Oh noes, Red Andrea will now be hurled onto rocks for her apostasy

Andrea Vance is a darling of the left-wing. She is prone to conspiracy theories about mass surveillance and a great mate of Nicky Hager’s.

But she climbed into Angry Andrew Little.

The end of another dismal week for Labour, who’ve slumped to 26 per cent in our latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll.

Andrew Little’s taken himself off to Canada to lick his wounds.

But it’s not too late, Little. A year ago, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party confounded expectations to win the federal election… and the hearts of millions of women around the world.

Here’s what Little can learn from Canada’s JFK.

Trudeau didn’t go negative. He had poise even in the face of ridiculous attacks on his hair – and Stephen Harper’s attack ads.  

“You can appeal to the better angels of our nature and you can win while doing it,” Trudeau said.

His campaign focused on a “positive, optimistic, hopeful vision of public life”. He warmly embraced refugees, as opponents fear-mongered.

This “tone-at-the-top” was emulated by the party as a whole – from candidates through to volunteer door-knockers. Post-election polling showed Trudeau was the main attraction for 20 per cent of Liberal voters.

Little and Labour are relentlessly negative. Yes, it’s the Opposition’s job to keep the Government honest – but there comes a point in the election cycle when you have to offer up a fresh, and credible, alternative.

Labour are well past that point. And these problems are exacerbated by Little’s evident frustration. The more the party fails to get cut-through, the more defensive he gets.

The problem Angry Andy has is that his feral membership base wants him to be as nasty and vitriolic as they are. They all got sticky knickers when Angry Andy told the PM to cut the crap.

The voters hate it though and it is one major reason why Labour languishes in the polls ten points behind where they need to be to take office.

Andrew Little can’t change though, it is the habit of a lifetime to look like and sound like a miserable union prick.



  • Poppa

    In addition, Angry Little isn’t the son of a highly popular former PM.

    • Jayar

      Agree. A a “woman of a certain age”I’m sure Justin wouldn’t have had a show were it not for the fact he strongly resembles his charismatic and popular father! Don’t think that will apply to any of our Labour party.

    • Cambo

      Little also has a Face for Radio. Trudeau is a bit of eye candy (As a man can i be sexist against another man? ;) )

      • Second time around

        Unfortunately Little does not have a voice for radio. It’s mumble not message.

        • dumbshit

          How about,
          Face for radio
          Voice for newspaper
          And brain of a louse!
          A trifector indeed!

      • taurangaruru

        Only if you apologize for being a man

        • Cambo

          I better apologise for my white male privilege too

    • roblin

      But Angry Andy had a cute cat, that must make him popular !

    • David Moore

      Respected? Perhaps, but just remember who it was that respected him.

      Castro was one of those carrying his coffin.

  • Seriously?

    Labour tried “vote positive” and that didn’t work… ohhh, hold on, does she think they should actually mean it? No. I don’t think they are capable of that.

    • One day they will figure out that there is a difference between saying they will run a positive campaign, and actually, you know, being positive.

    • Dog Breath

      It turned out that vote positive was their version of dirty politics which the voting public saw through.

  • kayaker

    Even some of the MSM got all breathless and stickily excited and excitedly sticky over cut the crap. I recall Fran saying in a radio interview at the time that she thought A.little would give JK a run for his money. Seriously?

  • Brian_Smaller

    Canada also has a FPP system that meant that Trudeau won with about a third of the vote (39%). In modern NZ that would be called a travesty and no mandate to rule.

  • Big_Al

    Just a question. What was the purpose and benefit (if any) of Angry’s junket to Canada at the expense of the NZ taxpayer?

    • Isherman

      He’s attending the 2016 Progress Summit, a meeting of “progressives” from around the world to slap each others backs and dream of a global lefty utopia.

      • sandalwood789

        Ahh….. the “global lefty utopia” as exemplified by Venezuela.

        These people would buy cars with square wheels.

  • WBC

    Andy comes across as nasty and vitriolic because that is what he naturally comes across as. Just look and listen to him for one minute and you can see why he will never be PM. People have a deep and long memory for those like him who they have encountered in their past. There just isn’t any way they are going to give him power over them.

  • Vutekno

    “Andrew Little can’t change though, it is the habit of a lifetime to look like and sound like a miserable union prick.”

    I remember attending more than one Employers and Manufacturers Association conference where Andrew Little presented in his capacity as President of the EPMU. On each occasion IMO, he lambasted his audience and offered nothing in the way of constructive ideas of how Employers and Unions could work together. It was all the Employers fault of course!

    It disappointed me, but didn’t prevent me from working constructively with his members and achieving a highly efficient manufacturing unit that shared improvements with employees. Those people would not let their Union control them!