NZ’s Dodgiest Local Government Candidates

It looks like poor old Helen Kelly might have been spending a bit too much time looking into her bong and not enough time thinking about the role of Local Government.

She is promoting Union candidates for local government, without actually saying how local government can achieve any of these things. Her post at The Standard

That’s why we’re not just standing candidates in AFFCO wards. We’re also encouraging other candidates to sign the Jobs That Count pledge:

I’ll be there

As an elected member of local government, I take the Jobs that Count pledge to make our towns and cities better places to live and work.

I stand for people. I will put our families and kids first, so they can live a good, full life – with warm dry housing and food on the table.   

I stand for good jobs. I will promote people’s voices at work, fair pay, and the fundamental right to be a union member.

I stand for the things that matter. I will ensure the businesses that operate in our community are fair employers, keep our rivers clean, and sustain our natural environment.

I stand for community. We all benefit when we look out for each other.

Candidates who take this stand for local democracy will get the Jobs That Count endorsement.

Helen, if you are still able to, we would love to publish an opinion piece on what these pledges actually mean around a council table. What policies would your candidates advance? What

What policies would your candidates advance? What by-laws would you change? What would happen if a large employer in a small town decided to close a plant because it was inefficient? Would you councillors want to give them a big subsidy to keep the job open?

Until we get a response to these questions we are going to have to nominate any council candidate who signs up to this pledge for our dodgiest local government politician.

  • cows4me

    I also stand for fairy Godmothers, pixie dust, a living wage of a $100 an hour, a two day working week, cradle to grave free health care, a round the world cruise every second year, free education till your IQ gets above 180, warm and dry mansions for all and most importantly compulsory unionism.

  • Sally

    I suppose Phillip Reweti Bear will be first on the list. I can’t understand how she or anyone else can endorse that man. Threatening shooting and raping are not quality needed by any councils.

  • XCIA

    Reminds me of the “gold plated” mission statements that multi national company’s put on the wall of their reception areas. On seeing one appear at an acquaintances company, I asked him what it actually meant. He replied “look, everyone is doing it, so you can’t get left behind, besides in reality it means nothing”.

  • JEL51

    Helen, it is not necessary to equip councils with ever-expanding powers/roles. They actually need reducing back to their basic core responsibilities. It is not the council’s role to provide jobs, housing or food on table but ensure the ratepayers have the easiest possible way of achieving that for themselves without the council-induced-bureaucratic-crap which burdens all. Quite frankly, those of the Union-type mindset would be the least suitable to serve as Councillors as they just don’t have the personality to drive things forward. Quite the opposite really.

  • sheppy

    I wonder if any Auckland candidates will sign up to this and the “I won’t vote for massive rates increases” pledge at the same time.
    If nothing else it will show how meaningless pledges become once the place at the trough is ensured

  • kayaker

    …..”with warm dry housing and food on the table”… This sounds like the stuff of the Depression or wartime eras, not the 21st century. Do the left think they can still get away with this patronising rhetoric?

    edit: add missing word ‘eras’

    • sheppy

      They do, indeed in their warped minds maybe it is still the 1950’s and nobody can look on the Internet to see what’s actually going on as it’s not been invented yet