NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician – John Leggett

Thanks for the info on all the ratbag council candidates around the country. We are still fact checking some, but if we can make stories stack up we will cover them. Keep new nominations coming through the Tipline

On Sunday we busted Marlborough Mayoral Candidate John Leggett for speaking BS psycho babble.

Now he has earned a nomination for NZ’s Dodgiest Local Government Politician because he seems not to understand conflicts of interest.

Together with 30 years of local legal experience and knowledge I have a wealth of experience on council.

I’m chair of the Community and Finance Committee and the District Licensing Committee.

I’m a member of the Assets and Services Committee, Regional Planning and Development Committee, Audit and Risk Committee and the Regional Transport Committee.

I’m also a director of MDC Holdings Ltd and a board member of the Marlborough Research Centre.

So the questions we want answered are:

1. Are you conflicted if you are a director of MRC and a council deciding on funding for the MRC?

2. If elected would Gerald Hope be conflicted out of votes for funding for the MRC?

3. Are you happy with your vote against an interest register?

4. Are you telling the Theatre Trust people backing your campaign what you actually think about the management of the theatre?

Maybe these questions could be answered at the meeting the candidates meeting tonight, especially the third one as the Tipline has been running hot with stories from council staff who are distressed that so much money can be wasted on such a project without anyone being held to account.

If anyone is at the meeting and asks the questions can you please send us through answers.

  • Ceebee

    As a member of the Audit and Risk committee (and the purpose of such a committee) what possible reason could there be for voting against an interest register ?

    • Dave

      Correct, but their actions speak more than their weasel words, it just needs someone to publish their actions!

  • Jazzmo

    The MP for Kaikoura may wish to distance himself from the issue as well given Leggett and Smith share the same Campaign Manager?

    • Bling Bling

      Smith like Cr Dawson will wait to see which way the gravy is flowing from first. Is not said campaign manager a theatre trust bunny as well?

    • Notsureaboutthat

      Gosh if it isn’t Peter Chapman trying to disguise himself again….

    • Notsureaboutthat

      I see Jazzmo you have locked down that avatar – caught out again Chapman. Your comments have been captured from before so don’t worry there is a nice trail to share. Standing for Council Chapman, yet you attack fellow candidates from behind a veil – integrity, none whatsoever.

    • Notsureaboutthat

      Oh and you have opened up the avatar again Chapman since my last post, nice. Look forward to seeing Jazzmo commenting soon!!

  • Bling Bling

    In Marlborough conflict of interest means nothing. Only when it comes in beating up any Councillor, like Laressa Shenfield , who questioned the theatre’s expenditure does it then get a run. Mark Peters is standing for council and has been seconded to the theatre trust. So will he stand aside on the theatre debate in council if elected?

    Could someone tell me What happened to John the Colonel Davis? Wasn’t he a pro theatre goer or didn’t it go all his way and it has gone sour? Of course ultimately eh electorate doesn’t give a toss and grey power who do will all vote pro theatre.

    It is a stunning irony that the next production at the theatre is Oliver, “Please Sir, may I have some more?”