Hide on Winston


He was in Parliament before three of our Prime Ministers and before Hon Nikki Kaye was born. He has sat through eight Prime Ministers, seven National Party leaders and nine Labour Party leaders.

He has been New Zealand First’s leader for 23 years. Thirty-four New Zealand First MPs rode in on his coat-tails.

He is our longest-serving MP but presents as our angry outsider hell-bent on change. Only Peters could pull that off.

Peters has been front and centre of debate.

He has had more ups and downs than the Cook Strait ferry. He has been tossed out of Cabinet. He has been tossed out of Parliament. He’s had his own Party implode. He has ridden through it all.

Twice, he has been king-maker. He chose Prime Minister Jim Bolger over Helen Clark in 1996 and Prime Minister Helen Clark over Don Brash in 2005.

He just doesn’t know what else to do.  It’s as simple as that. 

I used to think Peters was lazy.

I would describe him now as having an extreme economy of effort. He’s a political tuatara dozing in the sun, rousing only when absolutely necessary.

He has seen Prime Ministers and MPs turn up to puff and strut and then go. He has watched our Parliament evolve from First Past the Post to MMP and seen the media, once printing press and paper, become Twitter and blogs.He has half a hooded eye on the bright young things. It appears he’s dozing but he’s ready to pounce. He has been that way since the Jurassic.

The journalists are making stories about Peters’ successor. Could it be Shane Jones (who isn’t a New Zealand First member) or his deputy, Ron Mark?

That story has been played over and over again, too. It was going to be Tau Henare. Then Brendan Horan.

The journalists know nothing. Peters’ successor isn’t yet born.

If he appears lazy it’s because of an economy of effort, but that should be be mistaken for doing nothing. He’s constantly on the go and at his age outperforms most other MPs.

Love him or hate him – he’s baaaaack!


– Rodney Hide, NZ Herald

  • hookerphil

    I don’t hate, I don’t love him, I just don’t trust him.

    • Teakay

      There is nothing to hate, nothing to love and nothing to trust. There is just NOTHING!

  • XCIA

    “He’s constantly on the go and at his age outperforms most other MPs.” I would say there is an element of truth in that statement. Put a case of single malt and a carton of cigarettes in front of him and I would say he would outperform most MPs on that score.

  • JEL51

    Someone has slipped up.Winston should have been offered a cushy post overseas out of gratitude like Shane Jones was. Now we are going to have to endure another Peter Dunn Frilled Lizard tango.

    • Dog Breath

      It’s no slip up. Those who know about these things know that his appointment is way to close to the drinks cabinet turning such an appointment into a huge p—ss up. Great if you like partying not so if you are supposed to sell sheep or milk.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Back? He never went away. His chorus line is full of drongos by intent not accident just to make him look good. He sure has put the time in but if was even half the politician the blue rinse babes in his cheerleader line think he is then he’d be king. Metaphorically speaking.
    If he is such a great politician how come he still trails behind the nut bar mob? Why would he pose questions in the house about legislation he was instrumental in when he did have some power? Same head but a different hat. Lol

  • Seriously?

    Peter’s successor is not only born, they are in or near to Parliament. The only alternative is the NZ remake: Weekend at Winnie’s.

  • Paul Marsden

    The only people I despise are my fellow country man who voted in MMP and allowed this nonsense to prevail, all at an immeasurable and on going cost to this little county. Idiots the lot of them