Yahoo! News

  • XCIA

    The fact that no one wants her is the very reason why she should be there.

  • RobT

    Remember her tenure as PM. Even though she did a reasonable job over the years…I don’t know what it was, she didn’t exactly endear herself to the average citizen. Came across as cold and a bit odd. Along with her (hubby?) they just didn’t cut it as people you could bond with. Maybe part of the problem with this current foray for the position?

    • waikatosinger

      She had her moments and connected better with the electorate than any Labour leader since. Remember when she climbed a mountain during her state visit to Korea, with unfit journalists collapsing all along the track; all those international news stories about the female prime minister of NZ who climbs mountains for a hobby. I remember feeling rather proud to have her as PM back then. Underneath the politics she is still a kiwi chick; a bit of a weird one but a kiwi chick just the same. And while I dislike her politics I have no doubts at all about her competence. Cant say that about the current Labour lot.

      • RobT

        No doubt about your last comment…not one of them would cut the mustard at all….especially Angry….what a joke..( belly laughs).

  • oldmanNZ

    Why not go to the end… She has nothing else to do,
    No kids to spend time with.
    No real job she can go to.
    Maybe become labour leader again?

  • JEL51

    I wonder if she has ever failed anything she has set out to do? I have a feeling she hasn’t and an ‘F’ mark can hit people like that, very hard.

  • JLS

    Not surprising, I understood their criteria was a woman, and from eastern Europe, which rules Hels out. Sounds like the perfect job for the soon to be ex chancellor of DE.

  • sandalwood789

    Never mind, Hels – maybe the “socialist paradise of Venezuela” would be more to your liking? Maybe you can make the “square-wheeled car” of socialism work there.

  • Malcolm

    What’s with this Miss Clark stuff, on paper she’s married!

    If by some miracle she got the top job how long would take her to bankrupt the UN, she and Cullen managed to bankrupt New Zealand in one term.