New Zealand’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician – Penny Webster


Penny Webster is allegedly a right winger, but Len Brown got her to chair the money committee on council and she let Len spend like a drunken sailor. Then she tried to run the bullshit line that all Rodney’s rates had been spent in Rodney.

This is just nuts. There is no way that all Rodneys rates are spent in Rodney. Some of them have to be spent on council staffing, which is not spent on Rodney. Some of them are spent on major projects that have no benefit to the people of Rodney, like the CRL. There are lots of other projects that take money from everywhere in Auckland and spend it.

So when she ran into a real right winger in Greg Sayers who hammers Penny with the facts, as he did at the Omaha debate, Penny looked like an ignorant flake who couldn’t defend her undefendable positions.

Penny Webster gets another nomination for New Zealand’s Dodgiest Local Government Politician, and we have yet to mention the non audit of the forestry finances Penny seems reluctant to have done.

  • biscuit barrel

    And who paid for the upgrade to their dodgy water treatment plants ?
    “. Helensville Matakana and Wellsford were rated 3 because of their continued non-compliance while they are awaiting upgrades/new consents, while Warkworth
    achieved a 2B ”
    2A was the minimum standard
    When the Auckland Council took over , all was not great in Rodney

    • biscuit barrel

      By comparison the NSCC had $421 mill of debt but had 3 x Rodneys population

      • StreuthCobber

        I believe it’s Waitakere who won that award. It’s citizens paid the most rates. Yet it had the least assets. And bought the highest debt to council. I believe much of that thinking is now being rolled out through council. It’s really time for a change.

        • biscuit barrel

          I thought so to when I was out that way 15 years back. Trouble was they didnt have water meters and were bulk funded for water and sewage with flat charges on rates bill. Auckland City has 3 monthly water bills for all that based on usage.
          When you take that out the Westies were paying much the same as others.
          Its hard to compare then and now as Rodney has had its water/sewage taken on by Watercare and the roads are with Auckland Transport so dont appear in Auckland Council spending. And the bloated debt compared to North Shore has to be paid off too

  • Steve

    When I called the council on why my rates in Rodney had increased so much and could they explain what we were getting for the significant increase, Webster through her minions told me I had a new library in Wellsford. (Not that I’d go but its 70ks away).
    I found the responses to my questions extremely arrogant
    Can WO make a list of all the councilors that voted to increase rates by 9% plus and also the people on the mayoral ticket that refuse to sign a document stating that they will not raise rates by 2%?
    That would be a good start of who not to vote for
    Goff and Webster have already refused

    • Kiwi Sapper

      Here is a list showing how Councillors voted in respect of Len’s rate increase.

      AKL Local – Albert-Eden Albert Eden Roskill Christine Fletcher against
      AKL Local – Puketapapa Cathy Casey # against
      AKL Local – Devonport-Takapuna North Shore Chris Darby for
      AKL Local – Kaipatiki George Wood against
      AKL Local Franklin Franklin Bill Cashmore for
      AKL Local – Henderson -Massey Waitakere Linda Cooper for
      AKL Local – Waitakere Ranges Penny Hulse absent
      AKL Local – Hibiscus and Bays Albany John Watson # against
      AKL Local – Upper Harbour Wayne Walker # for
      AKL Local – Howick Howick Dick Quax against Sharon Stewart against
      AKL Local – Mangere-Otahuhu Manukau Arthur Anae for
      ADD Otara Papatoetoe Alf Filipaina for
      AKL Local – Manurewa Manurewa Papakura Callum Penrose for
      AKL Local – Papakura John Walker absent
      AKL Local – Maungakiekie-Tamaki Maungakiekie Tamaki Denise Krum against
      AKL Local – Orakei Orakei Cameron Brewer against
      AKL Local – Rodney Rodney Penny Webster for
      AKL Local – Waitemata Waitemata Mike Lee # for
      AKL Local – Whau Whau Ross Clow # against

      # Initially said they abstaining but were subsequently shamed into voting.

      Note also those who “managed” to be absent………..

      As regards the Candidates standing for Council who have signed the Auckland Ratepayers Alliance pledge, as only 25 have so far, it is easier to name those who have as opposed to those who have not.

      Mayoral Candidates
      · Mark Thomas
      · John Palino
      · Stan Martin
      · Binh Thanh Nguyen

      Councill Candidates
      Albany Ward · John Watson · Wayne Walker
      Albert-Eden-Roskill · Christine Fletcher · Benjamin Lee · Greg McKeown · Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor
      Howick · Dick Quax · Sharon Stewart · Ian Colin Ireland
      North Shore · Grant Gillon · John Hill
      Orakei · Desley Simpson
      Rodney · Greg Sayers · Steven Garner · Holly Southernwood
      Waitakere · John Riddell · David Rankin
      Waitematā and Gulf
      · Mike Lee · Bill Ralston · Rob Thomas
      · Anne Degia-Pala · Duncan MacDonald

      Visit the Auckland ratepayers Alliance Website for any updates.

      IInteresting to compare and see who supported the increase but have now signed the pledge Could they have seen the writing on the wall and are now desperate for another term at the trough?

      • Steve

        Great. Thanks for that. Very helpful to all that read and comment here

  • Jman

    Any Auckland politician with the name Penny is to be avoided – Penny Bright, Penny Hulse and Penny Webster. They’re all rubbish.

    • Kiwi Sapper

      Funny that. Anybody else remember the old saying for something common and of no value……”They’re two a penny”.