I don’t know how they normally kiss in a Conservative household, but having to rule it out seems… odd


The question isn’t if he had time to take his pants off.  The question is what he was doing with his “magic hands”.

“I have never taken my pants off around her,” he said.

He said he could not remember her having a bra on, rather her shirt had a built-in bra.

Neither party was naked, he told the court.

He also claimed MacGregor tried to “fondle” him.

“But I stopped her.

I think we’ve all had enough now.

The idea this same evidence will need to be traversed for another four more cases…

…I wish there were two of me.  One to help on the blog, and one to run away and never hear anything more about this.


(A shirt with a built-in bra?  How did I get to my age not knowing about these?)


  • oldmanNZ

    Somewhere, someone, is coming up with a shirt with built in bras.

    For women of course, unless you are transgender, i suppose….. Well clothes should be gender neutral……

    • Davo42

      I have just copyrighted the term “Brirt” now I can sit back and wait for the dollars to roll in, I may be waiting a long time though…….

  • Rebecca

    I know one liners are frowned upon, but: Yuck.

  • Isherman

    If he needs a deal on a bigger spade I might be able to help him out.

  • XCIA

    Magic hands? This sounds more like the Magic Roundabout.

  • Kahukowhai

    “I think we’ve all had enough now.

    The idea this same evidence will need to be traversed for another four more cases…

    …I wish there were to of me. One to help on the blog, and one to run away and never hear anything more about this.”

    You are so right, +1000 for that.

    What are the other four cases? Stringer vs Craig, Slater vs Craig, and ….?

    • Wasapilot

      I think the others are Craig v Stringer, and Craig v Slater.

      • Kahukowhai

        Surely Craig vs Stringer and Stringer vs Craig can be one trial?

        • They were filed in seperate courts…the vagaries of the law where you have to file in a court closest tot eh defendants residence.

    • STAG

      And the as yet unnamed alleged victim of his potentially “magic hands”. Yuck yuck yuck.

    • He is also suing a grandmother who has previous won an employment case against him for something she said on Twitter. The man is an unconscionable bully which is why I am standing up to him.

      • Facebook. Not Twitter.

  • Steve

    Honestly, who cares?
    Why is this even news?

    • Nige.

      Ok.. let’s imagine for a second, Steve that you own the country’s biggest and most read blog with a peak of 3 million page views for one month. You have a reputation for exposing people who are not what they claim or appear to be.

      Next, someone delivers a pamphlet about YOU claiming things that simply put are figments of their imagination.

      Next that person is in an open court with no suppressed details and you as blog owner are free to put out any of those details.


  • kayaker

    I was just a little bit sick in my mouth then. Gross.
    As a girl, I’m not sure about this in-built bra shirt. A new one on me.

    • Patriot

      Some tops designed for exercise activities have built in bras. Sold at your local sports store and some Warehouses. There are also camis with built in bras. Chances are it was one of these and CC woundnt have a clue calling everything a shirt.

      • Kahukowhai

        Chances are it was none of them…

      • kayaker

        He’s such a girl’s blouse.

  • STAG

    Looking at photos of her then and now, she’s not the sort of girl who needed any sort of bra-in-shirt assistance.

  • Big_Al

    What a sad creature he is. He is just throwing everyone under the bus to save his own sorry backside. A real man would be taking responsibility.

    • Larry

      He could take a leaf out of another mans book and apologise

  • Mick Ie

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    Are the Feminazis so full of blind hate when it comes to WO (ie right wing) they are prepared to ignore the public smearing of Rachel McGregor’s private and professional reputation by her high profile, male ex employer.
    The poor girl is being thrown under the bus from all angles due to everyone else’s personal agendas.

    • Bruno 32

      Blind ignorance more likely.hopefully the jury has a bit of common sense

  • zotaccore

    This is just getting all a bit too creepy. This guy seems to be living in a world of his own. And perhaps creeps do have this world of insecurity that they live in that drives them to think that what they do is all ok in the real world. It’s too all too weird.