More government subsidised medical care. The silence from Labour is deafening

Three out of four people received a subsidised medicine in the year to June as the number of prescriptions reached 44 million.

The figures come from new data released by Health Minister Jonathan Coleman.

“New Zealanders received 44 million subsidised prescription items in 2015/16, that’s a million more subsidised prescriptions than the previous year and over 10 million more compared to eight years ago,” he said.

“Over the last eight years, nearly 170 new medicines have been subsidised and access has been widened to 245 medicines – as a result over 800,000 New Zealanders have benefited.”

Not only  are we an aging population requiring more care, we also have a government that keeps paying for it.

Another box ticked.

Three more years.


– NZN via Yahoo! News

  • Aucky

    I have no doubt at all the Jonathan C will use this info at the first opportunity at QT when replying to one of Auntie Annette’s loaded questions.

  • contractor

    Yet another box ticked all right, so why on earth would anyone making a dispassionate choice on the realities of govt limitations to fix all difficulties known to life and society contemplate voting Labour, Green, or NZ First?
    By election time 2017 good progress gathering pace on housing will be more evident, and tax revenue growth from a good economy could permit top ups in essential govt services.
    We don’t know how lucky we are, Trev.

  • Gravedodger

    I don’t think antiaging products, that opposition struggler and health spokesthingy, Annette King needs to stay with the discussion, are included in the ever expanding list.

  • Second time around

    When Labour was in office people who had to go to specialists because the DHBs could not provide also had to front up to pay the lab fees for any tests the specialists ordered. I have no fond memories of Labour’s management of health.

  • R&BAvenger

    My mother recently received 5 weeks of medical care in the public health system. I think all the medicines on her prescription came to under $20. She also managed to get a diet supplement via her GP at no cost – 8 cans worth ( that was probably a supplier/manufacturer promotional freebie, but still a pretty good deal either way..

  • Nessie

    As part of the 1:4 cohort who DIDN’T need any subsidised medicines last year, I sure hope they’ll still be around when the day comes I need them.

  • chaos

    I am, I am guessing the natural Labour target. I’m on a benefit. The medical costs I have are large to me, but they aren’t as large as they were under labour. I just don’t understand when Annette gets up in parliament and claims people cannot afford their medicines are not picking them up. Most of my medicines are subsidized but some aren’t. I always make sure that I’ve budgeted for that.