Nothing short of child abuse

Ranty Kiwi comments:

Can someone remind me again why we bother letting refugees into the country? Especially as we can’t even deport them when they go feral.

He’s talking about these scumbags:

Two parents who abused their teenage daughter by forcing her to take freezing baths, hitting her and cutting her hair because they thought she was a witch have been jailed.

The Congolese refugees were both found guilty by a jury in Auckland yesterday of several charges relating to almost four years of abuse.

After being convicted, the duo told court workers they were innocent because they were performing witchcraft on the then 15-year-old girl because they believed she was possessed.

The girl’s mother, now 33, arrived from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in central Africa in 2007 and put down roots in a North Island town. She met her husband, now 40, a few years later and in 2012 they moved to Auckland with the woman’s teenager daughter and the three children the couple had together.

At the Auckland District Court yesterday, the jury heard how the abuse began in 2010 and continued until June 2014.

Over this time, the man would hit his step-daughter until she got into a very cold bath and forced her to stay in it for long periods while her mother stood by.  

“I’m satisfied that she came close to hypothermia at times,” Judge Rob Ronayne said. “She stopped counting at about 30 such baths.”

The man also forcibly cut the girl’s hair and told the woman to braid what was left to hide the bald patches.

“She described all of her hair being cut off, I accept that that did not literally happen. But in my view, it was a young girl’s perception of your cruel and degrading treatment, cutting chunks out of her hair,” Judge Ronayne said.

On one occasion, the stepfather grabbed the teenager in a bedroom and held his hand over her mouth and put his hand around her neck until her vision went blurry and she struggled to breathe.

He told her she was garbage and that she would never grow up – the bedroom would be her cemetery.

On another occasion, the couple tied the teen up with an electrical cord and when she loosened the bonds, they were re-tied which caused her pain in her legs and she struggled to walk afterwards.

“[In another incident] in her room where you [stepfather] grabbed her, you pushed her down, hurting her arm. You locked the door with a chair, you pinned her from behind. She mentioned you trying to take her pants off. She fought you and she hit you so hard she hurt her own arm.

“I’m quite satisfied there is an element of indecency in these assaults. They had a sexual theme to them,” Judge Ronayne said.

He also trusted the teenager’s testimony, saying her victim impact statement revealed someone who was “fortunately a resilient young woman” and that he found her to be a “careful and particular and honest witness in every respect”.

When the couple were interviewed by a probation officer after being found guilty of a number of charges relating to the abuse, they said they believed the teenager to be a witch and their behaviour was a common practice in the Congo.

Yeah, but you aren’t in the Congo now. But I fail to see why they shouldn’t be sent back for such appalling behaviour.

The only people possessed here are these morons.

What did they get as a punishment? Barely two years in jail. Pathetic.


– NZ Herald

  • George Carter

    I find it hard to understand why scum like this aren’t on the first plane out of here. Once again the human rights of the criminals far outweigh the rights of the victim.

    • Seriously?

      They may be NZ citizens now (I expect they are if they came here as refugees).

      If not, they usual get them to serve their sentence here and then deport them. That costs us, but at least we get to make sure they are “punished” (only two years!) in some way.

      • Wheninrome

        AND then what for their children who go back with them. Do we ignore that, do we have any responsibility for their ongoing safety and welfare. I do not know what is the best answer apart from not importing the problems in the first place.
        once they are here I feel we should do our best for the children what that might entail.

  • ross

    If they were white migrants they would be thrown out straight away.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Its easy, we are a weak and stupid people who kneel at the lefie alter of pc ness.

    • Malcolm

      I have always (sadly) believed we are taken as the mugs of the Pacific.

      Always putting our hands in our pockets to fund some unfortunate person, group, country etc, taking all these so called refugees that turnout to be in many cases less than civilised humans and in some cases hate us and our culture.

      Being dictated to by useless organisations like the UN and the World bank and we just carry on doing it, we appear to be complete suckers for a sob story.

      Look at Indonesia, a large and powerful country with a huge military costing billions to run, an aerospace industry making millions and what does our government do but give them millions of our taxes as humanitarian aide.

      I believe in looking after your own first and then helping others in their own country rather than bringing them to New Zealand, we are not going solve the worlds problems or make the slightest difference (in world numbers) by taking in refugees.

  • raumatirover

    If they claim that this is common practice in the Congo then why don’t we call their culture for what it is: medieval. Why can’t we say, without being called racist, that some cultural practices (and by association, cultures) are barbaric?

    • Seriously?

      We can say it, and we should say it. Loudly and clearly.

      If people want to prance in on their PC high horse, they can just get stuffed.

    • BigNose

      Can we say the same about maori culture which is pre-historic and based on violence? No, I guess not…

  • Cadwallader

    When you compare these scumbags with the Scandanavian woman who got booted out on Tuesday it seems NZ immigration rules are wrecked. The woman forced to leave NZ committed the terrible offence of not pursuing the career for which she is qualified to PhD level. These thuggish savages believe in witchcraft. This means they’re at least 600 years out of step with western culture…our culture, and now we have to pay the costs of them being banged-up. Ridiculous.

  • Eiselmann

    Won’t be shocked if we hear from them again as the other children get older..

    Sadly elements of this story were very familiar to me , my step mother thought I was processed by the evil spirit of my dead mother and tried to drive it out of me… , so we already have enough of our own nut jobs here, why do we import them as well

  • veridian

    People like them are a walking talking relic of a long forgotten and distant past and have no place living amongst civilized citizens of an advanced Western economy. They should be returned to where they belong.