Pleurnichard of the Week

We have a winner for crybaby of the week, or pleurnichard as the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys would say.

A Frenchman whose attempts to hitchhike out of the West Coast landed him in court says New Zealand should be renamed “Nazi Zealand”.

Cedric Claude Rene Rault-Verpre, 27, appeared in Greymouth District Court this morning charged with wilful damage after his disastrous four-day mission to get out of Punakaiki. Rault-Verpre pleaded guilty to damaging road signs.

He was ordered to surrender his passport as part of his bail conditions and remanded to appear in Christchurch on Friday.

In court, Rault-Verpre said he had spent four days on the side of State highway 6 at Punakaiki and no one had bothered to even offer him water.

Locals contacted police yesterday alleging Rault-Verpre took his frustration out on road signs at Punakaiki.  

They said he took one out of the ground and threw it in the nearby Punakaiki River and hurled large rocks at another. They also told police he had verbally abused tourists and locals.

The owner of the signs, Fulton Hogan, is seeking $3000 reparation, an amount Rault-Verpre is disputing.

Duty lawyer Marcus Zintl said Rault-Verpre just wanted the matter to go away and was prepared to pay reparation, although he believed the signs were already damaged and he did not do $3000 worth of damage to them.

Rault-Verpre arrived at the courthouse with a backpack, carrying a large black rubbish sack and wearing jeans and a jumper.

Outside court, Rault-Verpre said New Zealand should be renamed “Nazi Zealand”.

He believed no one wanted to hear his side of the story and that the damaged sign wasn’t even worth $100.

Asked how long he had been in this country he replied, “too long – way too long – and I’ve been to 80 countries”.

What a crybaby.

In four days he could have marched backwards to many places. Instead, this wanker decided to try and bludge a ride and was so useless at hitch-hiking he was ignored. As a result, he lost his rag and went on a vandalism spree.

His visa should be revoked and he should be put on the next available flight anywhere.

Piss off Froggie.


– NZ Herald

  • jaundiced

    Not fair. The sign he damaged was not in new condition, so why should he have to pay the cost of a new one to replace it?
    I’m sure there are plenty of second hand road signs lying around in bargain bins somewhere.
    There are the kind of low value, bludging tourists we don’t need.

    • biscuit barrel

      The sign is the cheapest part. Its the people and vehicle to go and replace one in a fairly remote area thats the cost.

  • john Doe

    He was lucky that DoC didn’t pick him up as we know what they do with frogs in thier care on the West Coast.

    • STAG

      Not sure about frogs, but they certainly know how not to take care of snail’s.

  • XCIA

    His passport should be stamped with a very large stamp “Not permitted to enter New Zealand”.

  • Whitey

    A scruffy bloke with a large black bin bag verbally abusing tourists and locals – I wonder why no one would offer him a lift?

  • Nige.

    “no one had bothered to even offer him water.”

    You bad bad socialists on the coast. Don’t you know you should be offering water to people sitting in the side of the road?

    • Seriously?

      West coasters letting us down again! There is a word for them but it escapes me at the moment.

      Latest “news” on it suggests he is hitching across to Christchurch for his Court appearance on Friday. On current form they might need an adjournment.

    • Dumrse

      Send home Havelock Nige, they will give him good water.

      • Nige.

        Believe it or not I drove to Nelson one day and it was raining the whole way EXCEPT Havelock. Totally backwards.

  • Nige.

    I wouldn’t pick him up either. His eyes are too close together. Pic.

    • Nige.

      And he has a pink backpack.

      • Nessie

        And a low hairline.

        • MaryLou

          I think he probably votes Ecologique

        • Duchess of Pork

          Ah, but the temptation to tug Monsieur’s ponytail. Moi could not resist.

    • Like Colin Craig’s

      • Nige.

        L°°k mate. I wasn’t going to go there.

  • Greg M

    West coasters would be the most hospitable people on the planet. If none of the locals wanted to help the guy he is clearly an antisocial dropkick of the highest order. Boot his sorry arse out.

  • Eiselmann

    He spent 4 days by a river and no one offered him water…that’s part of his complaint….stop the world I want to get off.

  • Isherman

    And he has since stated he is going to hitch-hike to his next appearance in court…after he has had his face plastered everywhere for the Nazi -Zealand remark. Pretty slow really isn’t he.

  • Tracy

    With his attitude I am not surprised he was not picked up. Make him pay for the sign then kick him out of the country – Aussie will like to have him I am sure.

  • Cadwallader

    He was mistaken, his homeland’s government voted to abolish the use of plastic cutlery not road signs. It is surprising that with more or less weekly terror attacks, their government can be focussed on something so trivial.

  • Betty Swallocks

    I hope when he does go back home, he goes via Singapore with a stopover there, and tries on the same nonsense. They just love it when foreigners disrespect their country; he would be looking at the thick end of a couple of months in Changi +/- a couple of strokes of the cane to reinforce the lesson that you don’t visit Singapore and play up like a spoilt kid.

  • R&BAvenger

    If it wasn’t for nouvelle Zélande, Monsieur Rault-Verpre and the willingness of our countrymen in the past to travel all the way to your country twice in the space of the last 70+ and 100 years, you would have been speaking German. Ils sont morts pour la France.

    • Steely Man

      And their response was to travel here and bomb a little boat in our harbour under cover of darkness.

      • R&BAvenger

        Thanks for reminding me. I also meant to add but forgot to say that as a nation we even forgave this terrorist act on our nation’s soil by France, and warmly welcome French visitors.

  • Genevieve

    Seems like a thoroughly pleasant chap. What a surprise that no one wanted to give him a ride. Do Nazis not pick up hitchhikers either?
    Homme stupide.

    • GCMC

      Is “homme stupide”…tautology…?

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard
  • Graeme

    Buy a bus or train ticket prick !

  • biscuit barrel
  • Davo42

    Man I was just getting over the Rainbow Warrior, and now this!

  • zotaccore

    This frog obviously hasn’t read any history books and to start using the Nazi word in a country that helped liberate France goes to show the sort of nutter he is. Mention the word limpet and he probably wouldn’t even be able to make that connection either.

  • Kahukowhai

    I bet that was when the road north was closed by a slip last week

  • DeplorablePersonOfColor:WHITE

    Generation Snowflake…there will be more….