Hide: Union “Clicktivism” fails to fire


There was a time, not so long ago, when the unions could grind the country to a halt and drop a government to its knees. Not now. Their latest industrial action is to tweet a boycott of My Food Bag.

That you didn’t know demonstrates their puniness. That you don’t care, their patheticness.

And why My Food Bag? Well, it’s complicated.

My Food Bag gets its peas from Talley’s. And Talley’s own Affco. And Affco is in dispute with the Meatworkers’ Union.

So the Public Service Association that represents government workers wants you to ditch My Food Bag, so pressuring them to ditch Talley’s peas, so making Affco play nice with the Meatworkers’. That’s quite a few steps.

It’s actually amusing to see these keyboard warriors mistake the online echo chambers for real life.  

It’s the cardigan-wearing public servants trying to stir up trouble on behalf of their meatworker mates. And they are doing so through their media adviser lobbing tweets into cyberspace. It’s an extraordinary fall from power.

My Food Bag makes the softest of targets because its customers are tech savvy and online.

The company is new. And it’s easy for customers to drop. They are a soft target compared to supermarkets.

But still the boycott fizzled.

We live in a truly marvellous world. We can order our dinners nicely packaged and delivered to our door with all the ingredients and recipes.

We can do so from our phones in our pocket.

Our holidays are no longer destroyed by the Cook Strait ferry workers. Farmers are no longer held to ransom by union goons. We are more productive and more prosperous.

And just to remind us how marvellous things are the PSA demonstrates union puniness and patheticness by failing to tweet up a storm against My Food Bag.

More interestingly is that My Food Bag customers would be people with higher disposable incomes who are more likely to side with My Food Bag against bullying unions.

Gone are the days when these people would risk a punch-up on the picket line.

These days, they’ll just tweet until journalists get sick and tired of them and…

…hit Mute.



– Rodney Hide, NZ Herald

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  • Grizz30

    Free advertising for My Food Bag. Thank you very much unions and SJBs

  • I can think of a better W word to add to keyboard replacing warriors which better suits these morons.

  • Blueburd

    I’ve never quite understood the slogan on the banner “people b4 profit” You can’t hire people if you’re not making a profit, and you can’t increase their pay if you’re not making a profit.

  • metalnwood

    It’s just pathetic and a step to far removed to boycott this company because the protestors have a problem well up the supply chain.

    A true example that they will victimise anyone to try and get a hit on their intended target.

  • lester

    My My Food Bag was delivered today – the peas in it were McCains today but have been Talley’s in the past

  • Big_Al

    What a disgusting and pathetic bunch of losers they are. They should be held to account for any damage that their bullying causes to any of their targeted businesses and the ringleaders should be sued for every last dollar they have.

  • The Accountant

    Unions are being subjected to the boycotting rather than the organisation’s they are trying to harm. Instead of the “nasty employer” it is now the “nasty mud slinger”. Unions are archaic beasts who don’t know their their true purpose has been replaced with self justification at all costs, including the livelihood of those they purport to represent.