NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician Nomination – Pete Rainey

Regular readers will remember in 2013 we helped the good people of Nelson remove ratbag mayor Aldo Miccio, a man who got so many mentions on this blog it was embarrassing.

We questioned his management of conflicts of interest, shit flowing into the sea, and especially questioned his use of ratepayers money to further his own business interests.

SetWidth200-MainPhotoSome may remember this photo.

So that makes you wonder if Miccio’s chosen replacement, Pete Rainey, needs more daylight shined on him. Miccio was warned repeatedly about the troughing councillor, but appears to have done nothing about it. Since then Cr Rainey has confirmed his reputation for securing council contracts for his own businesses. It appears he gets very substantial sum so money from the council to run “events” in Nelson.

The people of Nelson already know that Rainey had to seek retrospective approval from the Auditor General for his various council contracts when he knows full well that elected members must get this approval before they actually receive council money. They know this because he squealed like a stuck pig when the Nelson Weekly broke the story.

The amounts are:

2011 $55,051
2012 $47,821
2013 $63,242
2014 $60,926
2015 $62,232
2016 $69,983

The good people of Nelson also know that while Rainey disputes the figures for earlier years, he does not dispute
that his businesses received more than $62,000 in 2015 and almost $70,000 this year.

What is worse is that we have credible information suggesting many of these contracts are not even put up for
public tender so that competing businesses have an opportunity to bid for event production work that appears to
be getting more and more lucrative with each passing year.

Even worse than that, Rainey appears to be the chair of the council committee overseeing all this spending. What is going on down there? And what is the council CEO and the Auditor-General doing about this???

  • Seriously?

    There is a worrying question within this report… since when did the hippies living in Nelson become “the good people of Nelson”?

    This sort of stuff is a serious concern in most small NZ councils. The talent pool is not deep, and those wanting to stand for local bodies seem to come from that part of the pool that has had a bit too much chlorine in it. In business dealings everyone knows each other, and those with fingers in many business pies must find it hard not to stand on their own occasionally.

    The more I hear stories like this about small town local government, the more I become a fan of amalgamations. At least that grows the size of the pool a bit (but I have to admit the Auckland Council and Len are not shining examples).

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Shining a little sunlight on this trougher might help his tan a bit but he seems to be some sort of cultural asset to some voters in Nelson who perhaps also benefit from his continuance at the trough.
    It remains a fantastic place to live and the holiday makers return with such regularity to the extent that my late uncle was known of as the Mayor of K block at the Tahuna camp.
    Sadly this modest sized city which aspires to such heights with the Cathedral dominating the CBD also ignores essential infrastructure. This was tangibly illustrated when negotiating a wet trickle which was raw sewage as the homeowner said was a periodic occurrence that crossed his patch of paradise. A booming relatively new development being denigrated because the sewage pumps had been due for replacement 15 years earlier. But hey we have a great Art Gallery and at least one rusting piece of artwork at the cities gateway.