No, no, no. What sort of an idiot thinks we should hold an Olympics here?

Laura McQuillan writes about a complete fool who has had a rush of shit to the brains and suggested we should hold an Olympics here.

Nothing says “we’re a world-class city” like hosting the Olympic Games – but could New Zealand ever do the honours?

Actually, nothing says you’re are stupid like even suggesting such a prolific waste of money.

Pulling off the world’s largest sporting event – whether the Summer or Winter Games – is a lot of hard slog that brings mountains of debt, international criticism, and often not a lot of benefit.

But International Olympic Committee boss Thomas Bach reckons New Zealand has what it takes to play host.

Who is this fool?

People who even suggest this sort of foolishness should be taken behind the proverbial and now desolate and unused bikesheds and beaten black and blue.

If you want to created massive indebtedness and build billions in useless and only used once infrastructure then of course hosting the Olympics games is a good idea.

Otherwise, more sensible people should step slowly backwards out of any room a promoter of this silliness sits in.


– Fairfax

  • biscuit barrel

    This had me more worried..
    “At the very least, Bach’s bold assertion has given the Kiwi Olympic committee, now ensconced in their stately Parnell headquarters, plenty to think about.”
    Make that two sites , 77 Parnell Rd for the plebs, while its a former home Hulme Court with its manicured grounds at 350 Parnell Rd for the executives
    ‘Notable for its regency-style architecture and beautiful plaster-work, Hulme Court is the oldest occupied residence in Auckland still on its original site. It has housed many important New Zealanders in its 171 year history’
    Im not expecting a Penrose office block but some nondescript Parnell building would be fine.

    • phronesis

      The IOC, and FIFA for that matter, are about the only organisations that make the UN look like a bunch of Nuns.

  • Bob Dazzler

    f he was not taking the @iss! then he is a moron.

  • Backdoor

    Obviously the Olympic committee are having difficulty in finding countries who want to waste millions in holding the Olympics. They have now got the boss man hawking off future games to any idiot country who will do so.

    • jimknowsall

      You clearly don’t follow the bidding processes for the Olympics. There is certainly no lack of competition. It’s a ruthless, cutthroat business to win the prize. I was part of the team that bid for and won the Olympics for London in 2012. We were up against Paris, Madrid, New York, Moscow, with Rio, Leipzig, Havana and Istanbul eliminated earlier. So, that’s 9 cities in total, most with a clout and political influence that Auckland and NZ can only dream of.

      • Jman

        Actually Backdoor is bang on. No-one wants the Olympic Games and Bach is shopping around to find anyone who will put their hand up.

        • jimknowsall

          Thanks for the link. Your assertions are not really true though and that Guardian piece is little more than reporting the opinions of a few key anti-Olympics campaigners. Of course cities must go through a process of deciding whether they want to hold the Games. It is healthy that some of them decline. It is also normal that the President of the IOC promotes the Games. As it is, there are four strong candidate cities for the 2024 Games. Some people in those cities oppose them. ‘Twas always thus.

        • Backdoor

          When were the last Olympics? Did I miss them? If so, did I miss much?

      • Backdoor

        Ah, that was back then Jim. Things have changed. Security will be an increasing issue in the future. So if others want to hold them – well let them. We could even say that the Olympic Games are past their use by date.

        • Sagacious Blonde

          The gender diversity nonsense, has set the bell tolling on the Olympics. That, and the endless pushing of drug testing boundaries.
          I couldn’t be bothered watching; just couldn’t get myself excited at all.

          • Backdoor

            When were the last Olympics? Did I miss them? Did I miss much???

  • jimknowsall

    Actually, hosting the Olympics is great for a city. Don’t listen to all the naysayers who pop up before every Olympics and moan about debt. There’s far more to it than that.
    However, Auckland is scarcely big enough to host the Olympics and doesn’t have the infrastructure. It’s not the venues: you can build those easily enough. No, it’s the lack of decent public transport, hotel accommodation and all the behind-the-scenes stuff that is simply not there.

    • shykiwibloke

      Don’t agree. Even the commonwealth games left us with facilities to maintain that we could not otherwise have justified. Not only would the costs and risks of hosting be high, so would the ongoing cost of ownership.
      I say no way. We would be better putting the money into something like a cook straight bridge or something.

      • jimknowsall

        Well, as I said, Auckland should not try to host the Olympics. However, the costs and benefits of hosting the Games are complex and sometimes quite subtle. Much of it is difficult to measure. For example, if you really wanted a Cook Strait bridge, hosting the Games in Wellington would probably be one of the best ways to achieve that. The Olympics spurs things into getting done and can bring projects like that forward 50 years. Such a benefit is hard to measure. And is it even a benefit at all? It probably means that some other project in, say, Dunedin, might get put back as a result. What you can’t do though is simply look at the money you spent building and maintaining sports facilities and declare it wasted. For example, what about all the children inspired to do sport? The benefits of this will make a significant dent in healthcare spending 50 years later. All very hard to take into account, but real nonetheless.

        • DeplorableHungarianPhrasebook

          That is true. There are perhaps 5 places on this planet big and bad enough to get value out of the Games. London, NY, Tokyo and maybe couple others.

          Should just circulate between the world cities.

      • PsychoKea

        Now that would be something !

      • Legallysane

        A Cook Straight tunnel…

        • shykiwibloke

          I figured that would be paid for out of the student loan savings. we have spent almost ten billion on the interest on their loans as I understand it. That would pay for the tunnel and then some.

  • MarcWills

    I believe this is the same Head of the IOC who had “previous engagements” which prevented him attending the “previously scheduled” Paralympics games at all. He has no credibility with me on anything he may now say. He is a disgrace to the athletes who competed and in many cases overcame massive hardships to be there – but he had “previous engagements”. Pfffft. Should be sacked.

  • cows4me

    I’ve got a large settling pond they can use for the swimming, doubt the ducks will be impressed though. Where do they find these people?

    • Ruahine

      The pond water will have to be green like the pool in Rio.

      • cows4me

        Oh it’s green alright.

  • Boondecker

    It sure would be one hell of a way to wreck the rock star economy, wouldn’t it? It brings down governments spending the kind of money an Olympics event. The after taste never appears that good.

  • CheesyEarWax

    One word, Greece!

  • D.Dave

    If it was the “Troughing Olympics” we would win all the gold medals, no exceptions. Otherwise, I think there is a fair bit of infrastructure that may need a dollar or two, not just in Auckland, but places like the single lane bridge over the Hurunui River on SHWY 1, for a start.