Political censorship on Twitter


A source inside Twitter has confirmed that Twitter is shadow banning users on the basis of their politics. This confirms what a lot of us have already noticed; that Twitter is a hostile place for non-left-wing  and non-PC voices. It also helps explain why so many conservative and libertarian writers have appeared on Gab since it went live three weeks ago. Cam is now on Gab @Whaleoil and so am I @Spanishbride. It is very popular and there is a waiting list so you will need to be patient.

Judging by all the  comments on Gab people are thrilled and relieved to find a place where political and moral viewpoints aren’t censored by their social media platform.

Today the news broke that Twitter who banned conservative libertarian, Milo Yiannopoulos’s personal account have now banned his podcast account even though it has not violated any of Twitter’s terms of service. Their attack on conservative voices could not be more obvious.


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…According to the source, Twitter maintains a ‘whitelist’ of favoured Twitter accounts and a ‘blacklist’ of unfavoured accounts. Accounts on the whitelist are prioritised in search results, even if they’re not the most popular among users. Meanwhile, accounts on the blacklist have their posts hidden from both search results and other users’ timelines.

…added that he was afraid of the site’s power, noting that his tweets could disappear from users’ timelines if he got on the wrong side of the company.

Shadowbanning, sometimes known as “Stealth Banning” or “Hell Banning,” is commonly used by online community managers to block content posted by spammers.

…However, Twitter isn’t merely targeting spammers. For weeks, users have been reporting that tweets from populist conservatives, members of the alternative right, cultural libertarians, and other anti-PC dissidents have disappeared from their timelines.

…The pattern of shadowban reports, which skews towards the alt-right, the populist right, and cultural libertarians, follows close on the heels of Twitter’s establishment of a “Trust and Safety Council” packed with left-wing advocacy groups, as well as Islamic research centre the Wahid Institute.

It also follows my prediction that Twitter would use its influence to interfere in the 2016 presidential election by muffling conservative voices on the platform.

With shadowbans now confirmed…there is little room for doubt that the platform is intent on silencing conservatives. Furthermore, it has demonstrated a complete lack of regard for transparency, concealing its shadowbanning system from users and hiding its political bias behind a veneer of opposition to online abuse. (In reality, the site turns a blind eye to abuse from left-wingers.)

Users in search of a transparent, politically unbiased platform will soon have to find — or build — an alternative.

I  believe that alternative  is  Gab. The only censorship there is self-censorship and it is growing rapidly with thousands of  voices coming onboard every day.

  • Boondecker

    Been on Gab for a few days now and you can tell it’s very much in its infancy stage. Like any fisherman, I’ve cast my line in the form of the odd jab or three at the lefties, libs, progressives and SJWs but nobody is biting as yet. You can see it’s coming though with some of the hashtag threads but as yet it appears too early for any old fashioned Twitter-like banter. Milo Yiannopoulos is there under the call sign @m but he too has only wished a brief “hello” so far.

    The best thread on Gab I’ve found for laughs to date was #ThingsYouWontHearSJWSay – some of the posts had me in stitches.

  • Crowgirl

    It’s amazing that Twitter can find so much time and so many conservatives to ban, but can’t seem to do anything about the proliferation of terrorist supporting accounts on that platform.

  • baw

    Went to the website – it wanted me to sign up. Why bother, when I just want to look at the content not join.

    • spanishbride

      Only members can view it currently as it is still in BETA and there is a long, long waiting list.

  • spanishbride
  • Keanne Lawrence

    The really interesting aspect of Gab as an alternative with self censorship will be to see the tone of those who use it. Examples so far are encouraging indicating that the SJW would find it a hollow chamber not unlike here where they seem to pop up and disappear tickles. Or a flea in their ear.