It is clear now that terrorism can only be performed by ISIS

What’s in a name?

A powerful explosion that injured dozens of people on a busy Manhattan street, shattered glass and damaged cars was caused by a deliberately planted bomb, New York leaders have said, though there was some dispute over whether the blast constituted an act of terror.

The bomb, which was planted in or near a large dumpster on 23rd Street in Chelsea, exploded at around 8.30pm on a bustling and warm Saturday night, injuring 29 people and sending others fleeing in fear. The dumpster itself was reduced to a twisted, burnt heap.

Around three hours later, police discovered a second device – what appeared to be a modified pressure cooker – just four blocks away on 27th Street in the same neighbourhood.

Terrifying, but not terror.

The bombing also followed the explosion of a pipe bomb in a garbage bin earlier on Saturday in the neighbouring state of New Jersey, which was located on the route of a charity run scheduled for that day.

No one has been arrested over the New York bombing, nor has any group such as IS claimed responsibility

So no terrorism.   They didn’t go off, nobody got killed, and nobody has taken responsibility for botching it up.  So no terror.

“There is no international groups that have put out any statements, connecting them with this action … we find no ISIS connection.”

But New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner James O’Neill were more cautious in their language, declining to call the bombing a terrorist act at a separate press conference a few hours later, and saying investigations were still ongoing as to who planted it and why.

“It was intentional, it was a violent act, it was certainly a criminal act,” said de Blasio

Probably just another mentally ill person then.


– Reuters via Stuff

  • Duchess of Pork

    It’s called Sudden Jihad Syndrome and “moderate” muslims are known to suffer from it.

  • cows4me

    One can’t have terrorism when the perfurred political party of the cities inhabitants stands on a platform of large scale Muslim immigration. God forbid the voters start to question the party hierarchy.

    • Day Day

      I tend to think that is a red herring.

      • Could well be. Until they catch the culprits we won’t now who they were or their motives.

    • bristol

      Highly unlikely. Chelsea is a known high density LGBT district. I’m with Day Day on this one.

    • JustAnotherLurker

      He/she/It goes on to say:
      “I cannot live in a world where homosexuals like myself as well as the rest of the LGBTQ+ community are looked down upon by society.
      It is 2016 and we are still being viewed as mentally ill, sinners, attention seekers, …”
      Then proves the point that he/she/it is an attention seeking, lawbreaking (sinner), mentally ill person by setting off a bomb. Go figure!

  • andrewo

    It’s just more votes for Trump ;-)

  • shykiwibloke

    Drudge and Biertbart beg to differ on responsibility being claimed.

    I wonder if it is the ghost of Osama BIN overladen.

  • JustAnotherLurker

    New York Daily News: Hillary Clinton criticizes Donald Trump’s rush to call New York City explosion a ‘bomb’. Sheesh!! Everyone knows that rubbish bins explode on a regular basis in NY. Nothing to see here folks – move along.

    • jaundiced

      Both would gain credence if they resisted the urge to politicise it, and just called it what it is.

    • Boondecker

      What’s really funny about that bit of news is that Clinton on her plane stated personally that she had been “briefed about the bombings” herself and within seconds was asked by the media about Trump calling it a bomb. She then carries on as if she said hadn’t mentioned the word herself in the first place and makes sarcastic remark about Trump doing so.

      CNN (the Clinton News Network) even went so far as to edit out her earlier reference in later coverage of her statement – they just covered her criticizing Trump. You gotta love that bias MSM.

  • Rick H

    I’m still waiting till they name the bomber(s) as “US Nationals” (of Afghan descent)

    Why do the MSM always call them “Nationals”?

    Why not “US Labours” for a change?