Oh, so that’s why the Police and security guards were at court

steve-taylorWhen Rachel MacGregor was giving evidence the other day the courtroom for some reason had a Police presence and a security guard in place.

Now we know why. It also explains why he turned up on the first two days and then disappeared.

Anna Leask from the NZ Herald reports:

Details have emerged in court about a restraining order granted to Colin Craig’s former press secretary against a counsellor she alleges posted confidential information about her in a blog post.

The Herald can reveal that Rachel MacGregor was granted a restraining order in the Waitakere District Court against Steve Taylor in May this year.

The order and the reasons for it were discussed in open court today, during day 12 of Craig’s High Court defamation trial.

Craig is accused of defaming Taxpayers’ Union director Jordan Williams – also a friend of MacGregor’s – in the Dirty Politics pamphlet he paid to publish and distribute to 1.6 million households across New Zealand.

Taylor is an associate of Craig and a former Conservative Party candidate.

He was the moderator for his allegedly defamatory pamphlet “Dirty Politics and Hidden Agendas”.

He is also a counsellor and the director of 24-7 Limited which, according to the company’s website, offers counselling and mediation to individuals, couples and families.

Sometime after MacGregor quit and following the speculation that followed about her shock departure a blog post appeared on the internet containing extremely personal information about her, including information she alleges she disclosed to Taylor.

The author of the post has never been firmly identified but MacGregor, when applying to the courts for the restraining order, alleged it was Taylor.

My understanding is that the court issued a takedown order for the site and only Steve Taylor was served with that. Some time later the site was taken down.

Williams’ lawyer Peter McKnight asked Craig about Taylor and the blog, which has been removed from the internet. Craig indicated that he knew about it and Taylor’s alleged connection to it.

Craig claimed MacGregor and Taylor were “close friends” but had a “falling out”, which he believed was about money.

Craig said he knew about the restraining order but did not know the details.

“I am aware it was quite an acrimonious falling out. I am aware there is some type of order,” he told the jury.

McKnight asked Craig if Taylor had posted the blog and if he had disclosed information MacGregor had divulged during a counselling session.

“I think that is what she says, I’m not sure if that is what he says. He is a counsellor,” Craig said.

“They were close friends.”

Craig said he had seen the blog post and it contained “quite a bit of factual information” but “it was a terrible thing to do”.

He said there was a lot of personal information about MacGregor that he could have made public himself but had always chosen not to, including in court.

“This sort of stuff could be hugely damaging and I didn’t think it was appropriate to talk about this sort of thing,” Craig explained.

McKnight asked Craig who had written the post and if he thought it was Taylor.

“I asked him whether he did it or not and he didn’t give me a particularly straight answer, which is why I say it was possibly him,” Craig responded.

Again my understanding is that Taylor used information obtained from his counselling sessions with MacGregor to write awful blog posts about her. His actions had a great many hallmarks of another attack site openly run by Steve Taylor against another Helensville man.

Under a standard restraining order Taylor would be ordered not to:

• watch or loiter near MacGregor’s home, place of employment or any other place she frequents

• follow, stop or accost MacGregor

• make contact with her by phone, correspondence or any other way

• or act in any way that would cause MacGregor to fear for her safety

• Taylor was also ordered to “take down the website rachelmacgregorblog.wordpress.com with immediate effect”

Anyone who breaches a restraining order could be charged and could face up to six months in prison and or a $5000 fine.

Taylor was in court to support Craig for the first two days of his defamation trial, but was not able to attend proceedings when MacGregor was giving evidence.

I think he got rumbled by John Stringer, but now this explains very clearly why he hasn’t been seen since. As I said above the takedown order was issued by the judge who found on the  balance of probabilities that the site was Taylors. The site was taken down shortly after he was served. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to join the dots does it?


– NZ Herald

  • STAG

    The more this sordid story unfolds the better JK and National look for coming out early and strong against this bunch of creeps.

  • cows4me

    Maybe the mysterious Mr X was responsible for the blog post.

  • john Doe

    A tangled web of intrigue mixed mixed in with a basket of dirty laundry with a wiff of rotten eggs. Off to stock up on more pop corn.

  • Boondecker

    First time I have heard about this mysterious Mr Steve Taylor. As with Mr X, he is not yet another incarnation of Colin Craig, is he?

  • Damon Mudgway

    Seems the Conservative party were anything but. Unless ‘conservative’ means bullying, dishonest and manipulative.

  • Big_Al

    My impression of this spineless Craig just gets worse as more court information comes out in the media. Rachael is now being blamed for the Conservative Party’s election loss. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/84485320/macgregors-resignation-undermined-conservative-party-election-result-says-former-chair
    It would also appear that the sleazy Craig tried to buy her off with a money bribe and when that did’nt work he engaged this Taylor character to threaten her and to destroy in an online website, set up to do just that. What a pack of mongrels this lot is.
    I hope the Justice system deals to all concerned effectively.

  • hookerphil

    “He said there was a lot of personal information about MacGregor that he could have made public himself but had always chosen not to, including in court.” Again endeavouring to hint at what a great guy he is and what terrible secrets Rachael is hiding. Scumbag, apparently.

  • Keeping Stock

    I just went an had a look at the 24-7 Limited website to see if it had any comment on client confidentiality. On the FAQ tab, I found this:

    Counselling is most often a voluntary process, and a client has the right to terminate the counselling process at any time.

    Confidentiality is assured in most circumstances, the exceptions being where there is a disclosed or anticipated risk of harm to self, harm to others, a legal forensic mandate to disclose case notes, or the identification of an external threat to the client.

    All of these exceptions would first be raised with a client prior to external disclosure.


    I wonder what criteria Mr Taylor used to allegedly disclose private information given to him by Ms McGregor in the context of counselling sessions. And did he raise any exception with his client before any information was allegedly disclosed to her former employer?

    I also wonder which, if any, professional organisations Mr Taylor belongs to, and if he holds any professional registration. If he does, I would suspect his problems are just beginning, because client confidentiality or an alleged breech thereof is a very serious matter.

  • Joe Burns

    The MSM have been making this crazy ‘event’ at the High Court No.1 on the news broadcasts. Who cares that much? I am soooo over this stupid hooha

  • Richard Yossarian

    Steve Taylor has a long history of weird behaviour and associations. That he’s so close to Craig says a lot about the Craig and the CCCP and given Taylor’s form on his Family Court ‘advocacy’ getting him to moderate your PR would be like getting Colin Craig to help you with your poetry.