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Prices have again risen at Fonterra’s GlobalDairyTrade auction, but at a more subdued level than in previous events.

The GDT price index was up 1.7 per cent on Wednesday morning (NZT) with the average price up to $US2975 ($NZ4070) per tonne. It is the fourth successive rise with previous increases at the fortnightly auction ranging between 6.6 and 12.7 per cent.

However, the price for key whole milk powder, Fonterra’s main product, was down 0.2 per cent to $US2782.

So dairy is up in general, and whole milk powder is holding at current prices.

Not that the Media Party want you to know this.  They describe an 0.2% change as


Always with the doom and gloom…

Mind you, it does explain that they get sticky knickers every time Labour and the Greens manage to gain a percent in the polls.

Economic conditions remain stable for a relatively uneventful general election.


– NZN via Yahoo! News

  • Keeping Stock

    The rises in the GDT prices are so well established now that Fonterra today increased the farm-gate price per kilogram of milk solids to $5.25/kg; a rise of $0.50/kg, or nearly 10%. That’s means more money to our dairy farmers, and less debt.

    It’s more good news, and if our economy is growing faster than almost every other economy in the OECD when dairy prices had bottomed out, imagine the surge in economic growth when dairy rebounds from a cyclical low, as it will inevitably do.

    What will the Media Party’s headline writers do then?

    • sheppy

      The media party headline writers will continue as they always do printing leftest press releases and pretending that NZ is going to hell in a hand cart.
      The reality never has and never will have any bearing on the misery being spewed from leftest NZ media land

    • CheesyEarWax

      Our growth when dairy prices were at bottom also means our economy is more diversified than what Grant Robertson wants us to believe.

  • cows4me

    It’s certainly a big help and most welcomed. I can understand the Melons dislike for the rising payout, they would like to see every cow banished from the land, but the rest of the tossers want nothing but bad news. Every good news story is another nail in the coffin for the left and their lackeys. The way things are at present the left mos well have a big wake and declare surrender, another three years in the wilderness, oh dear how sad.

  • Brian Dingwall

    In an opinion piece here,, the writer claims that the cow population in China has dropped 12%…this is huge…but the cost of milk production in China is still well above the international price. In fact the author suggests that some farmers are getting better value by feeding their own milk to their pigs. The rate of increase of consumer demand for dairy products has halved from 11% pa a few years back, he says.
    This herd reduction, if true, must be increasing Chinese demand for imports. But it can be reversed in a season or two if/when it becomes profitable to retain more heifer calves.