I don’t want stiffer, I want harder

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Stiffer penalties for fleeing drivers

Drivers who flee from the police could have their vehicles permanently confiscated under a bill that has passed its first reading in parliament.

The Land Transport Amendment Bill also increases the disqualification period for the offence to up to two years.

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss said fleeing drivers frequently caused accidents involving serious injury or death.

“The disqualification penalties for failing to stop will scale up, based on whether it is the driver’s first, second, third or subsequent offence of this kind,” he said.

“The bill also proposed strengthening the powers of the courts to permanently confiscate vehicles involved in fleeing driver incidents.”

If you don’t drive your own car and you don’t worry about your license, how the hell is this going to hurt?

There should be a mandatory $5,000 fine payable after 72 hours inside a jail cell.

Perhaps something more creative:  whatever else you get charged with and convicted for will be doubled.

One thing is for sure, confiscating a car that is probably stolen or someone else’s isnt a deterrent, and neither is loss of licence.

What would you tell Craig Foss to do?

  • Wheninrome

    Lets start with them being in jail on a huge bond of good behaviour, lets see whanau paying to get their little darlings released into their tender loving care. Downside we would have to build more jails, I suppose we could call them state funded boarding schools and try and re-educate them while incarcerated. There was a word formthese back in the day it was borstal.

    • Cadwallader

      Any measure like this is bound to save a few lives in Greymouth!

  • XCIA

    To make it harder for many of our dud judges to lick the bus ticket, have a compulsory start point at the sentencing scale for this crime.

  • KGB

    Considering chases often end in tragedy, and always end in police blaming, fleeing should carry far stiffer penalties.
    I would suggest fines are no deterrent. They don’t pay them, just build more prisons. (Including youth units)
    I listened to talk-back yesterday and someone suggested being soft on teenagers hasn’t worked, so let’s try being really hard.
    The focus has been to protect the futures of 1st time offenders. We all know it wasn’t their 1st crime, simply the 1st time they were caught. Perhaps we should try locking them up ‘the first time’ and hopefully scare them straight.

    • Debbie

      Sounds good to me; unfortunately the hand-wringing do-Gooders are currently pushing to raise the criminal age to 18…,, all cos their dear brains aren’t yet developed properly, apparently.

    • ex-JAFA

      I don’t agree with sentencing being a deterrent against future infringement. It should be a punishment for the infringement already made. It’s not specifically illegal to commit a crime twice; it’s illegal to commit it at all. THAT’s what should be being punished.

      Otherwise, we should all be locked up at birth to deter us from committing crime in the future. Which is, of course, ridiculous.

  • Isherman

    Fleeing from Police in a motor vehicle should really attract a mandatory charge along the lines of reckless endangerment, and be treated as seriously as these sorts of charges are treated in the aviation industry, given the level of risk to public safety.Make it a criminal not a summary offence and have penalties that reflect that. As for scaling depending on it being a 1st, 2nd or 3rd offence, I would suggest that a second offence should be an automatic term of imprisonment, and permanent disqualification.

    • Brian_Smaller

      I would not give a pass on the first offence. I say hit them hard immediately.

    • Geordie

      Plus an ankle bracelet for 2 years so they can be monitored, young people hate the idea of someone knowing where they are and it would help the police solve a few burglaries!

      • biscuit barrel

        An ankle bracelet – on both legs with a chain between them- Louisiana style home detention.

  • Brian_Smaller

    I think fines are a waste of time. Ferals of all hues generally don’t pay the fines anyway and confiscation of a stolen car is not going to happen. The act of fleeing has to carry a severe sentence – even if the offence that caused the initial stop (say a taillight out or speeding – only warranted a fine). I would say a year in prison on top of any other punishment and to be served consecutively on top of any other custodial sentence. If the fleeing driver causes a death then the sentence should be a mandatory ten years – also on top of any other custodial sentence imposed.

  • MarcWills

    For a start – the proposal to upgrade to two years disq … pffft. Which of our useless lot of judges are going to go to the maximum anyway. It should be 10 years maximum. Also, anyone who fails to stop for Police and has an escalation to a chase situation – automatic equivalent of 3 strikes ie. you get the maximum penalty for whatever charges you are subsequently convicted of. No ifs, no buts, no “manifestly unjust” nonsense. In most cases we dealing here with attempted murder considering the carnage that can result.

  • mcvac

    Don’t punish the car, punish the offender for fleeing with a mandated penalty (the judges cannot water that down!)

  • oldmanNZ

    The only deterrent we can offer is
    Jail, or home detention.

    Home detention is useless, as they jusy do what they want anyway.

    Jail is less preferred as its just getting filled.
    Looks like we should cram more beds in jail, make it a living hell.

    You going to jail.. Share a cell with 5 gang members, some black power, some mongrel mob.

    That will make them think again.

  • richard.b

    We know that cars can kill so they are in fact deadly weapon.
    If you flee the cops in a car the change should be that same as pointing a gun at someone, or charge them with attempted murder, because that could be the result.

  • taurangaruru

    Public flogging with a ratan seems to be an effective deterrent in countries such as Singapore

  • Nic C

    Sure… it’s not an ideal solution that’s being proposed in this bill, but at least it’s focusing on the criminals for once and not blaming the Police for being the root cause of the danger posed by fleeing drivers.

  • duve

    I reckon a lot of problems, not just this one, could be solved by making a minimum of third party insurance mandatory for all vehicles. Not included in registration either, the car owner should have to get appropriate insurance and display an insurance disc on the car. The penalty for not having it would be impounding the car, which could be reclaimed by owners obtaining the insurance within a set time, after which the car would be forfeited. Ratbag drivers would find it too expensive or impossible, so eventually the cars of the problem drivers would be removed from the road. Certainly a prison term is warranted when stolen cars are involved.

    Edited to add sentence

  • Holdonamo

    The answer is really simple… make it like a felony evasion charge in the States.
    Make it a Mandatory 1 month imprisonment for any failing to stop evasion offence.
    No ifs, buts, maybes.
    That way (with the exception of a murderer or rapist trying to get away from the cops)… the mandatory penalty for trying to evade the cops in a car pursuit would by far and away for the vast majority of the complete muppets who are historically trying to evade police and get away in a car, be more severe than what they are trying to get away with.
    It doesn’t matter if they were drunk driving, stole the car, disqualified, burglar, shoplifter or whatever… if they were guaranteed to get a mandatory 1 month in prison penalty for trying to evade the cops they wouldn’t then try to get away in the car.
    They would just pull over and stop as the mandatory repercussions of trying to evade the cops are then far worse than just getting caught for DIC or disqually or driving the stolen car in the first place.
    Absolute no brainer
    Any 2nd offence… 3 months inside. 3rd offence… 6 months inside mandatory.
    Make it a mandatory minimum sentence, so as the flaccid Judge and soft defence Lawyers don’t water it down.
    After a couple of muppets have been locked up in pokie for a month… watch the rest of the complete wasters finally get the message and stop their dumb fatal behaviour