Is this the way forward for Andrew?

Andrew Little can’t retain staff. Press secretaries and his Chief of Staff have all left or been given the arse card.

It seems Jeremy Corbyn has the same issue.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faced another ‘nepotism’ row last night after the daughter of the right-hand man of union baron Len McCluskey was given a £40,000-a-year job in Corbyn’s Commons team.

Laura Murray, daughter of Andrew Murray, chief of staff of the Unite union, now works as a ‘political adviser’ to the Shadow Cabinet.

Communist Mr Murray is one of Corbyn’s longest standing political allies. When Corbyn stood down as chairman of the Left-wing Stop The War Coalition, Murray took over.  

Ms Murray, 27, will have a key role as an aide to Grahame Morris, Labour’s town hall spokesman who nominated Corbyn as leader.

She is not the first family member of Corbyn’s inner circle to be given a plum Labour job. Mr Corbyn’s son, Seb, earns an estimated £45,000 a year as chief of staff to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Ms Murray could not be contacted for comment but her father said the nepotism claim was a ‘cowardly smear’.

Some Labour MPs say her appointment could backfire. ‘We won’t be taken seriously attacking Tory hypocrisy over social mobility if we hand out jobs to the offspring of the party leader and his chums,’ said one.

Is Corbyn taken seriously?

It seems Labour around the world have tits for hands, clown pants and clown shoes.

Still, at least Jeremy Corbyn has given Andrew Little a solution to his staffing issues. Pinkos always love a bit of nepotism with their communism.


– Daily Mail

  • shykiwibloke

    NZ Labour don’t have 45,000 pounds.
    Such a person would have to work for Phil Goff as ‘Leader of Opposition Liaison Officer’, and be offered $100,000+ so as to be seen as fair pay amongst other council staffers.

  • A 27 year old political advisor? Sorry, but in that game you really do need some miles on you before you are much use to anyone.

    • STAG

      She isn’t supposed to be of any use, her appointment is a reward for loyalty, but then we all know this.

    • Seriously?

      I feel a bit sorry for her in a way. She may have been the best applicant for the job, who knows, but because of how it might look it was silly to appoint her.

      • Trust me when I say that you can’t be at the level of a political advisor to a PM in waiting at age 27. You need to have made the mistakes and collected the scars along the way to know about that game.

  • Isherman

    Cant see her lasting long. As a Momentum type, she’s about to get caught up in the fallout of the next round of purges, and now that Momentum have been busted harvesting thousands of confidential records of Labour members, including private email and phone details its going to get nasty. Not sure a 27 yr old who seems more like a socialite than an advisor will fare.