NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician nomination – Linda Cooper


Linda Cooper wins the first nomination for being a turncoat, and she won’t be the last.

As you can see with this photo Linda Cooper is very, very close to the extremely left wing Auckland Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse. So close that Penny persuaded her to vote for the 9.9% rates rises, in a vote that Penny conveniently was absent for.

The Auckland Ratepayers Alliance is running a campaign against Cr. Cooper for her voting for the left wing spending policies, which is disappointing as Cr. Cooper was a list only candidate for National in 2011, though so far down the list she had no chance of getting into parliament and siding with the opposition.  

Centre right candidates are supposed to be fiscally conservative. They are supposed to oppose massive spending increases. They are supposed to oppose when they are serving on an elected body where the left is in control. They are not supposed to hug up to their opponents and vote for their policies.

This hugging up to the left undermines all the good work Cr Cooper did when she told someone wanting a mother-in-law what she really thought of him. It is such a shame Cr Cooper has been a disgrace in other areas.

Auckland councillor and National Party member Linda Cooper has apologised after she called a man a “judgmental little c**k” on the Pride parade Facebook page.

Ms Cooper had an exchange with Daniel O’Connor who said he thought National MPs Melissa Lee and Alfred Ngaro were against marriage equality.

Linda Cooper is also one of the councillors who voted to overturn a 5-year ban on set netting in Arkles Bay. She doesn’t live here, not a single submission in favour of lifting the ban was received by teh council and yet they ignored the thousands of locals who campaigned against the lifting of the dam.

The first dolphin that dies in a set net is going to be called Linda.

  • JeffDaRef

    Agree she has far too often sided with Lenny though in her defence she works bloody hard on the ground – a far cry from most of her colleagues.
    Rather than being a turncoat she votes for whats best the West – not necessarily correct but any pollie’s first job is always getting reelected.
    And remember she was elected at the expense of the very left Sandra Coney and beat Christine Rose (a very green greeny) so it could be much much worse…

  • Nechtan

    Just to remind you of the terrible ten (really its 11 as Penny Hulse was all for it despite being absent)