NZ’s Dodgiest Local Government Politician nomination – Roger Blakely


After playing a leading role in fucking up Auckland with a wonky jihad against cars and for making people live in shoe box apartments, Roger Blakely is now attempting to inflict himself on the people of Wellington.

If successful, Blakeley promises to push for cleaner waterways, lower emissions, more economic growth and better public transport – including a light rail network for Wellington.

What this means is more rates and more silly spending for the ratepayers of Wellington. Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David Farrar has been consistently pointing out what a terrible return on investment Light Rail will provide for Wellington.  

Even Celia Wade-Brown was willing to accept reality when it emerged that the benefit to cost ratio for light rail in Wellington was 0.05. That is a benefit of $5 for every $100 spent. Slightly better than burning $100 notes.

First of all never believe costings made up by politicians saying they think it can be done for half the price.

But even if they were right, the BCR would be 0.10 instead of 0.05. That is still an appalling waste of money.You can be very pro public transport but think light rail is bonkers due to the cost. Think of the opportunity cost if you spent $500 million on say dedicated bus lanes. You could have buses every five minutes on every route probably.

Thank you Pinko, top form, great analysis and lovely analogy with the burning of $100 notes, but don’t give the left ideas, they will want $100 notes to burn to warm up poor people’s houses.

Anyone running into Roger Blakely should be asking him how his long background in local government can ever find a way to justify a BCR of 0.05 for a project.

Note aspiring Cr Blakely gets additional points for having the worst shirt of any candidate so far.

  • biscuit barrel

    I think the high cost of trams for Wellington is because they ‘need’ a new tunnel through Mt Victoria.
    But why would you do the most expensive option when if they need higer capacity theirs articulated buses which can be used to see if passengers will really need the service.
    This is Las vegas

  • sheppy

    Maybe those, all over Auckland, who are struggling to find a park or stuck in traffic could do a bit of basic research and find out which local government candidates are in favour of keeping up the congestion causing, car hating policies, imposed by this moron and not vote for them?
    I realise that will be impossible just reading the non specific, weasel words on most of the billboards….

    • biscuit barrel

      You are right about the car haters. Thats why they want trams in Wellington because effectively it will ban cars in the streets it runs through.

  • D.Dave

    Just a stupid question, doesn’t Wellington already have an operating light rail system?? From what I see, it draws people from Paekakariki and further north, no problem what so ever.

    • biscuit barrel

      Thats ‘heavy rail’. Light rail just means trams