Phil Goff wants 10c a litre fuel tax on top of rates rises

phil goff like len brown zipper up

If you vote for Phil Goff you will be voting for more stupid public transport spending and a new fuel tax to pay for roads we already have paid for.

The true socialist is now showing his hand.

Mayoral candidate Phil Goff warns if Auckland does not start paying a fuel tax, traffic gridlocked on the roads will “steadily get worse” for the next 10 years.

He’s proposing a 10 cents per litre fuel tax for the Auckland region. Mr Goff believes that would create around $120 million a year in extra revenue for the council.

How does “Get fucked Phil” sound? But how is he going to do it anyway? Only the government can set taxes. I’m not sure John Key will want to risk Auckland voters by imposing a new tax…plus he’s promised no new taxes for the next election already.

The Auckland mayoral candidate says alternative funding tools are required for a vital light rail system, which would connect the city to the airport.

The former Labour party member told RadioLIVE’s Duncan Garner Auckland is footing the bill for the migration influx.

“We know that when the population grows by 45,000 a year, the government does very well out of that, it gets the income tax, the GST, the company tax. Auckland gets the cost of providing the infrastructure.”

He says there are more cars on the road every day but no plans for how to service them.”We’re putting 800 more cars on the road each week, new cars. We can’t just ignore that…. On average each of us are spending 20 working days stuck in congestion.”

Cars need roads…not tracks. Phil is enamoured with tracks though…and proposing, even more congestion by running those tracks down the middle of one of the busiest roads in Auckland.

He says a light rail system from Wynard Quarter, down Dominion Rd to the airport would cost upward of $1 billion.

He wants to use the fuel tax to fund that project.

“That would probably give you about $120 million a year, and would enable you to borrow and invest on a very prudential basis, probably $200 to $250m a year.”

Show us the money Phil…show us the money. You’ve already copped that one once in 2011, now you are wanting to spend over a billion before he even has the money for it.

Mr Goff knows Transport Minister Simon Bridges isn’t keen on the idea, but has faith there is still some wriggle room.

“My understanding is they are rethinking [a fuel tax] because in the end, they’ve got to be part of the solution or they will be blamed for the problem.”

However Mr Bridges is adamant there is no place for such a charge to fund public transport.”

Congestion pricing/variable network pricing is being considered as part of the Auckland Transport Alignment Project, the final report of which is due out soon.

However this is being considered as a way of changing behaviour as opposed to revenue gathering.

The Government has no interest in introducing regional petrol taxes,” the Minister said in a statement.

Mr Goff says a public/private partnership could be the answer if the government blocks the idea however he says doing nothing is not an option.”

Just imagine what happens when instead of three and a half million tourists coming into the airport and wanting to go into town, when that becomes five million, it is a joke.”

No, it’s not a joke. What is a joke is a failed Labour politician and former hippy anti-war protestor with a 30 plus year of achieving nothing thinking he has the answers for Auckland.



  • Sally

    It will all come together if Labour and the Greens can get across the line. No wonder Labour are setting up the ‘outreach’ programme with McCarten and Little. Capture the Auckland vote and they are more than half way there.
    They just have to work out how to convince the more affluent parts of the city to vote for them. As long as they keep calling them names such as rich pricks and talk about crashing the housing market it won’t happen.

  • RightyTighty LeftyLoosey

    This needs to be communicated to his South Auckland supporters who love their large petrol 4WD’s. It may stop a few of them voting for him.

    • dumbshit

      A visit to “Winz”, and petrol money will be sorted!

    • jcpry

      Do you mean the ones in Whitford, Clevedon, Drury and Karaka who use them to cart around the horses?

  • taurangaruru

    & so it begins, the softening up of the population so they agree to either new taxes or congestion charges. All so Goff can continue his typical socialist life long policy of tax & spend. No mention of gutting the towers of wastage built by Brown, the very thought of cost savings will never cross Goff’s feeble mind. Good luck Auckland you are going to need it once this muppet gets the keys to the Mayors office

  • greendogg

    Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money. He would have some credibility with a proposition that took a hatchet to the entrenched bureaucracy and dysfunction, this should be commonsense rather than blue sky thinking/dreaming.

    • waldopepper

      yep, the true socialist. always spending other peoples money.

    • dumbshit

      Withdrawal of snouts from trough, is not even on the reverse side of the “idea” sheet!

  • Rebecca

    Typical politician proposing a tax on buggy whips after Ford starts selling motor cars. In 2016, a special tax on fuel will simply accelerate the imminent move to self-driven electric cars for whoever can afford it.

  • Wheninrome

    The government sets tax, Phil wants one, so if the government, read John Key, doesn’t set the new tax and Auckland grinds to a halt labour will say it is all John Keys fault, Phil Goff is writing a very left script here, he is trying to be forward thinking for next year’s election and give labour some fuel.

  • Nige.

    10c a litre is ridiculously high. That would bring in a massive amount of cash. It would strangle people already suffering under the constraint of the already imposed fees levies and rates in place by the red beurocracy.

    You can however see his strategy. He thinks he’s got it won and by putting wacko ideas out there in the media at this stage, means he will claim he has a mandate when he wins.

    The best you lot can do up there is share his plans on social media as far and wide as you can.

    • 1dafool

      And GST on the levy too which would make some pretty appealing gravy for the Govt, who can always just point the finger at Phil.

      • shykiwibloke

        Like all taxes – It might bring in money to start with- before people figure a way around it, or leave Auckland. If it is perceived as stiff enough to warrant evasion – Pokeno would sprout petrol stations, and we would see a growth in petrol containers in the boot – not desirable from a safety perspective.
        Can also see growth in under-the-counter sales in poorer suburbs.
        Tell him he’s dreamin.

        • biscuit barrel

          Petrol companies would use the boundary to their advantage. you would have to go to Hamilton to get the full 10c reduction, in Pokeno it might be 2c less.

    • oldmanNZ

      Im shopping around for fuel, i notice someplace sell petrol as low as $1.63 with a paknsave coupon, to $1.74.

      • Nige.

        Yep and in a year you can change those prices to $1.74 and $1.85

    • Red_NZ

      would a tax of 10c not be considered an attack on the poor?

  • oldmanNZ

    Why a light rail? What if you dont live near the rail…. Like north shore.

    Dod he realized, if you reduced parking rates in city, make it more attractive to drive cars to city, you would get more people on public transport?

  • XCIA

    Before these fools start sucking more money out of us, let’s try something that won’t cost any more than some yellow paint. Cease all on street parking on main arterial roads and get rid of all the nonsense they call “traffic calming measures”.

    • BigNose

      …and there goes the livelihood of all the strip shops along the main roads. AT have already declared war on the small shops by removing parking along Mt Eden Rd for the double deckers.

      • XCIA

        I was never aware that when the the controlling road authority of the day constructed a four lane road, that they set two of those lanes aside for parking.

        • BigNose

          As Mt Eden Road was built in the 1880s I doubt parking was considered at all. But as soon as the strip shopping was established I’d suspect that one lane (all Mt Eden strip shops are on the same side of the road) would have been allocated for parking. It appears AT now cares more for 3/4 empty buses than it does for people’s livelihoods, as they want to extend the bus lanes to 24×7.

          • biscuit barrel

            Horses needed parking too. A lot of these roads were widened for the trams

  • Red_NZ

    anyone who thinks light rail to the airport is a economically viably option, needs only to look to Edinburgh and the debacle that was linking the Airport to the city centre and the large portion (3.8km from the city centre to ocean terminal in Leith) of the rail line that had to be dropped, due to cost overruns. This included at one stage the possibility of the Tram terminating at Haymarket station, around 2.4km from the city centre.
    Living there while it was being constructed, but having left before it was finished well past it’s original completion date, Made you understand how frustrating the construction was for business, especially those who put up with the construction only to have their section of the line cancelled.

    I hope the voters of Auckland are smart enough not to elect Goff, but unfortunately I fear that we will not be so fortunate

    • biscuit barrel

      Airports can win that battle with public transport as they have room for monster sized car parking – and make money out of it.

      • Red_NZ

        in Edinburgh as a carless person, it made sense to bus to the airport, it was £6($12nzd) when i was there now £7.50 for a return ticket. It is my understanding the tram not only takes longer to get to the airport than the double decker sky bus, but it also costs £8.50
        anyway you put it, the bus is still the better public transport option

    • rustyjohn58

      Isn’t light rail to the airport welfare for the rich? after all only the well off can afford to fly. So the poor will be subsidizing the gas and parking fees I currently pay when I fly down to my luxury pad in Queenstown or the one on the Gold Coast :-).

      • Red_NZ

        the poor still have to use the light rail, to work out at the airport and in the warehouses surrounding it

      • BigNose

        And according to Black Lives Matter UK air travel is racist also. So Goff is a rich-prick-supporting racist. Thought so…

  • johcar

    Cut my rates by 50%, Goof, and I might start considering whether to think about thinking about it!!!!

  • shykiwibloke

    Bike lanes on one side of the road. Bus lanes either side, and trams in the middle. How will that help congestion?

    • Wheninrome

      What about the poor pedestrian .

      • Brian_Smaller

        That is a very good point. I would put the trams AND pedestrians in the same lane. People will get more exercise leaping for their lives at semi-regular intervals (I wouldn’t say regular intervals because I am not sure Auckland Council could make a transport system run on time).

    • Taser

      How about trams and bikes in the same lane.

    • Rebecca

      Lets slow the traffic to a crawl
      More cars – less traffic lanes – for bikes that are never there…gezzz
      Travel on Rockfield road a lot – bike lanes on both sides of the road – never seen it used once!!!
      Total insanity

  • Bob Dazzler

    This labour loser will; continue on from Len with tax, spend, tax, spend.

  • Taser

    What is it with this idiot Goff. He says he knows how Auckland has gone to the dogs under Lenny the Looters tenure yet he wants to do the same. Is it something Labour Party members learn at their first conference and that is to spend, spend, spend and when there is nothing left just keep spending. Why not consider finishing the big projects on the go now before even thinking about anything else.

  • metalnwood

    “The Auckland mayoral candidate says alternative funding tools are required for a vital light rail system, which would connect the city to the airport.”

    Even if cost effective, never been convinced why we need it?

    “He’s proposing a 10 cents per litre fuel tax for the Auckland region”

    I was getting used to it being under $2/L. Seems like a good hike in prices and not a lot of money in the end. In fact less than half of what he is proposing to borrow based on this income.

    ”We’re putting 800 more cars on the road each week, new cars. We can’t just ignore that…. On average each of us are spending 20 working days stuck in congestion.”

    Really? Based on what? Car sales figures? There are only so many of us and unless we have 800 new drivers per week I am not sure all those new cars are being driven at the same time as the ones we replaced.

    “My understanding is they are rethinking [a fuel tax] because in the end, they’ve got to be part of the solution or they will be blamed for the problem.”

    Nice one Phil, already looking for someone else to blame for issues that could become your responsibility.

    • taurangaruru

      NZ v Aus $ cross sitting at around 4 cent differential, I regularly purchase 91 petrol for Aus 99 cents per litre. Doesn’t that highlight the extraordinary amount of taxes Kiwis are paying already, even allowing for any additional costs claimed by the fuel companies operating in NZ?

  • Superman

    I wonder if petrol will become a target for thieves just as cigarettes have?

  • biscuit barrel

    When you look up key Auckland motorways , eg habour bridge, I dont see the ‘extra traffic’. Sinks Vics rush for second crossing too

    • Red_NZ

      the rush for the second harbour crossing, should be due to the Harbour bridge’s age and requirement to replace it before it’s lifespan expires. Rather than the BS we’re being given as reasoning. While some bridges overseas may be older than our Harbour bridge, concrete bridges only have a limited lifespan, the clipons don’t last for ever and to put it simple the harbour bridge needs to be replaced, while the project is still cost effective, rather than flooding the north western, when the current bridge become unusable

      • biscuit barrel

        Its not a concrete bridge. Its only half age of the Sydney harbour Bridge which is built using same methods

        • Red_NZ

          then why has it been said it only has a 20 years left of it’s lifespan?

          • biscuit barrel

            If you read it through, its seems they say the (steel box)clipons are good after the $45m upgrade they did. Then they say they arent good. Seems the heavy trucks are still the problem.

        • peterwn

          The Forth Rail Bridge is 126 years old and still going strong. It is a steel cantilever bridge.

          • biscuit barrel

            red_nz pointed out the problem ( but for the wrong reasons).
            Its the steel box section clipons which are life limited. Freeman Fox stuffed up the design of those.

          • biscuit barrel

            Heres an interesting background to the design and build. The bridge itself is two bridges which are structurally separate ( with saw edge expansion joint between). They are the first 3 spans from Northcote side and then the rest of the spans to Westhaven

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    Please dont let this man take the reins of Auckland

    • biscuit barrel

      he wont be taking the ‘reins’ as the Mayorality still only gives you one vote at the Council table. he needs a minimum 10 votes to even change the curtains

    • Brian Dingwall

      yes, his agenda will be to reduce Auck to ever more chaos at ever increasing cost, in the sure and certain knowledge that voters will punish the central government (his real strategic obective)

  • cows4me

    In keeping with the socialist ideals of Auckland perhaps a name change, Goofystan.

  • Graeme

    If he becomes mayor he knows he wouldnt be paying that tax. The ratepayer would be paying for his petrol and road tax in the rarepayer provided vehicle

  • In Vino Veritas

    Brilliant. So Goff wants drivers to subsidise a railway line that if it were to pay for itself, would charge ticket prices so expensive that no one would buy them. So essentially, it can’t pay for itself! What a financial genius.

  • Eiselmann

    Friend in Auckland…very much a socialist , works incredible hours and earns seriously good money, he also has to spend hours a day traveling Auckland roads, is NOT impressed with Goff ….is bemoaning that he has no one he can vote for in the upcoming elections …..

    Increased rates and added taxes is not a vote winner Phil…and certainly not in the rebellious mood Auckland ratepayers are in ..

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Tribal Labour with over 30 years of the spend and tax mind-set makes one wonder why it is only a paltry 10 cents? Gas has never been so cheap for years so why not 25 cents? Or does intend that 10 cents at first and step it up down stream when he is polishing the Mayoral chain with constant wearing?
    The truly frightening thing is the disaster area he holds the potential to turn Auckland into even if he only makes it through one term. Rail? Light or heavy like the mill stone legacy his party left for the taxpayer? Not to mention 42% of zero taxpayers being carried by the other 52%. Independent? Reah right.

  • Quinton Hogg

    A 10c per ltre petrol tax eh?
    That will offset any fuel efficences of modern petrol engines do there will be a zero sum outcome and simply make hybrids or fully electrical cars more attractive to the average driver.
    Watch petrol taxes plummet

    • biscuit barrel

      Who remembers this in 2012
      ‘Motorists will be stung with a 9-cents-a-litre petrol tax increase over the next three years to help the Government meet its promise of a return to Budget surpluses”
      Plus it broke a no new taxes pledge. It seems as though motorists have short memories

  • Kevin

    The irony is that if these public transport zealots ever get their way the public transport system would immediately collapse. And the very next day people will get back into their cars again. I know because I’ve seen it happen.

    The fact is Auckland just doesn’t have the kind of topography to support the kind of public transport these idiots want to impose on the rest of us. To solve Auckland’s transport problem more roads and less bottlenecks are the best solution.

  • Torry

    “Like Len but with his zipper done up”.
    Not the case in Wellington I hear.

  • Grumpy of Onehunga

    Light rail down Dominion Road will enable PG to travel from his electorate to the Council offices by tram, using his Gold Card for free, while the rest of us pay for it.

    • Ruahine

      Er No. I believe he has a nice lifestyle block out Clevedon way.

  • island time

    Maybe he could increase tax on cars so that less cars get sold? Reduce the cars instead of increase roads. Just as stupid….

  • Bruce Rayner

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, goofus is an idiot and if Aucklanders vote him in as mayor they are bigger idiots. Problem is the rest of NZ ends up poaying the bill.

  • Neil

    He didn’t last long as leader of the Labour Party… just a complete idiot.