#Hillary’sHealth roundup

What do you think of the video that the media and the Clinton team has come out with?

Notice how in the space of 24 hours she lost 15kg, has lost about 20 years, and had a voice change! The media and the like really treat us like imbeciles! Any wonder only 6% of the population trust the media! And of that 6%, 100% of them would be progressives.







Is there a difference between the hands? Some people seem to think so. Is it the same woman?

Real Hillary

Real Hillary

Real Hillary or thinner and younger body double?

Real Hillary or thinner and younger body double?

  • shykiwibloke

    This just gets better as a story. if Tom Clancy had written this everyone would have laughed! Wonder who’s lining up for the movie rights – hope it’s someone who does not bow to the Hollywood ‘elite’

    • Seriously?

      It will make a good movie in the end. Who would play the lead roles?

      Trump would surely play himself, and he’d be great, the best actor that acted without acting while acting an actor acting, people would say he was fantastic, he may win an Oscar, or may not, you never know, but he’d be great.

      I don’t know who would play Clinton… hang on, the body double! Previous experience, the look, maybe up for a love scene with Trump and his enormous hands (might have to spice it up a bit)…

  • Crowgirl

    Sounds like her in the video and I think the weight issue looks like angles to me. I think that might be a conspiracy theory too far. It’s too easy to bust something like that and you imagine the devastation that would wreak on her campaign if they were busted with an impersonator? Too risky IMO – much easier to prop her up with a few chemicals and wheel her out for a quick smile and wave for the cameras. After all, that’s what they’ve been doing with her all campaign.

    • Goldie

      And if anything, the hand comparison shows it IS her.

    • WaveAtTheBridge

      Be interesting if someone did voice tape forensics.

  • JustAnotherLurker

    It seems like there are two Hillarys.

  • Hard1

    One could always say she’s pretty tough to be campaigning while sick.

  • Seriously?

    Oh dear. Are people really suggesting it was staged with a body double. Have they truly gone mad?

    Maybe she has just returned from her Islamic pilgrimage to the moon landing site to congratulate her lizard mother on getting the US government to organise 9/11 and had eaten the stem cells of an aborted child giving her regenerative powers. Hang on, I can see the reflection of Elvis in the window behind her!

    The levels of stupidity in this election as truly something to behold.

    • Wheninrome

      Come on be fair, Elvis had left the building, we all know that, we have been told often enough. lol

      • Seriously?

        And where did he go?

        Late some nights they have a show on one of the Sky 70 something channels about conspiracy theories. Some guy who runs a radio show in the states and is right into them delves into a theory and discovers the evidence… you know the stuff.

        The other night I watched one about Elvis. Apparently there is quite a few who believe he is alive, and has spent the time since his “death” in witness protection because he was helping the FBI with a mob investigation.

        [Spoiler alert. Do not read on if you have not seen the show]

        Sadly, and in a first for the show (that I have seen), the host concluded that the theory was probably wrong. I was all shock up.

        • Wheninrome

          After he finished love in las vegas he probably went to blue hawaii, then who knows.

        • KatB

          You sure he’s not living in the ghetto?

          • Seriously?

            Don’t be cruel.

          • KatB

            Well don’t you step on my blue suede shoes.

          • Seriously?

            I feel so bad. No room to rhumba in a sports car.

            (okay I admit I goggled to get those two)

  • cows4me

    They need photos of her ears, no two the same. As for Pneumonia, my arse, she has Parkinson’s, her leg was shaking like a vibrator before she tipped over. Since when does pneumonia give you leg tremors? Unfortunately it’s the vile woman in both photos, she’s just recovered from her flip.

  • biscuit barrel

    As one tweet says ‘ So much for the publics right to know about a candidates health’

    Donald says he will release ‘some details’ of his medical tests. Just as well his doctor is “the best”

  • biscuit barrel

    Just some more details on Hillarys ‘walking pnemonia –
    “Walking pneumonia is so mild that it can often be mistaken for a cold. Sufferers, although unwell, may feel healthy enough to continue to work. It rarely requires hospitalisation and can be cured in as little as a week.
    In contrast to the more serious form of the condition, walking pneumonia can usually be treated effectively with a prescription of antibiotics taken at home with rest and by drinking plenty of fluids.” BBC news

  • Colinxy

    Supposedly she knew she had pneumonia on Friday. Even walking pneumonia is infectious, so she was infectious.

    Why did she hug a young girl while she has an infectious disease? You know a disease that’s particularly nasty to the old…and the young.

  • Jman

    If she’s got pneumonia why is she embracing a child?

    • Boondecker

      Or not bed-ridden?

    • WaveAtTheBridge

      Actually that’s about the only thing that rings true. She would never miss a great photo op over concerns about infecting a child.

  • Builder

    Its getting more like House of Cards every day. Murders, body doubles, dirty tricks and lies.

    • Edward M Blake

      House of cards……


  • I tend to go for the Parkinsons scenario myself, some of the things she is doing can be put down to over use of some Parkinsons medications.

  • biscuit barrel

    Its just the focal length of the camera, long shots will make you thinner

    • Seriously?

      You may be right, but when I joined the gym the instructor said it was a long shot and it didn’t make me any thinner (later they suggested I attend as well – always the fine print).

  • Edward M Blake

    I don’t like going in to tin foil hat territory but Occam’s razor seems to be taking me there.
    My intuition, my eyes tell me there is something much bigger than pneumonia happing. Short public appearances, Spartan schedule, no press conferences, everything very carefully stage managed, prism glasses, epileptic seizures, that one minder/security guy that sticks like glue to Hillary and generally looking like death.

    Yep, nuthin’s going on…

  • Builder

    Stop picking on her

  • Craig Godfrey

    Man I gotta get me some of that pneumonia.

    I need to lose 20 kilos and about the same in years

    • Seriously?

      Try the water from Havelock North.

      • spanishbride

        Comment of the day!

  • RightyTighty LeftyLoosey

    So it appears that here we have not one, but two Hillary’s. Colin Craig must be very jealous.

  • Davo42

    This is a Petit Mal seizure.

    • Edward M Blake

      Notice it happens when the reporters start talking all at once.

    • Kapow!

      Check this out https://youtu.be/OezFQluUVS0

      I thought the same until I saw this. It appears to be a side effect of drugs for Parkinsons Disease – advanced Parkinsons as the side effects present after 5-10 years of treatment.

  • WeaselKiss

    And of course they would, eh, right on cue, have a sweet young thang materialise for a hello and a selfie.

  • oldmanNZ

    I would imagine the real Clinton has now gone into hiding, and will not reappear.

  • Craig Godfrey

    Hang on – maybe it was the double that got the wobbles on 9/11 and has pneumonia, and the real Hilary emerged from the apartment?

  • Wheninrome

    She certainly looked different when shown on TV news. Her hair was thinner than usual and slightly different round the face. Is she on the paleo and no carbs, or just water and air, I believe that works.

    • Boondecker

      Hilliary “does a lot of yoga”, according to her own referenced emails…

  • Boondecker

    When you re-hydrate in the Clinton family, you lose 30 pounds. Or at least your body double does.

  • Wheninrome

    To do the body double thing who do you swear to silence and how much do you pay them, I feel it is too difficult in this instance, but time will tell. Who would be able to keep a secret this huge.

  • Wheninrome

    Not the best body double to be, I wonder who would be the best and who would be the worst to be a body double for?

    • KatB

      I think I could’ve handled been Imelda Marcos’s body double, if I got to keep the shoes.

      • Wheninrome

        So you only needed to have the same feet.

    • Boondecker

      He survived several ‘assassination’ attempts taking bullets and bombs for Saddam.

  • Isherman

    Real name Makhluf Ramadhan; thought to be still in the United States.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels

    Blue glasses are apparently a known technique for minimising PD tremors.

    With that in mind, why would Clinton wear unusual blue glasses everywhere… if she didn’t need them?

  • Blueburd

    Wow, this is just getting crazy now. I’m no crooked Hilary fan, but this body double thing plus the earpiece she was using at the security meeting Q and A, you have to wonder whats going on.

    Personally I do not believe she “overheated”. If she did surely they would have taken her coat off? when I first saw the video of her out the front of her daughters building it just didn’t add up. I’ve been dehydrated and you don’t start bouncing after 2 hours even with all the electrolytes etc.

    This is becoming a bit of a circus and Trump looks the normal one

  • Metricman

    Check the ratio of the finger lengths on her left hand. Definitely a different person.

  • Kiwi As

    I believe he’s a mechanic in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • iera

    All normal photos of Hillary have the centre front lock of hair swept over to the back or definitely higher to the right side, while the person emerging from Chelsea’s apartment entranceway has flatter hair drapped down to touch the blue mirror glasses – and she has just come out into the open, after freshening up and presumably flicking a brush or at least a hand through her hair?.

    And having just been in near total collapse 90 minutes or whatever earlier, she is unaccompanied by anyone to grab or support her should it happen again.
    That is really unbelievable. With the cash alone invested in Clinton’s bid for the White House, would she be left to possibly stumble again and smash her face into the pavement?

    But then several of her bodyguards, when she was actually collapsing, moved about as if it is something they have seen before and do not really react much – unlike the surprized reporter, left, in the “knodding head” clip that’s around.

    A body double could loose the Presidency for Clinton – but then thousands if not millions of Americans believe their Government bought down twin skyscrapers and let them get away with it.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Yes it is interesting that there was no-one around and her protecting her but for me the fact that the handbag was on another shoulder is interesting. I know for me it just feels ‘wrong’ when for whatever reason I put my bag on the ‘wrong’ shoulder.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    There are very few woman in Clinton’s age bracket who have such a rapidly diminishing shadow without there being some serious medical condition. Compared to some earlier coverage not only of the camera but the wardrobe choices there was a strong image of a pear shaped contender. Where did all that body mass go?
    It seems that that her roller skates that the Medial party thought would see her skate into the oval office have now got one flat when on each foot. Many thought by her unfit for office for being so dodgy and a purveyor of porkies. Others are now seeing another sort of liability seemingly prepared to do anything to be the first female President. While many still feel she can get the job there are increasing numbers asking “but can she do the job?”