Of course he’s ahead, he has all the resources of the Media party helping him

There are no surprises in a recently released poll that shows Phil Goff well ahead of anyone else in the race for the Auckland mayoralty.

Phil Goff maintains a commanding lead in the running for Auckland mayor, according to the latest poll.

In the mayoral poll published by the Spinoff website, 38 per cent of respondents supported Goff, with Vic Crone holding second place at 11 per cent.

Six per cent favoured John Palino while 5 per cent picked the youngest candidate of them all, 22-year-old Chloe Swarbrick.

Mark Thomas and Penny Bright both scored 4 per cent.

The poll is as dodgy as Andrew Little’s and Colin Craig’s. It was produced by Horizon and the stupid fools at Fairfax and the paid for posts shill website The Spinoff are running around spinning it like it is real.

Sure Goff is in front but as it uses an online panel that is self-selecting then it can be manipulated and it appears to have been so.

You know it is dodgy because Penny Bright and Mark Thomas both scored 4% while some unknown 22 year old luvvie scores more. Toby Manhire really jumps the shark, but that is to be expected when a satirist is writing political commentary.

While her 5% result does not yet augur a Mayor Swarbrick, it adds weight to her argument that she should have been included in more mayoral debates as well the Spinoff/SSI poll, which did not proffer her name to respondents.

What utter rubbish.

With results like this they really have a shoe in for getting labour’s polling contract.


– Fairfax


  • Davo42

    Headlines will read “Housing crisis solved as thousands move out of Auckland City after local body election results”. Well done Labour!

  • Eddie

    Is it dodgy that rabid Bright got less votes than a young one? Maybe people have realised how bonkers Bright really is.

  • oldmanNZ

    I dont know anyone voting for goff.
    Been asking around.

    Think its appalling a paper trying to influence politics

  • XCIA

    Chatting to acquaintances who hold senior positions within council, they say that the super city is only working for large corporate’s. It is not working anywhere near what was promised for anyone else, so they say why not put it back the way it was, after all Montreal did it. In 2002, the Quebec Provincial government amalgamated the 28
    Municipalities on the island into a unified City of Montreal. (pop. 1.8 m.) Only two years later, in June 2004, fifteen of the twenty two previously independent Municipalities on the island voted to de-Merge from the megacity to become reconstituted municipalities.
    The ‘Super-City’ of Montreal lasted only two years.

  • Neil

    Goff is all noise and no substance. Remember the hash he made of ‘leading’ the Labour Party.

  • Rick H

    If Goff did absolutely nothing at all, from now till the Mayoral election; and I DO mean nothing – – -he’d probably still become Mayor.

    After all, that’s all he’s ever done, his entire life.

    • WaveAtTheBridge

      Yep and it’s all because he’s been on the telly. You could probably stick Adolf Hitler up as a candidate and he’d get elected. It’s all about face recognition. It doesn’t matter about the politics or common sense.

      National are creeps as well, for effectively supporting Pants-Down Part II. They want the Goffling to do all their dirty work for them. Then they can turn around and say “don’t blame us” it was him!

    • Dumrse

      Not quite…….he did learn to spit. It’s why I’m coming back as a pigeon, I’ll find him.

  • WaveAtTheBridge

    Surely the people of Auckland are not stupid enough to vote for a Len Brown clone especially as we could well end up with Pants-Down back on council as a bonus. We’re already in enough debt as it it is, thanks to old Lenny boy and his cronies. Just watch our rates, petrol cost and road tolls go through the roof to fund the socialist fantasy land. Voting for this old windbag is like a turkey voting for Christmas. We are all going to suffer the consequences for years to come – WAKE UP Auckland!

  • NZ_Stormer

    Heard Chloe Swarbrick on the radio today. What a revelation. Her knowledge and understanding of the issues and the mayors role is streets ahead of the other candidates. She may be young but she is certainly going to get my vote.

    • WaveAtTheBridge

      Maybe but that’s only going to help get Goff elected.