NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician – Pete Rainey

Thanks to all the readers who are sending in all the great stories about dodgy ratbag local government candidates all over the country.

The first candidate to gain a second nomination is Pete Rainey, the aspiring mayor of Nelson, who was mentioned for his troughing while serving on the council.

The tip line has been running hot about Pete Rainey, which is interesting as there are a lot of stories for us to sort through. The latest one sent through is Cr Rainey being busted for abusing some lower socioeconomic people then trying to deny he did.

Rainey caught in ‘ciggie’ slur

A “throw-away comment” from mayoral candidate Pete Rainey while talking about adding another traffic lane to Tahunanui Drive has left the Tahunanui business community fuming.

Speaking at his public meeting in Stoke on Sunday, Rainey was alleged to have said the seven car parks outside the Discount Here, Tahuna Tattoo, Sabai Sabai and Harley Pharmacy were only used by people “buying cheap ciggies”.

He denied making the comment on Monday morning, telling Nelson Weekly the comment was made by someone in the crowd.

But chair of the Tahunanui Business Association and Nelson City Council candidate Mike Rutledge, who was at the meeting, says the comment reinforces negative stereotypes of Tahuna.

He was left fuming at the denial and had several attendees of the public meeting, including councillor Ian Barker, call the Weekly office to confirm the comment was made by Rainey.

Then being something of a political genius Cr Rainey decides to have a go on the local councillors Facebook page.


As usual it is not the sin that causes the problem, it is the cover up. The more self important and entitled the more they try to cover it up.


  • Keanne Lawrence

    Rainey for Mayor? He’s dreaming. Eagerly waiting for my voting papers to arrive since I am far now but Rainey would even be a big step down from the useless incumbent chain dangler. For those unfamiliar with the location this issue is around an intersection that is the biggest local traffic bottleneck. The car parks in question are directly inline with one of the double lane outlets from the latest makeover of this intersection.
    National highway so the “experts” have attempted 4 different solutions and still counting. Heading into the city gives you the most fantastic seaward views while during peak hours the opposite lane is full the entire length of Rocks Rd with the cars backed up.
    IMHO they need to take a page out of Geelong’s traffic system book with a one way ring road around the city. Waimea Rd for north (city) bound traffic and Rocks Rd for south bound traffic. Apart from anything else the nasties from exhaust fumes would be more quickly dissipated if the traffic was moving at 50km even than idling along at 2km. Win-win.

  • Kerry

    Lying bloody politicians, who the hell would bother to vote for one. My friend in Nelson has had dealings with this prick and hates him, seems he’s always been a lair.

  • Horatio 53

    Well unfortunately our alternative mayoral candidate is no better. Rachel Reese is prone to “brain explosions” where she promotes something then does a 180 backflip. See…on-burger-king-move. It is a sad state of affairs here where we have some of the highest rates in the country and soon to one of the highest debt levels on a debt per capita basis. A good example of what happens when you have an unholy mix of populism and green politics.