No surprise that it wasn’t Billy-bob the red neck from Arkansas, it was Ahmed the still alive terrorist

Gee, what a surprise:

The New York Police Department says it is looking for a 28-year-old man for questioning in the New York City bombing.

The NYPD tweeted Monday morning (US time) that authorities were seeking Ahmad Khan Rahami.

He is a naturalised citizen from Afghanistan.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says he could be armed and dangerous.

An explosion in Manhattan on Saturday injured 29 people.  

Gov. Andrew Cuomo had said earlier that it didn’t appear to be linked to international terrorism.

A pressure cooker device was also found blocks away, but it didn’t explode.

Authorities were trying to determine if they were connected.

A pipe bomb also exploded Saturday in a New Jersey shore town ahead of a 5km run. No one was injured.

And on Sunday night, five explosive devices were found near an Elizabeth, New Jersey, train station.

He won’t be a terrorist, though. Isis doesn’t operate in the US, even though Ahmed will probably have some funny black curtains in his apartment with white squiggles on them. Likely he will be mentally ill and a lone wolf.

He most certainly won’t be a terrorist.

I’m now just waiting for Hillary Clinton to announce that there is no good reason for people to own pressure cookers and when she becomes president she will see them regulated and ultimately banned.

I do wonder though when our leaders are going to wake up to the problem and cancer that Islam is to our Western ideals.


– NZ Herald

  • Rebecca

    Your kidding – sounds like maybe a Muslim name – who would have thought

    • kayaker

      Afghanistan-born American.

      • Boondecker

        Radicalised after a recent trip back home, according to his neighbours and friends.

        • kayaker

          America gave his family asylum when he was 8 and this is the thanks America gets.

  • DeplorableHungarianPhrasebook
  • spanishbride

    Saw this photo on Gab of the back of a victim of the NYC explosion.

  • Bob Dazzler

    LIke the menace of Hitler in the 1930’s, those in power did not want to see.

  • shykiwibloke

    Wait for animal rights to start protesting at the use of wolves. They have rights too!
    The only permitted minority to pick on is white males.

  • BigNose

    I take it they have actually agreed it was a bomb now. I guess the Trumpster was right.

    • Observer

      Hillary Clinton also said that she had been briefed on the “bombing” in NYC. However, CNN then edited that out of their footage before Jack Tapper attacked Trump for saying it was a bomb. Unprecedented media bias in this election.

  • JustAnotherLurker

    Apparently Chelsea is a LGBTetc “area” so he was probably another closet member expressing his frustrations like the Orlando non-terrorist.
    First it was “intentional” but not “terrorism”. Now it is “terrorism” but not “international terrorism”.
    Since the FBI definition of “international terrorism” includes “Occur primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S”, what is the point of that statement?

  • Davo42

    More votes for “The Don”.

  • Duchess of Pork

    The family will be shocked. He was always such a good boy.

  • Observer

    Another lone wolf. Just like Dahir Adan, who stabbed 8 people in a shopping mall in Minnesota.

    • Before being capped by a gun toting expert in firearms and off duty cop. That bag wog chose the wrong place for a knife fight.

  • Logan

    Right now it’s the Gays in the firing line, next it’ll be uncovered women getting a face full of acid. and so on, until its white middle class atheists just like me. There is every reason to oppose Islam with everything you have, regardless of what group you fit into.

    • OneTrack

      It’s already people getting beaten up by immigrants because they made the mistake of going out for a walk with their wives, and their wives were wearing shorts. They survived but they won’t do that again.

      But it’s worth it for the kebabs, right?

  • Boondecker

    I wonder how many “lone” wolves constitute a pack, or in this case, an invading army?

  • sandalwood789

    “Ahmad” – must be another one of those “militant Amish”. They sure do get around.