NZs Dodgiest Local Government Candidates – Bertie Ratu

Thanks to all those who have sent in information about dodgy candidates. We are still fact checking some of them, so they can still appear.

We have already mentioned the unions’ pledge that they are getting candidates to sign. Unfortunately for the union struggled to get any of its own members to run, with only well known Wanganui ratbag Philip Rewiti Bear and Bertie Ratu from the union running.
Bertie Ratu is someone to avoid voting for if you are the Te Puke- Maketu Ward of the Western Bay of Plenty council.

As you can see Bertie Ratu has a view of Local Government that is quite different from reality. Councils are not the forum for arguing about what wages should be paid. Councils are supposed to provide essential community services, not act as mini central governments and address all the perceived wrongs facing their community.

  • jimknowsall

    Agreed, but I’m not sure I’d be describing her as “dodgy”. That seems a little unfair. She will most likely introduce “living wages” for council workers, which you may or may not disagree with, but is a respectable position to take.

    • MaryLou

      Yes, it is quite possible that she genuinely misunderstands council function. I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

  • venator

    She would be more interested in any income derived by being on Council.

  • Backdoor

    Best thing for Affco would be for them to close their Te Puke plant. That would end the argument.

  • A Goldie

    ThHere is a Kurawari patrica Panere standing in Wairoa who’s bio has similar wording to the above. Wairoa is a AFFCO town to, thank god.