More Unionists involved in Jessica Williams’s Astroturf Campaign [FIXED]

The dying union movement is trying to convince My Food Bag that there is a public dislike of Talleys, running an Internet campaign against MFB. We busted them earlier this month.

My Food Bag has been attacked on social media before and I wrote about it at the time. Now an ex-political journalist who works for New Zealand’s largest union and describes herself as a “Union spin doctor,” has instigated another nasty attack.

This is a true astroturf campaign masquerading as a grass roots campaign. It is so lame that Jessica Williams has to get her co workers at the PSA to attack My Food Bag.


So it looks like a nice polite random public woman has a question. Except a quick check of Laura Williams demonstrates she works at the PSA.


While we don’t know if Laura Williams is a customer of My Food Bag she is a unionist so My Food Bag would do well to check if she is actually on their customer list or lying about it.



  • Korau

    Graphics are missing and whaleoil contact form not working.

    • Isherman

      [MOD] Thanks, noted and referred back to the chief engineer.

  • Karma

    Here’s another snippet from My Food Bag’s Facebook page. I’m assuming that this particular person is the law lecturer at AUT, and seems to have Labour Party affiliations when one does a Google search.

  • Sally

    And another who is President of the NZ Nurses Union

    • Dumrse

      It’s reprehensible. Thank heavens I don’t pay Union fees (and never have by the way in 50yrs of employment)

  • Phenandra

    Then there are those of us who will stop using MFB if they give in to inappropriate union bullying….

  • Charlie

    These union leaders must go to a special school to be taught how to be retarded.
    If their boycotts work and less people buy MFB and Talleys those firms will have to decrease their workforces thus causing their own union members to lose their jobs.
    Actually it would be a good way to get rid of some dead wood and blame the union.

    • PhantomsDoc

      She did go to a special school…she ‘studied’ at the University of Auckland. She probably didn’t pass anything but I’m sure she studied.

  • Morrigan

    It seems you troglodytes can’t comprehend what unions are about. People like Laura work tirelessly to improve the conditions in which PEOPLE, living breathing humans, must spend their working hours. It’s not “for fun”. They put up with endless thankless BS so that these working people don’t get taken advantage of. It’s not fair to post someone’s details like this and then have you anonymous reptiles lampoon her just for doing her job, a caring one at that. Ever heard of a concept called compassion? Ever opened a book or set foot inside a university, Phantom? Probably not. Ignorant cold-blooded capitalist trolls. BYE