More provocative artworks by Luis Quiles

Luis Quiles is a talented Spanish Artist on Deviantart. His images provoke a response from the viewer and he has been censored by the admins on the website who have removed many of his images.

Today’s artworks are called  Censure killed the meaning of art and Against censure in Art.





  • sandalwood789

    Good on him!

    People like Ms Devoy should take note. She too is into censorship. She wants everyone to think the “PC” way about Islam and Muslims. If you don’t – even if you can prove that your argument is fact-based and 100% correct – then she’ll give you a jolly good official officious finger-wagging and she may even storm out on you.

    • shykiwibloke

      I like it – we should refer to Ms D as ‘the chief sensor’.

  • Duchess of Pork

    Well you’re correct in saying Quiles’ images provoke a response. Of the six images you have shown to date I have seen a clear meaning in 3, hazarded a guess with 2 and been left totally perplexed with one which leaves me feeling frustrated,.a bit cross and quite uncomfortable as I don’t usually have problems interpreting art, even if its my own, unique interpretation. But I do like the double whammy of the guillotine and stock censure.