Knock me down with a feather, I agree with Soper

Barry Soper took off his pink-tinted glasses for just a moment and managed a semi-literate article about bludgers and the indolent.

Over the past couple of weeks a bloke, who some have no doubt written off as a whinging Pom, has appeared on telly telling us kiwis are lazy.

They can’t be bothered turning up for an interview to work at his little flooring company for twenty bucks an hour and if they do turn up, they don’t last in the job. They’d prefer after a couple of days, in his rather indelicate words, to grab a slab of beer and go off on the piss.

The job’s not that taxing, a bit of elbow grease may be required. A 24 year old former supermarket checkout operator saw the item and she’s now gainfully employed learning a trade and earning better money than she could ever have thought of by sweeping groceries past the bar code.

So what’s wrong with our young, have they lost the ability to work?

No, they’ve all been told they are winners, special and can all go to university.

A figure Labour likes to wave in the Beehive’s face is from the immigration stats where six thousand foreign labourers were given work visas over the past year while more than fifteen thousand kiwi labourers are listed as being out of work.

It’s a mismatch that shows the immigration policy’s not working, the foaming Andrew Little barks.

Did I just read that right? He would never have said that about Dear Leader Clark.

He vehemently rejects his analysis is too simple. Surely that’s the case given that he doesn’t know what our unemployed labourers are prepared, or more importantly not prepared to do, while those coming into the country are obviously filling jobs that are vacant.

Little was right on one level that the numbers of the face of it don’t tell a good story but he refuses to buy the argument that young people aren’t working because they’re drugged and lazy.

He doesn’t know and neither do we because we’re not at the pit face. But the Labour leader reckons he does know what’ll get them establishing a work ethic and a habit of getting out of bed in the morning.

Some who’ve been written off by others are being picked up from home by employers who make sure they have a cut lunch and get to work on time. After a couple of months they get into a work habit and they turn their lives around rather than being written off by what he says is an uncaring Government.

To suggest a Government, regardless of its political hue, doesn’t care is just plain silly. And shouldn’t those who’re sitting at home picking up a dole cheque be required to show more initiative?

They’re obliged to look for work, or train for it, which could mean little more than dabbling on the web each day. And they’re required to have “regular,” whatever that means, meetings with the pen pushers.

Unlike many other countries New Zealand doesn’t have a finite period for how long the dole can be claimed, change that, and you may change some attitudes. That may sound hard but the real mismatch is the number of foreign workers we’re required to bring in to fill vacancies, compared to the number of locals on the dole.

I think a finite term for benefits is a great idea. The wonder is that Barry Soper said it out loud. He will probably be shunned by the gallery for a day or two.

It isn’t often I agree with Soper, but today is a red letter day.


– NZHerald

  • Michelle

    Picking them up and taking them to work and making sure they have a cut lunch and a hanky no doubt, please, and how old are they Andy?
    When are they supposed to grow up and take responsibility for themselves, with the left that will be never

    Great idea on putting a finite time on the dole as it is too easy, but some will just shift over to another benefit

    • Wheninrome

      He is basing it on the public service car that probably takes him to the Beehive every day, he thinks everyone should be driven to work or it is not fair.

      • Michelle

        Maybe he should drive the van picking up these poor souls and making their lunches when he finds himself out of a job after next years election

  • venator

    I read that yesterday and was similarly amazed. Good on Soper. He’s turned the corner. I wonder if his ‘niece’ is also aligned with this opinion piece.

  • Isherman

    I couldn’t believe it when I read this from Soper yesterday. Between this and ISIS banning burqa’s I was starting to wonder if there had been a polar flip, the world appeared all upside down briefly. But the question is legitimate. Why do we just accept that most benefits can be a lifetime entitlement?

  • Larry

    As an employer I have had a 100% failure rate with anybody referred or sent to me by WINZ. The ones that rock up on their own account with an attitude and desire for work, I’ll make a place for. The others that clearly express a dislike for me and my business and any work in general are only here to ensure the continuation of their benefit, I’m over. I don’t want to spend all day with people I dislike and pay them for the privilege. Sorry WINZ. They are not my problem. Does that mean I’m old and Cynical? Yes!

  • Bob Dazzler

    Make the “dole” time bound for anyone under say,55 years. Howls of rage for a while and lo and behold, a change in attitudes with all of society the better for it.

  • metalnwood

    Thats how far the left and labour/greens are going. They are leaving behind people like Soper who start to look right wing by comparison.

  • Second time around

    Andy said earlier in the week that every kiwi he had met was eager to get into a satisfying job. If some of them need to be woken up, given a cut lunch and a ride in to work, that does not mean they are not eager, even though Andy accepted they were problematic. Other people have shamed Key for saying that some unemployed people fail drug tests. We know that there are drug addicts out there, so presumably they are all gainfully employed in satisfying jobs. Regrettably very few of the stories of kiwi workers getting done out of a job by migrant workers passes the sniff test.

    • essiep

      I don’t see him employing that calibre of people in his office. He just wants other people to do it.

  • Eiselmann

    Embrace your intense dislike of the private sector employer Angry, by your own belief Kiwi business owners are all about their profit …if that’s true why would they go thru all that time, money and effort to bring in a foreign worker if there was a queue of unemployed locals who could do the same job just a phone call away, and the state(MSD) covers most of the job search costs.


  • peterwn

    The whole problem is, these ‘workers’ are not offered enough pay. If they were offered a ‘decent living wage’ and more they would be flocking to workplaces and properly performing. It is all John Key’s fault.

    • Whitey

      True. I suspect there are a lot of people on the dole who “can’t find a suitable job” because they lack the skills necessary for a job with the kind of paycheck they feel entitled to.

  • There’s a very profitable and huge political opportunity for Labour and the Unions here.

    All they need to do is start an on-hire company for labourers. (no pun intended)

    Labour and the unions could pay them all the “living wage” whilst accepting full, personal responsibility for all their employees under OSH laws. Then with that vast pool of available skill set sitting idle – they could hire them out to the construction and civil engineering industries for a huge margin.

    Mr. Little & Labour – your fundraising and financial worries could be solved with this one simple initiative.

    Although, do the unions, Labour and Mr. Little care enough to do this for the workers?

  • cows4me

    It’s been say tens of thousands of times but shear stupidity and fear are why things are the way they are. Stupidity is the continuing belief in the failed ideology of the welfare state and the pig ignorance in those that continue to pump out the same liberal tosh, that the welfare state is the be all and end all and always will be. Fear is the domain of the politicians who lack the nuts to say we will not do this anymore as it’s not working. The fear being those that don’t work do vote and will vote accordingly.

  • JLS

    I agree, both about the problem with kids being that teachers are constantly lying to them that they are special, thereby building their expectations for when they enter the real world where they aren’t, and with a fixed term benefit to bridge a gap. Fortunately there is a still a hidden cohort of great, hard working kids with parents who temper the school BS with some real world balance and keep them on direction. More charter schools and vouchers would be very helpful in vastly improving the situation for all of them. A lot of teachers would find they much prefer it after the union scales fell from their eyes too. Been through it myself and it was the best thing that ever happened- thanks Roger, Richard and co.

  • Hard1

    There ain’t a boss around who’s going to sit around in traffic, pick up a cut lunch, then chauffeur a bum to a job, likely unshowered, hungover and wearing 3 day old clothes.
    Tell Little that Uber will provide such service. But will the bum have the cash?
    Little’s unemployed bums do not want to work. That message is loud and clear. There is no job that pays minimum wage unless you actually work. These unemployed won’t work, hence the need to import labor. What could be clearer to a so called qualified Lawyer? Immigrants are doing jobs Kiwi unemployed refuse to do. Stop paying them like running your car 24 hours to keep the engine warm. What a waste of space Little and his pet unemployed are.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The amazing thing is how long it takes the Sopers of this world to look beyond their blinkers and party hand outs to finally see what it really happening.
    Registered once back in the day with the old Department of Labour to access their vacancies while trying everything to get work. Never got the dole but got a 6 month Temp position with them and started about a week later as a Temporary Employment Officer. On glide time naturally.
    The process was to call people in for a short interview and then send them off to a listed vacancy. Soon learned that nothing is as it seems. They put on a show to get the referral and a whole different act to NOT get hired. Baring in mind that back then they had to report in person every 2 weeks or they would loose their benefit.
    Fast forward to now where generations have been drawn to the over generous benefit system and a lazy lifestyle with all day to complain about the pittance they get “paid”.
    Soper is right to suggest some form of time limit as it remains the solitary job for life left these days.
    Meanwhile if you have any vacancies I am happy to offer referrals from here who are god loving, hard working, bi-lingual, happy applicants with degrees in most essential subjects. Currently poor but happy.

  • Grizz30

    Young people today are being taught to believe that work is a micro aggression and to run to a safe space at the slightest hint of a suggestion to do any real work.

  • Crowgirl

    The other day I saw a piece on Facebook about taking up hobbies as a means to grow as a person, and the takeaway one genius got from it in the comments underneath, was that in order to be a better person, you shouldn’t work. This attitude has been allowed to fester in a generation of young people who have never known true hardship or want for anything. Bring on work for the dole and limits to benefits – it’s a sure vote winner.

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    ..otherwise we have people like Anjem Choudary living off benefits for 20 years while conducting jihad inspiration?

  • Huia

    I’m glad Bazza has finally taken off his Rose coloured glasses re the lazy and their wanting to work .
    I really wonder how he feels about the criminals who illegally purchase guns using false papers and then get away with the crime.