Lets just euthanise all smokers and have it all done with


The health gestapo are still using tax payers money to mess around in the lives of law abiding people and interfere with law abiding legal companies.

Health academics want to make roll-your-own tobacco as expensive as tailor-made cigarettes and have suggested the papers be an “unattractive mustard colour” to make them less cool.

Loose tobacco was less expensive than manufactured cigarettes, which means smokers may switch to it rather than quit, the University of Otago researchers say in a paper published in the international journal Tobacco Control.

“The government needs to remove this anomaly, introduce differential excise tax increases on rolling tobacco, and ensure there is no cost advantage in buying roll-your-own tobacco,” said marketing researcher Professor Janet Hoek.

Roll-your-own had evoked stereotypes of older, heavily addicted smokers but from studying 20 young smokers the researchers found they got around that by mistakenly thinking of them as being more natural or “organic”, and less harmful, Prof Hoek said.

“They also developed cigarette rolling rituals and saw the sticks they created as personal creations that provided them with social cachet.”

The researchers also found an unattractive mustard colour could reduce their appeal.

“We need unattractively coloured rolling paper, and packaging used to contain rolling paper and filters should have to adopt standardised packaging, which features an unappealing colour and large pictorial warnings.”

Perhaps every smoker needs someone from the Ministry of Health with a fire extinguisher, a Taser and a ear piercing personal alarm to stand next to them as well.  As soon as they go for a ciggie, they get hit by loud noise, excruciating pain or their cigarette won’t stay lit.

Also, one in 100 packages will be laced with 1080, just to increase the risk.

Plus, anyone who gives up smoking gets a free dance by Scarlette (extras optional but payable by the person who may now actually be able to smell….)

Sorry, I can’t take this seriously any longer.  We are paying academics to tell us that smoking from used shit paper and increasing the price will make it less attractive to smoke.




– NZN via Yahoo! News

  • Brian_Smaller

    I am really anti-smoking but I am getting sick to death of all these smoking researchers (sorry – I mean bludgers). There is not a person who smokes in this country who doesn’t know the risks, the costs and the probably effect on their health over time.

    • Rick H

      I agree.

      If Tobacoo was suddenly made Free of any charge, the uptake of smokers, I believe, would be small.
      Most everybody not currently smoking, would probably still not go back to being smokers.

      Making the small number of current smokers pay through their children’s lunches for a smoke, is only hurting the children of those who “choose” to continue smoking at any cost.

      (edited out a word that can mean a completely different thing in a different context)

  • oldmanNZ

    Once smoking cease, they will move to the next issues, sugar, fat, soft drinks.

    People will just grow their own tobacco… Soon it will be illegal to grow them too.

    • VikingNZ

      Heh, smoking tobacco will become illegal and growing tobacco plants will be illegal but smoking and growing weed will be legal. Now that is reefer madness!!

      • Kevin

        Except there’s been no debate about what restrictions there will be on selling, packaging and advertising marijuana products.

  • Second time around

    There is another solution, reduce the tax on the pre rolled cigarettes. Taxes are effective only for those who have limited discretionary income, and therefore contribute to poverty and income disparity. Smoking is bad for most people, but the researchers need to address the dependency, not second guess the government on fiscal policy.

  • Damon Mudgway

    I propose we place graphic pictures of deaths from auto collisions on all motor vehicles, and ensure a plain packaging approach across all vehicle manufacturers. It has becoming increasingly clear consumers do not know what’s best for them when it comes to driving. I believe the state should intervene further to make getting behind the wheel as unattractive as possible.

  • Christie

    None of this will stop smokers. Plain packaging, mustard coloured papers – it is going to make no difference. I’m not a smoker, but I’m sick to death of being told what to do. And I’d love to hear just one news bulletin that doesn’t mention obesity – child or otherwise – somewhere in it.

  • jaundiced

    Fair enough for researching what attracts people to a harmful product.
    But sometimes the solutions are naïve. Will it be a criminal offence if you are caught with white cigarette paper? Or another colour that could be deemed ‘attractive’?

  • Kevin

    The only anti-smoking laws I agree with are ones that prevent me from having to inhale other people’s cigarette smoke or taste it in my food when I’m dining out. Apart from that the State should keep it’s sticky beak out.

  • Aucky

    Why don’t we just abandon democracy and shift the seat of Government to the University of Otago?

  • Ruahine

    Is it O.K. to use Medicinal Tobacco?

  • colin herbertson

    I think maybe the gov’t should be mindful that using smokers as cash cows is only effective to the point where the downside of impoverished addicts and more criminal activity becomes a problem. Smoking rates seem to have hit a wall of about 10% of hardcore users who won’t give up anyway, better to just leave them alone and concentrate on stopping new people starting.
    these days being a user of the brown weed makes you more of a pariah than partaking of the green kind.

  • spanishbride

    I am sure providing unattractive mustard coloured needles will reduce the number of heroin addicts and staining P a bright blue colour will reduce demand.( face palm )

    It is an ADDICTION not an item of clothing for goodness sake.

    If they are serious about helping people quit and reducing harm they should be promoting businesses like NZ Vapor who sponsor our General Debate and Backchat


  • Nick

    I am a smoker. I don’t like it, and wish I wasn’t. The hardest part is the fact it’s irrational. But when I think about the problems in my life, smoking is not number one.

    I enjoy rolling my own, not just for the exercise but that I can tailor the size to the need. Usually I make them as small as possible. The pre-made cigarettes are horrible. They stink (more), they’re fixed size, they’re brittle, and just keep going. I feel smokers look down on me for choosing rollies over taylor mades in that I’m cheap. That’s not the case.

    GST = Goods and Services Tax, There is less ‘service’ going into lose tobacco than pre-rolled so that should be represented in the final price.

  • XCIA

    On 6 March 2015 at the persistence of my doctor, I agreed to stop my +/-40 a day habit. She advised the many advantages, such as food would taste much better – wrong, everything tastes of aluminium. I would have much more energy – wrong, I have never been so tired in all my life. My health would be better – wrong, I now take medication for high blood pressure. In fact, I have found no benefits whatsoever, but I did promise, so I am stuck with it.

    • Aucky

      What you are feeling is the legacy of God knows how many cigarettes you have smoked over God knows how many years. With a bit of luck you can now look forward to dying at a decent age without the need to be sucking on an oxygen bottle for the last few years of your existence.

  • kloyd0306

    Laws re smoking – tightening.
    Laws re marijuana – relaxing.
    You can’t make this stuff up folks!

  • ross

    The more expensive cigarettes get the more appeal tobacco gets on the black market.