Nice to see Laila Harre is keeping busy


  • Cadwallader

    KDC’s morning snack?

    • Whafe

      What, KDC ate Laila?

  • Day Day

    Catering for the Internet Party.

  • oldmanNZ

    Kinda sad, more sadder if you actually need the book.

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    This post calls for a sarcastic comment – “Microwave Cooking for One” – that’s about the payed up membership of the Internet Party at the moment

    • Dave

      Yes, the microwave is the paid up member.

  • Hard1

    Begin by buying 6 Microwaves…

    • Sailor Sam

      Instead of paying my staff a “living wage”, I replaced them with cheap microwave ovens made in China.

  • john b

    Looks 1970’ish, she has aged well. Maybe re radiated food is good for you?

  • Perhaps she could help raise funds for Labour with a cake stall.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Does this mean she is no longer on the public purse?

  • Mick Ie

    Cooking for one? I can imagine her singing “I’m So Ronery” (Kim Jong-un Team America – warning language).

  • Keanne Lawrence

    OMG has Harre been Betty Crockered? Where has that drab little down at heal trougher gone. All establishment? Still I guess non meat eaters don’t know what a BBQ is for.

  • cows4me

    “Microwave cooking for one”, well that’s hardly in keeping with one’s communist principles is it Laila.

  • Superman

    Nice photo.