How many dwarves are there in Wellington. Do they need saving?

Phil Quin notes something strange about Justin Lester…it seems he is wanting to save “the little people”.

No secret I’m supporting Nick Leggett, so I was listening to the Newstalk ZB mayoral candidates debate this morning, and one exchange stood out. When asked about the Living Wage, Labour’s candidate Justin Lester said he supported it because he wants to support “the little people”.

Excuse me?

Who on earth does he have in mind?

Moderator Tim Fookes asked him to clarify.

Cleaners and security staff, Lester explained.

So, cleaners and security guards, as long as you know you are the little people and people like Justin Lester are here to save you, you have nothing to worry about. What condescending, messianic bullshit.

I could write 100,000 words on why Labour is failing — in fact, I probably have –– without getting close to encapsulating Labour’s problem as well as this off-the-cuff truth bomb from Justin Lester.

Here’s the clip. The other voices you hear are Nicola Young and Nick Leggett.

How many dwarves are there in Wellington. Do they need saving?

Or does he mean he is campaigning for votes from Hobbits?

Seems a strange thing to say. Only about 1 in 40,000 people are dwarves according to Google.

So, I wonder just how many “little people” is he trying to save?


– Phil Quin

  • Quinton Hogg

    That really is a show me your money moment.
    What an idiot…

  • D.Dave

    He was misquoted, he meant to say “Little’s People”, when should have just said Labour.

  • Sally

    Is Justin Lester Irish? Maybe he talking about Leprechauns.

    • Seriously?

      To be sure, to be sure. Perhaps we should remove the GST from potatoes?

  • Second time around

    I fully agree, provided the government steps in to increase benefits and the minimum wage for everyone in Wellington who isn’t a hobbit, who will be asked to cover the higher rates needed to fund Justin’s mission. The minimum wage in NZ is quite high by world standards and even then, Social Welfare will still top it up in special circumstances Justin should stick to fixing the bike lanes and access to the eastern suburbs and leave welfare to the professionals.

  • oldmanNZ

    Could he mean “andrew little” people?

    Or people that make “little” money?

    Cleaners make little money? I know some cleaners, make good money, usually family business.

    I also been a security guard, made some good money as a part time job… While studying.
    Only thing i need saving, was from the coucil extortion rate to psy for all there useless overseas trip and art work

  • Seriously?

    I think we know what he meant.

    It is not okay to belittle the vertically challenged. It is small minded. They never get onto a high horse about it, but it must be hard for them to get over it. Instead we need to pick them up, even if they don’t give a toss, and help them rise up against the high and mighty, climb the ladder of success, and reach the heights.

    It does make me wonder if appointing Mr Little as leader was some in some tiny way a wee bit misleading – particularly given the carpet portrait.

  • JC

    I understood him just fine, he said..

    “I want to take money off all the rich pricks earning more than the minimum wage and use it to bribe people to vote for me and make my friends think I’m a really good guy”.


  • johnnyB

    But Asians are little people and Labour doesnt want to help them as they buy houses and get jobs – Im confused.

  • Eiselmann

    Thats really Labour’s problem isn’t it,

    Cleaners , security guards ,people who work in factories are the ‘little people’. So they have to be treated as children , incapable of aspiration , of being able to support their families and take responsibility for their choices.

    No according to Labour, they need help managing their lifes because they are incapable of doing it themselves

    Thats incredibly condescending to thousands of decent people who work hard ……gee talk about a superiority complex.

  • Nebman

    Nick Leggett is also supporting the Living Wage campaign along with Helene Ritchie and Justin Lester. Do these people not understand the law of unintended consequences?

    By paying people an arbitrary figure as opposed to what they’re worth, you’ve encouraged mediocrity and rewarded those that simply are not worth the amount. You also have set an artificial baseline figure for everyone else around you.

    Dear Wellington Mayoral Candidates – it’ not your money! Stop spending it like it is.

  • taxpayer

    Dam, I am just on 6ft tall, guess I will have to pull my weight and help the poor little guys.
    Not helping Richard Hammond though, he’s rich.