Media Party blows on Scarlette’s embers against everyone’s wishes

The whole Scarlette drama was done and dusted until Radio New Zealand decided to write another piece with the words penis and vagina in it.

Police today said they had twice approached the woman after she raised concerns about the behaviour of players at the end-of-year rugby function.

At the time the woman was offered further information and support by police. However, based on those discussions, which included consideration of her wishes and the information available to them, police were not able to take the matter further.

“Given what has been reported in the media today we will again see if there is any further information she wishes to provide for police to assess,” said the spokeswoman.

The allegations made by Scarlette have rocked the nation and New Zealand Rugby chief executive Steve Tew last night admitted the scandal had not been appropriately dealt with.

His comment followed the release of a letter signed by a group of prominent New Zealand women that urged the game’s administrators to tidy up their act.

The open letter to New Zealand Rugby was signed by 25 women, including Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue and Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.

Tew last night acknowledged “recent events show we have not got it right”.

NZR investigated claims that members of the Chiefs rugby team inappropriately touched, licked and threw alcohol and gravel at at Scarlette during “Mad Monday” celebrations after their season ended.

The players have been given a formal warning, which will sit as a “black mark” on their records.

The inquiry concluded that although the performance was legal and consensual, it was wrong for professional rugby teams to engage in such events and said players had to take collective responsibility.

Scarlette wants it to go away.  The police are now forced to “look at it again” unless they get accused of covering things up.  And the NZ Rugby Union are left with egg on their faces because it seems the Chiefs players have not told the internal investigation the truth and the whole truth.

The problem is that this is all he said/she said.  Scarlette does not have her own witness.  Her allegations are currently being taken on face value, but can very well be exaggerated.  And the Chiefs players have clearly been told to say nothing to anyone.

This is still not going to get anywhere, unless one of the Chiefs steps out of line.

The odds of that happening are lower than what the TAB is paying for an All Black win tonight.


– Newstalk ZB

  • Brian_Smaller

    I can understand the rugby union and the Chiefs franchise wanting it to all go away but if Scarlette wanted it to go away why did she do another interview or is the RNZ story? I reckon she will be lining up a deal with Woman’s Weekly or some such.

    • STAG

      She didn’t, RNZ just played bits from the only interview which included her saying pens and vagina. Nothing new, nothing proven and I still think she’s making it up.

    • ChrisM

      Did she do another interview? I thought it was previously unreleased information from the first interview.

      • Sally

        Why did RNZ not release all the interview at the start? Something fishy with their timing. RNZ are becoming more political and more involved in advocacy by the day.

  • ChrisM

    Excuse me? Rocked the nation?!

    • Blueburd

      And I love how they use Susan Devoy’s name like it carries some weight

      • Sailor Sam

        Nothing to do with race, unless the stripper is a pale brown pakeha and is complaining about the darker brown players of the Chiefs.

      • Jon Low

        Jackie Blue? Now there’s a XXX-rated name if ever there was one.

    • Sailor Sam

      I was really upset but only because the alleged “crime” took place at my favourite pub.

    • jimknowsall

      Mild tittering I’d suggest…

    • Nermal

      And Civil Defence thought it was an earthquake near East Cape!

  • kayaker

    Rugby NZ and Chiefs management are largely to blame for this debacle. Through their lack of standard operating procedures and poor handling of the the whole affair, they allowed a vacuum to occur. What happens with a vacuum? Rubbish rushes in and keeps swirling around until it’s emptied.

    They had an opportunity to close this down professionally and concisely at the get-go. Instead, they ran a non-independent (drunk in charge of the brewery) enquiry. Got defensive. Steve Tew then went on to dig an even deeper hole for days after, aided and abetted by Rob Nicol. They acted like they’re beyond reproach. For them not to even think that the media and social media wouldn’t let this go defies belief. Plain dumb, arrogant.

    To his credit, Steve Tew has backed down this morning and is now moving to address the culture. Too little too late, but it’s something. After this, Tew should vacate in favour of a more enlightened leader with a bit more emotional intelligence.

    • Jafarma

      Tew has had a bad month, first with the delay in dealing with the All Blacks bugging and secondly with Scarlettegate. Procrastination seems to be his middle name. I’m thinking now that it’s time for him to go.

      • Luke Lucas

        What did Tew do wrong with the bugging incident? I must have missed something…

        • Jafarma

          When the bug was found rather than reporting it immediately to the Police Tew decided to wait 5 days until he arrived at Brisbane from the Rio Olympics so he could personally deal with it, a decision he has since regretted.

          • kayaker

            Traits of a control freak.

  • jimknowsall

    “The open letter to New Zealand Rugby was signed by 25 women, including Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue and Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy”.

    This is just a bunch of feminists expressing outrage that men like and objectify women’s bodies and would prefer that stripping and prostitution were banned. Sorry ladies, but that will never change in a million years:

    “…it was wrong for professional rugby teams to engage in such events”
    Is it? Why? Such activities are possibly lacking in taste, but since it’s a legal activity, how do you get to be the moral police and control the actions of others?

    The only professional interest that the Employment Opportunities Commissioner should have is why are there so few employment opportunities for male strippers and why are they paid less than their female counterparts. Devoy’s role has absolutely nothing to do with this.

    • geoff

      Agreed-except that the Chiefs seem to have forgotten that they rely to some extent on sponsorship, and ‘Mad Mondays” is unacceptable in the professional world.

      • Hobbes

        As well, the Chiefs (and other professional sportsmen) are looked on as role models. Not to you or I or any other grown-ups, but they are to young and impressionable kids. It’s not ideal that this sort of behaviour is seen as acceptable.

        • Luke Lucas

          Wah Wah Wah. I don’t think young and impressionable kids will have much interest in this story. It only people like you who like to expouse their high and mighty opinions on others and are faux offended that give a rats about what went on in this instance

        • Hard1

          The only role model I see there is something like Conan the Barbarian. They are not flower girls, they are brutes with brute strength and better timing than most. Role models for who?

        • Miss McGerkinshaw

          ‘Role Models’ – what happened to the parents being that?

          These men do a job they enjoy, playing a sport that is lauded for it’s brutality, mixed with finess I admit, but at the end of the day they are human beings and just because they earn the big bucks why should they be held responsible if children look up to them. What about some of our ‘pillars of industry’ being held to the same account?
          Yes children have their heros – I certainly had mine and I’m sure mum wouldn’t have approved of some of them but my upbringing also allowed me to make choices that had nothing to do with their ‘bad side’.

      • Luke Lucas

        Well I’m willing to bet a large sum of money that the Chiefs will have all necessary sponsorship in place next season.

      • jimknowsall

        This is true, but the core market for those who watch rugby and to whom the sponsors pitch themselves are not likely to be bothered by such behaviour. It is SJWs who take offence on behalf of others that try to make such things “unacceptable”.

  • JEL51

    I woke up in time to hear an hours worth of the overnight talk-back and even though the day-time crew skilfully manage to avoid it, Scarlette’s 15 minutes of fame was being played for all it was worth.
    Give it a while then as soon as it dies down, I bet we see the same sweet thing on the covers of the People’s Mag/Women’s Day.

    • Aucky

      You can bet your life that the women’s glossies will avoid any coverage of the hiring of male strippers for end of season activities by social netball teams.

  • Dumrse

    In The First Instance……. The actions of the Chiefs was cause for the employer to conduct an employment inquiry and they duly issued a warning to their employees. I’m guessing their inquiry found there was no police complaint that needed answering and that the complainant wanted it all to go away. It could have been the end of it until Blue and Devoy and 23 other feminists decide otherwise demanding an independent inquiry. NZRU took the advice of the 25 and engaged with them yesterday and this morning we hear that the head shed of the 25 agree that there is no point in conducting another inquiry. The fact the RU will now continue to engage with the 25 is admirable. As an aside, it was interesting listening to one of the independent whitnessess during overnight talkback who was in the pub and interviewed for the inquiry. His comments were enlightening.

  • oldmanNZ

    So theses woman ask the rugby to tidy up its act……
    The stripper offer a service and the players paided for it. So are they saying people should not use strippers.

    The stripper offer a service out of normal service. How about the stripper should tidy up her act… She was fired for a reason.

  • Huia

    Love the headline above.
    If anyone is going to be “blowing on Scarlette’s embers” then they better pay her the privilege for it, or she will tell Lame Suzy and all hell will break lose.

  • iera

    A certain amount of trouble in this issue may have been avoided if the Chiefs weren’t so skinflint miserly and cheap as to hire only one stripper.

  • LesleyNZ

    One News headline on FB last night “Clearly we’ve got an issue – NZ Rugby boss admits sport has women problem following stripper revelations” The sport does not have a “women” problem but it does have an excess of drinking alcohol and stripper problem leading to bad behaviour. NZ Rugby boss should not tar the majority of us Kiwi women with the same brush as the Scarlette the Stripper. Not all women in NZ participate in the same occupation as Scarlette the Stripper – in fact it is very few so to include all of us “women” with the stripping industry/rugby problem was wrong. The sport does not have a problem with the majority of women in NZ and the majority of women in NZ do not have a problem with the sport. It is obvious that this incident was a result of both sides behaving badly and are both to blame for what happened. Does this incident really warrant the attention of Jackie Blue and Louise Nicolas?

    • Vutekno

      Don’t forget Susan Deviod also had a lot to say on Morning Report with useful statements akin to “man up” “do the right thing” etc.

    • Big_Al

      I agree completely Lesley, and it has nothing to do whatsoever with Nicolas, Blue or Devoy or anyone else for that matter. It is between the Chiefs and the Stripper and i thought that it had all been sorted out, but the Media and the Butthurt Loveys just won’t let it go.

  • GMAK

    There are three parts to this issue.

    One of contract law – was service rendered within the agreed terms and we know those terms got quite flexible and new contracts were agreed too throughout the performance.

    The 2nd is employment law which is what the NZru dealt with – the players employer did there own investigation as they should and came out with the findings that the allegations did not stack up based on interviews with players and multiple unrelated eyewitnesses. The NZRU have given a punishment they believe appropriate based on the facts. It is bollocks that this investigation needed to be indipendant as the NZRU has its own lawyers and HR people that are more then capable.

    Thirdly the aspect of criminality- did anything illegal happen. Given there appears to be impartial evidence that refutes Scarlett’s story it is understandable why she does not want the police to investigate.

    So all we are talking about is hurty feelings, unsubstantiated allegations and the outrage of liberal women…….my head hurts

  • Blueburd

    When all this came to light again my first reaction was it was being pushed by the aussie owned kiwi media. Their reason for pushing it is they can’t beat NZ rugby any other way