Is anyone else done with Dunne?

I’m over Peter Dunne, the man is a grandstanding bouffant tosspot.

Now he is whining about snooping on MPs when there was none.

An MP who had fallen victim to Parliamentary Service’s snooping before was “shocked” by revelations it was up to its old tricks.

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne had his email conversations with then-Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance wrongly handed over to a ministerial inquiry by Parliamentary Service in 2013.

The then-head of Parliamentary Service, Geoff Thorn, resigned amid the fallout.

Dunne had already quit as a minister prior to the ministerial inquiry after refusing to hand over his emails for an investigation into the leaking of a Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) report.

Dunne said he was “shocked” and “outraged” to hear Parliamentary Service was defending its computer security that is screening and blocking MPs emails if they contain words like “sensitive” or “classified”.

The Privileges Committee made “very clear statements about the privacy of MPs communications” at the time of the ministerial inquiry into why Dunne’s emails were handed over, he said.

“They appear to have fallen on deaf ears as far as the Parliamentary Service is concerned.”

Peter Dunne wasn’t a victim, he fell for the glad eye of Andrea Vance. He let his little head do his thinking. 

“I assumed in my own naivety perhaps that as a result of the 2013 investigations that things would have changed…the fact they’ve carried on unchanged horrifies me quite frankly.”

Dunne said the public had every right to assume their communications with MPs were “treated in confidence”.

“They don’t expect it to be subject to external scrutiny.”

He said the whole issue “struck at the core of public trust between constituents and their elected representatives”.

“They won’t provide information personal to them…if they think that confidence is going to be breached by some external agency.”

“As a result of my own experiences in 2013 I’ve taken care to make sure that any sensitive material doesn’t come my way via the parliamentary email system because I simply don’t trust it,” Dunne said.

Shocked and outraged he may well be but those terms are so passe these days.

These sanctimonious pricks thought nothing of my emails being obtained by a criminal, now they are whining like little bitches about a piece of software designed to protect the emails services at parliament.

David Parker especially made a great deal of fuss over my emails. He should STFU too.


– Fairfax

  • Rebecca

    Once I accidentally sent a file about a shareholder negotiation to the financial controller of an unrelated customer. Oops. My understanding is that Parliament’s filters can’t prevent this sort of error, but they can prevent protected files being sent to somebody inappropriate, whether deliberately or accidentally.

    In this case, my understanding is that a classified file recently was de-classified, but the version emailed still had the classified marker. Perhaps the sender simply sent a version from before the declassification. But for whatever reason: if a file has a government classified marker then the email filter is supposed to prevent that file’s broadcast. If this construction is correct, then the solution is simple: get the correct declassified version and send that.

    • Ceebee

      Yes – I think there’s a small but crucial detail that’s been left out of the reporting. I bet that the filter only blocks “outgoing” messages that have confidential or secret tags.

      I’ve seen this in private organisations that want to prevent accidental (or deliberate) dissemination of organisational secret material.

      Dunne must go – he is working against the Government more often than for them these days.

  • Second time around

    Do Dunne or Hipkins ever receive confidential government documents in their duties as MPs, cabinet ministers or members of select committees? If they do, they have to accept reasonable restrictions on their ability to email documents to outside parties.

  • XCIA

    I have been over the Dunne cretin for a long time now. I had hoped he would do us all a favour and elope with the Vance female to some obscure place far, far away. I can only hope that he gets thoroughly rinsed in 2017.

    • Usaywot

      Problem there was that she was never interested in him…just the info she could flirt out of him. No fool like an old fool.

  • Michelle

    Speaker: MPs’ email woes ‘complex’
    Speaker Lockwood Smith says MPs must be able to email without interference, but getting a balance between that and cyber security could be difficult.

    This is the click bait in Politics section of Herald, how long ago was Lockwood the speaker?

    Dunne is a silly old coot well past his time and needs to go

    Let’s hope National grows a pair and starts to put up good candidates against these no hopers

  • stevedw1960

    Mr Dunne is my local MP, but unless I can see a very good reason (ie the Nats are polling in only the low 40’s) to vote for him I would like him gone !!!!

  • Sagacious Blonde

    “taken care to make sure that any sensitive material doesn’t come my way via the parliamentary email system”
    Isn’t that what Hillary was up to?
    Quite an admission Mr Dunne. Of course your personal servers are super secure.

  • shykiwibloke

    I wonder if he’s just worried something he wants to hide may become public. He could always set up a private server at home, like Hillary…

  • Shane Ponting

    So what is being done to remove him at the next election?

    • curry4me

      Nothing I know of. I hope ACT will stand. Prebs had the seat in 1996.

  • Huia

    The highlight of his Political career was the leaders debate many moons ago, he did well in that but must have worn himself out as he has never shined again.
    Time for him to evaporate I guess.

    • Christie

      I think that might have been 2002. I think I voted for him and his party back then. Never again. The worm has turned.

  • Forrest Ranger

    He has got to go. He is a waste of space and a liability as a partner for national. His so called party has polled 0% for years and for all intents and purposes does not really exist. He needs to get his snout out of the trough.

  • BR

    Andrea Vance? He fell for that??


  • Keanne Lawrence

    The guts of all this seems to be the fact it is becoming more difficult to “leak” sensitive or classified information to which the majority commend them for a job well done. Sorry about the pun but it makes no difference where it was leaked but more a concern that they stoop to leaking. Keep on plugging.