Milo faces three CNBC anchors at once and they still can’t land a hit


  • Not Clinically Insane

    Might be the best handling of a talk show appearance Ive seen in a while. Articulates positions succinctly and leaves the anchors grasping at straws.

    Now if Milo was on The Nation we’d have Lisa Owen yelling and screaming over the top of him the whole time

    • Nermal

      And Suan Devoy would have walked out.

    • Alfred12

      From what I’ve seen of Milo he would wipe the floor with Lisa Owen. The guys razor sharp & does not suffer fools in any way shape or form. I love the way he makes his points, zero waffle! Must be so hard being a lefty trying to slow him down or use distraction.

  • cows4me

    Well he sent that nest of vipers packing, it’s a wonder they didn’t end with waving crucifixes and sprinkling the place with holy water but then that wouldn’t be politically correct would it.

  • taurangaruru

    Love the 3 presenters with faces like dropped pies the longer Milo went on

  • geoff2112

    Love it. Priceless!

  • Second time around

    He’s remarkably shallow, but it’s fun to listen to someone with a foreign accent spouting off. It’s a pity we won’t have our Dotcom with his foreign accent to amuse us come next election.

    • Graham Pilgrim

      I think to describe Milo as “remarkably shallow” is a little uncharitable. I think he is a remarkably brave young guy.

  • JLS

    Hit job ambush fail, and they even almost enjoyed it. Bravo Milo.

  • Alfred12

    Indeed he does SB. The presenters looked totally out of their depth and to quote Taurangaruru “faces like dropped pies”.