Local body elections voting opens tomorrow

Voting for local body elections opens tomorrow.

Voting packs arrive in letterboxes around the country between tomorrow and September 21. The voting document needs to be in the return post by October 5, and voting closes at midday on October 8.

In Auckland, more than one million voters will receive a document with instructions and information about the 468 candidates contesting 170 positions.

This includes the role of mayor, 20 ward councillors and 149 local board representatives.

Electors will also be asked to choose 21 representatives for three district health boards and 35 representatives for five local licensing trusts.

People have asked me, Whaleoil, to provide some guidance on how to vote in the Auckland elections.  All I can do is tell you that I have no idea myself.

Which leaves us all with a problem.

Should we bother to vote?  If we vote, who for?  And why?

I spent a considerable time talking it through with other interested parties over the last few days, and we’ve basically got to the following position.

  1. We can’t vote for Phil Goff.  He should not get a larger vote than he truly earns.  If he wins on a plurality of less than 50% with the lowest turnout ever, then that in itself is something we can all use to test him over the next three years.
  2. We can’t vote for Vic Crone.  She is dreadfully inept.  She’s a collection of bumper sticker slogans and management speak.  Apart from her reputedly effective time at Xero, nobody that spent time with her over the last 6 months has been able to understand how she will translate any of that success to being a mayor.
  3. We can’t vote for John Palino.  He could have been a credible choice but has been sidelined due to the media deliberately keeping him out of all the narratives, not being invited to debates and blocked from debates.  Sure, you can vote for him, but what’s the point?  Which brings me to 4:
  4. Vote for Penny Bright.

I presume you have now recoiled and perhaps even made a loud exclamation you may have to explain to the ones around you.  Penny Bright?  Is Cam insane?

You must of course do what you feel is best for you.  But I am proposing people who consider NOT voting, or don’t know who to vote for and are genuinely lost, to place a protest vote by voting for Penny Bright.

Having Penny Bright well supported will give us a 3 year source of mirth and derision.  She’ll never win.  That’s a given.

We’ve gone round in circles.  OF COURSE we can’t vote for Penny Bright.  We really need to take this more seriously.   So, we should…. dammit.   We don’t know who to vote for.


  • BigNose

    It’s a given that Brown Mk II will win, so any vote for anyone else to reduce his % is a useful vote. Goff and the MSM have managed to do what DotCrim and the MSM failed to do at the last general – they’ve managed to buy an election. So at least make it a minority win. Palino for me, better than a spoilt paper.

    • Nechtan

      The Mayor is a given. The council could be changed, plenty of dead useless wood Len Brown supporters in there.

    • Raibert

      No matter who wins, it will be a minority win. Last time PDB got in with about 14% of the possible vote!
      Why we don’t have web based voting can only be guessed at, probably it would reduce the average age of voters and diminish the aged vote. This in turn has the potential to flow into national politics and the government would not want younger voters suddenly deciding to actually vote as this would threaten the age split which they very cleverly manipulate.

  • Greg Nelson

    Have some sympathy for voters in Christchurch who are limited in the mayoralty stakes to choosing between Lianne Dalziel, John Minto or Tubby Hansen, a veteran no-hoper who has been standing since time immemorial!!! This is a travesty of an election.

  • Sally

    Could always vote for Spinoff’s favourite candidate young Chloe Swarbrick. Surely she couldn’t do any worse than Penny Bright. Oh wait, maybe she could, she could tell us oldies to get on our bike.

  • kayaker

    I have a problem – I absolutely definitely know who I DON’T want to vote for, and a few I do want to vote for, but don’t know enough about the rest. I also think it needs to be put out there as widely as possible that Phil Goff is not beyond finding a job for PDB. Chlling thought.

    • OneTrack

      The Labour Mayors will look after each others back.

  • sheppy

    Is there any restrictions on talking about the farce that is the Auckland Elections at any time before the closing date? Given that PDB got in on the lowest turnout ever and despite having a tiny majority managed to screw us all in the pocket, I wonder whether it’s worth wasting good ink on the voting form when all of them are going to continue work creating the worlds most livable slum

  • Mark

    I was sorely tempted not to vote. I still am,however I want to encourage John Palino so I will likely vote for him again.

    What I am interested in learning from WO is how to screw over as many current Councilors as possible as hard as possible.

  • GoingRight

    We all have to vote for a mayoral candidate surely so that Goofys number are slightly diluted even if he does win. If we don’t vote then his percentage will look better won’t it? personally we are going with John Palino. he is quite normal and actually has some good ideas. We really need some assistance with the candidates for the council though. We are in the Waitemata ward. I am not sure I will know many of those on the list. Lets hope at the very least we can get a strong right wing council to counter the lefty Goff.

    • waldopepper

      same. the cast of this show is about as exciting as paint drying, but as cam says palino has been kept out of the debates etc in a deliberate attempt to reduce his vote. which is the same manipulation we see every day in the msm and has been done for a reason. and i hate being manipulated. so ill give him my vote on that score alone.

  • sandalwood789

    I reckon Nige should stand for the Auckland mayoralty – he’d romp in!

  • JEL51

    Although I haven’t even begun to look into the background of any, there appears to be more contenders for Whangarei area this time. Wondering if other Northland Oilers are seeing the same/agree….?

  • Geordie

    We live in the Manawatu and in the past we have been served well by low profile and fiscally conservative Mayors. This year we have someone standing against the Mayor with a major ego and a firm belief in spending money.

    Vote for the one with the smallest ego, it is not about them, it is about the boring stuff, like roads!

  • metalnwood

    The list of people I wouldnt vote for is known, the list to vote for is unknown. It’s a hard time for myself a voter.

  • BR

    I want to use my vote to make sure Goff doesn’t win. He is arguably worse than Pants Down. He wants to impose another train set on top of the one Brown has lumbered us with. Goff is clueless. He knows nothing of the world outside the cloistered environs of the government trough. Anyone but Goff.


    • duve

      He’s not clueless, he knows what he intends to do. He’s told us he will increase rates, and urge the government to ratify a regional fuel tax. His fingers are already itching to get hold of the money. That’s what frightens me.

  • Old Chook

    New to Auckland. HBC. Mayor; Palino will get my vote ( and the Rooster’s who will vote as advised), but who else to vote for – I haven’t a clue now the reds have taken to blue.

  • LesleyNZ

    Well now – what am I going to say to those who always call me up to ask me who to vote for – for Mayor? I was really hoping you would sort us out. I have learnt that sometimes you have to vote for the lesser of the two evils so does that mean that we sort out who the lesser of the two evils are? Say it is down to Phil Goff and Vic Crone. Which one out of these two will put the ratepayer first and be fiscally responsible? Phil Goff is described as another Len Brown with his zipper up – so won’t be voting for him. Is it better to have a Mayor like Victoria Crone who does not get much done in 3 years but at least it won’t be spend, spend, spend of our ratepayer money. And it will also depend on who is deputy Mayor. I just can not vote for Penny Bright. What a dilemma!

    And then there are the councillors to vote for.

    So how about some advice for local boards then – especially in the Albany and Hibiscus Coast areas? For my local area Devonport-Takapuna I am supporting Team George Wood. The other team led by Grant Gillon only care about saving the Takapuna Market and the Takapuna caravan park and not using glyphosate to control weeds.

  • Bluemanning

    IMHO since the left are so bereft at the Labour performance and how well National seem to be acheiving, the left will go all out to vote for Goff, after all Auckland mayor is only 2nd to the PM position. It’s a done deal. Palino gets my vote.