Local British Muslim says Britain First tells the truth

  • Nige.

    Ok then HONEST muslim. Strip off. Get your western clothes off. Stop talking in western English. Get off your western bike and get on your eastern goat.

  • andrewo

    We can hardly point fingers after two thousand years of Christian Evangelism.

    • Cambo


      • andrewo

        Meaning Christianity has a long and nasty history of ‘evangelism with the sword’.
        What’s going around….

        • Cambo

          That’s a valid point. Joan of Arc only got roasted last week, and the Crusades finished up in March…
          The major difference between Islam and Christianity is only one of those religions is still living in the dark ages. And more importantly, people living in most “Christian” countries are FREE to think, have an opinion. Men and Women!
          WE got enlightened. Muslims have borrowed our light switch and are telling us it sucks.
          Fine. Then Go. Give up all our western toys and just GO

          • andrewo

            Yes, the Age of Enlightenment rolled back the superstitious nonsense of Christianity.
            However that’s not quite the same thing as saying that Christianity grew up. At its core Christianity is still back in the Medieval era but today it doesn’t have the influence to impose itself upon us anymore.

    • Duchess of Pork

      That is exactly why we can and should point fingers. Lest we forget our history.

  • Just me

    Hitchens described Islam, not as a religion, but as an all encompassing regime, (I’m paraphrasing a bit) but he’s right – it’s not a religion as the West understands it. It’s a social, spiritual and political cancer. It never fails to amaze me that these oft held beliefs by Muslims are public, yet the West is still in denial. Who’s stupider?… the West for failing to see the issue, or the despot Muslims for destroying their own homelands and wanting to overwhelm the rest of the world with their failed, tyrannical, violent beliefs?