I feel robbed


It’s clearly not a typo.  It’s in the headline, the caption and the opening paragraph.  Bagger.  

While we’re here, the NZ Herald yesterday appointed a new Speaker of the House:


Who the hell wrote that?  Who still thinks Lockwood Smith is in charge?


  • hookerphil

    6 out of 7 letters placed correctly probably passes for a certificate as they did manage to get 2 vowels in the word.

    • kayaker

      They would have passed NCEA with that 6 out of 7. Good Enough Grade.

  • Ginny

    It’s a fail by the journalists and police I say.

  • oldmanNZ

    There an explanation for this, to do with there childhood or upbringing ,
    They confuse burgers with hamburglar, a Macdonald character…

  • biscuit barrel

    Burgler or Burglar ?

    Its burglary so its must be burglar
    the urban dictionary says burgler (sic) is someone different.
    ‘A burgler is a person who makes, eats, distributes, and smuggles hamburgers, especially from McDonalds, and normally after store hours.’

    But you can ‘burgle’ which is the act of committing burglary but if you are caught you can only be a burglar.

  • metalnwood

    Sh4n3, u got te spelling wrng on th3 h43ding. luv, ed1t0r

  • Old Kiwi

    I rally cna’t see what the pobrelm is here. As lnog as Frsit and lsat ltteer is in rgiht palce – all good.

  • Vutekno

    Next we will probably hear Greg O’Connor claim that the reason the station was burgled was because it was empty! All the Policemen were out attending to burglary complaints as demanded by the Police Minister!

  • Rick H

    Lockwood Smith, what?

    Probably the same Journalist who, when doing a bit on a cruise ship heading to Timaru from Oban, Stewart Island, said Oban was in Scotland.