Jeremy Corbyn is getting shivved by the pink pinkos now

British Labour party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn poses for pictures with a tie that he was given by a charity worker as he arrives to address a public rally in Glasgow, Scotland, on August 14, 2015. Voting began Friday to elect the new leader of Britain's main opposition Labour party, with Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran socialist who would move the party significantly to the left, favourite to win. AFP PHOTO / LESLEY MARTIN (Photo credit should read LESLEY MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Jeremy Corbyn has defended his past [paid] appearances on Press TV, the Iranian state broadcaster’s English language channel, despite concerns from his supporters over that country’s treatment of LGBT people.

The Labour leader said people were “free to make the criticism they wish” but insisted he had been able to “raise a number of human rights issues” on the channel.

Corbyn was paid up to £20,000 in total for several appearances on Press TV between 2009 and 2012, according to analysis of his register of interests by Business Insider. In 2011 three Iranian men were executed for homosexuality.

In an interview with LGBT website PinkNews on Wednesday, Corbyn was told that “lots of people” had submitted questions asking him why he had accepted money from the state-funded network given Iran’s treatment of gay people.

“I did some programmes for Press TV quite a long time ago,” he said. “I refused to do any more because there was a change in the process they were operating…

“I presented other programmes in which I was able to raise a number of human rights issues, not just in Iran but other countries as well – and the money I was paid, which wasn’t an enormous amount actually, went on my constituency office.”

20,000 pounds is about $40,000, which apparently isn’t a lot of money for a few small TV appearances.

And he wants to be the leader of the poor and downtrodden.

What a sanctimonious hypocrite.


– Buzzfeed

  • Eddie

    Things aren’t much better in NZ. Murray Sheepish McCully is keen to secure trade with Iran. There has been little opposition from politicians who we might expect to care for LGBT rights. Then again, Marama is off soon to support Hamas. Oh how the hypocrisy flows.

    • Hard1

      Think of Indonesia, where dual trade is over $1 billion, LBGT rights don’t exist, the country is mulling banning casual sex and all alcohol sales, including Bali.
      We trade with those who can afford to buy, otherwise may as well pack up and go bush.

  • Isherman

    Britain will forgive me, as I say in jest, that I wouldn’t mind seeing Corbyn as PM. Coverage of the first meeting he had with Bibi would be worth it.

  • Duchess of Pork

    Tut tut now PinkNews, we must think outside the square and I quite like this form of reverse jizra although I concede Corbyn could have put it to better use. Like raising the awareness of your fate under the Sharia rule which Labour seems intent on bringing to Britain.