It is very likely that Hillary has Parkinson’s disease

  • Korau

    A very interesting video that will ignite many questions. Once this is “out there” some of the press interviews will be hell, even for a healthy person.

    If Hillary is afflicted in this way (not something I would wish on anyone) then she obviously can’t fulfill the top job.

    Video was published 29 August and it hasn’t popped up in my google alerts
    specifically covering Mrs Clinton’s health (but not Parkinsons). Have amended it to see if there is much talk out there.

    • Huia

      It has been on Youtube Korau. I have seen it before and thought it should be on mainstream media’s question list.
      But, they are too busy covering what the Kardashians are wearing today.

      • Tim Brown

        The mainstream media aren’t showing it because it is so easy to refute and they take the 5 minutes to check (sometimes).

    • taurangaruru

      One on one debates between Clinton & Trump will be interesting, she may be verbally more elegant than Trump but his agressive come out swinging style will cause Clinton problems if she does have some issues with her mental state. Can’t wait for the debates as they will be entertainment at best. Look for the MSM to control the process in mich the same way they try in NZ.

  • David McCarthy

    Didn’t they have a president in a wheelchair?

    • Korau

      It was his legs, not his head. Not the same thing at all, and he functioned brilliantly right up to his death.

    • Totara

      Yes, but in those days the press were far more compliant about stage managing FDR’s public image. Photos were always taken with him seated somehow, often behind a desk. And when other world leaders were in the photos, they would be seated too.

  • XCIA

    Is this more negative campaigning?

    • bristol

      It’s the American way.

  • veridian

    What would be a concern is if Clinton has this disease and wins the race to the White House then we might have her chief of staff Huma Mahmood Abedin as the puppet master. An Islamist running America.

    • H. Upmann

      That would just be a step up from the current situation where the President is in the very least an Islamist sympathiser if not a Muslim.

  • JLS

    Certainly seems to be something going on- too much footage here and elsewhere of odd behaviour, close assistance, and absence, for her to be fit and able.

  • Paul Marsden

    It is obvious, even to a layman, that she has health issues and that she has a serious, duty-of-care to disclose these issues to the people of the USA

  • Totara

    Earlier on, it suited Hillary’s purposes to tell the FBI that her memory lapses were due to a concussion from 2012.

    The whole health angle is rapidly growing into (another) major hurdle in Hillary’s campaign.

  • Huia

    If this is true her aids and party need taking to task for trying to put someone physically and mentally unfit in the Whitehouse.
    It is obvious the woman is very sick. I am sorry she may have this horrible disease but it renders her incapable of fulfilling her duties in the role of President, it is a moral duty for her and her party to come clean and inform the general public of the USA if she is unfit for duty.
    Her hard core supporters will vote for her regardless of her condition, but it would give the voters a right and a duty to vote accordingly if they care about their country.
    There are too many Muslims holding key positions in the Whitehouse now, without having Huma Mahmood Abedin running the show.
    America deserves better than that, although I believe Obama will move heaven and earth to give the Muslims even more power if he can, either through marshall law or the Clintons, so this must be a concern for him as it leaves only marshall law as an option.
    So all that lying, selling positions of power to the highest bidder, financially ripping off the country and its people, having people who could testify against you murdered, all the misery caused, jobs lost for good capable people because the Clintons sold the position to feather their own nest, being extremely wealthy through foul means, it means absolutely nothing as you approach the finish line of life, all of that counts for zilch in the grand scheme of things.

  • SirHoraceGentleman

    Speaking as a doctor you can spot Parkinson’s from 50 paces and Hillary doesn’t fit that category. That, of course, doesn’t exclude the earlier stages.

    • JEL51

      Early on-set symptoms are not easily recognized though, are they? If early stages she would possibly be able to cope (mentally)for sometime if she had the right support, wouldn’t she?
      I am more concerned about who she is ‘dancing’ to, who is calling the tune exactly?

      • SirHoraceGentleman

        Yes, you can manage with Parkinson’s for many years and still be mentally competent.

        • Fish Oil

          …and you can also tell lies for many years and get away with it. She has lied about having any medical issues whatsoever, so is this a good thing?

    • Betty Swallocks

      It would be a bit strange if the ‘early stages’ of Parkinson’s had lasted since 2005 – 9 years?? No way. It could well be any number of other conditions (MS?) If there had been ongoing medication for Parkinson’s, I would have expected there to be visible side-effects (dyskinesia) and I haven’t observed anything remotely like it in the video examples shown. This guy is just stirring.

  • Citizen

    Is there a scenario that she is elected…and a less populist and majorly unheard of vice president steps into her shoes…?

  • Tim Brown

    Why do you promote this rubbish? It really defies belief that anyone can diagnose medical problems from heavily edited and selective video. Lets get Hilary and Donald in front of real doctors and tax attorneys and find out who’s telling the truth.

    • SernieBanders

      I stopped watching when infowars was mentioned in the video.

    • spanishbride

      Something is clearly not right. You cannot have a President who is that ill. Her explanations do not hold water. These are not small incidents easily explained away. There are just too many of them.

      • Tim Brown

        It was once estimated that for the moon shots to be faked it would require 60,000 people to keep the secret. If she was as sick as this video claims how many would need to be in on the secret? Apply logic, not wishful thinking.

        • Herbert Charles

          Hillary needs to hold a press conference, reporters firing questions flashing cameras, you know, normal high energy presidency stuff. She hasnt held one for unprecedented 280 days, shes hiding.

          • Tim Brown

            She held one just the other day, the 280 day run is broken.

          • Herbert Charles

            “I half expect her to slump over and collapse any second now. if she were doing a parody of “low energy” Jeb!, it couldn’t be more spot-on.”

            I think she she better go back to hiding.