Pretend token empty symbolism smashed to pieces

This is a great example of Metiria Turei been owned by Hekia Parata.  Turei asked a stilted question in Maori to a Minister who is a fluent speaker, as you can imagine she smashed Turei.

In her first term Hekia Parata was useless, but Labour were worse than useless…and missed the boat on trying to smack her up.

Now she is competent and quick in smashing stupid questioners.

You know that Turei is just being token in her use of Te Reo…she only ever asks the primary question in Maori. She has to read them and then resorts to English for every other question.

Well done Hekia.

  • metalnwood

    I saw that with a smile on my face.

    I wished they had shown Turei, after asking the question in Maori, listening to the response on the translator. Even reading from her notes it was laboured.

    • Mick Ie

      I would love to see a copy of MT’s notes. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the question had been typed with the words and their accent spelled phonetically to allow her a much bet-ter atemt at TRY-ing to pro-nowns them, as this is the way she a-peered to reed it out yes-ter-day.

  • Nige.

    Listen to it a couple of times to really grasp how difficult it is for Meteria Turei to wrap her tongue around the language.

    Now some may say “at least she is trying”. Well, shes actually butchering and is making a mockery of it. If she really wants to speak it she needs to learn the language properly and commit to it.

    By doing it this way without speaking anywhere even close to fluent, she is basically holding a puppet up that serves no purpose and disrespects the language.

    What it DOES draw attention to is that National have people who take the language seriously and quite obviously have done so since their younger years.

    This will be a huge blow to those who saw it yesterday who are Green party supporters.

    Unfortunately though that translates to no one. They dont watch.

    National take another one off the left.

    • metalnwood

      Yes and it would seem that her point of order was largely due to the fact that the answer to the first part of her question was responded to in Maori and she didn’t fully understand it.

      Insane, say something in Maori, not understand the response in Maori and have a point of order to complain.

    • MaryLou

      Agreed – and whilst it wqas a good show by Parata – 90% of the population doesn’t speak Maori – yet we all have a stake in what happens in parliament. If this is to continue – they must do subtitles. They just must.

      • GoingRight

        You can get a translation but I can’t for the life of me remember how to do it. Write to the speaker he will let you know.

        • MaryLou

          That’s good, but since we’re paying their wages and they understand the importance of allowing us to see what’s happening (televising it), ensuring we can understand it, is somewhat important too. If we can cater for small subsections ie the deaf – which is a good thing – what about the other 90%?

          • GoingRight

            Don’t think you can get immediate subtitles but later on in the day they can. More and more of them are speaking maori – makes us so cross, as we just see it as tokenism. Hubby shouts at the weather girls on the tv when they call Auckland Aotea…..a

          • DangerMice

            Auckland is Tāmaki or Tāmaki-makaurau not Aotearoa

          • GoingRight

            Quite right, he also shouts when they use Aotearoa for NZ and tamarin- Ma…. for Auckland. Got muddled, but he doesn’t!

  • Boss Hogg

    People like Turei that repeatedly make fools of them selves in very public arenas suggest a lacking of awareness and being delusional, in my opinion. Surely she must review these sessions and then think “that didn’t go so well, must not look like an idiot again next time”. But no, she will continue for our entertainment or embarrassment depending on which side of the fence you are on.

  • wilson

    I find her questions in English just as bad. Such a patronizing, I’m so much more intelligent than you tone.

  • XCIA

    The really sad thing here is that we, the long suffering public (in her case) are compelled to pay for this waste of space and the time she needlessly takes up in our over priced and over populated parliament.

  • Cambo

    Hats off to Hekia. From the little town of Ruatoria, 1 of 10 siblings. Smashing it out of the park. What a great role model for young Maori girls! Bi-lingual, intensely proud of her heritage, but living in the now. An enlightened modern Maori woman aiming to make NZ a better place for her people.

  • kayaker

    I saw this yesterday. It was just beautiful, poetry in motion. Metiria is just playing with the language, it’s tokenism, quite disrespectful.

  • oldmanNZ

    Will be interesting to see, if she continues to ask questions in Maori…..

    The hole has been dug.

    If she does not, the its clear she does not understand.
    If she does, and the answers is in Maori… Then she wont understand.

    • Mike

      Government should get Mr Flavell to answer all her questions in Maori

  • Eiselmann

    Been waiting for this to happen to the Larper, if her otherwise butchering of Te Reo was part of a genuine desire to bring more Te Reo into Parliament that would be one thing, however the Larper has been pulling this stunt now for quite some time and if anything her pronunciation is getting worse.

    So she is either not using Te Reo outside of the occasional question ,which means shes not serious about the language….or she is serious about learning Te Reo, is practicing it with all the hours of spare time she has as a Green MP and is just a bit thick.

    • Intrigued

      Love your reference to “Larper” – perfect term to describe Metiria’s pretend at Te Reo and politics in general!

    • jimknowsall

      Indeed, but please try not to continue the ridiculous practice of calling it “Te Reo”. Your comment is in English, so the English word for the Maori language is simply “Maori”. By way of comparison, you would, I hope, never say anything like “I am learning to speak Deutsche”. It would always be “I am learning to speak German”.

  • Platinum Fox

    The best part from my point of view was that the question was targeted at Anne Tolley, but answered on her behalf by Hekia Parata. I gather that Minister Tolley is away, which I presume that Turei was aware of, so the choice of Hekia Parata to answer on the minister’s behalf was inspired.
    The second best part was Hekia Parata’s response to the initial point of order, saying that she had answered the original question in Te Reo where it was obvious that Turei was not sufficiently fluent to be able to understand the answer.

  • Curly1952

    Yes, Hekia Perata has grown on me over the years and I bet National are very pleased with her performance in the Education portfolio.
    As for the other person in the post she is going from bad to worse and quite frankly is an embarrassment to MP’s no matter what their persuasion.
    Edit to add that the admiration shown by Shaw as she reads her question is quite sycophantic.

  • Quinton Hogg

    Ms Turei needs a total immersion course for Te Reo. Preferably for the rest of her life.

    • STAG

      On the Kermadec Islands?

  • Mike

    A plastic Maori vs. a real Maori…

  • BR

    Metiria Turei. What a phony. She’s not even “environmentally friendly”. She’s a hard line communist. That’s all.


    • Ruahine

      I wonder how many times she has walked the Kepler Track. She is nothing more than a troughing political opportunist.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    God that woman’s awful, she has a very annoying habit of sounding sanctimonious and sarcastic at the same time. It astounds me that John Key (who is usually the recipient of her questions) is so civil when answering her.

    • curry4me

      That’s part of the leftist mantle.

    • Ruahine

      John Key is actually a very smart guy. He understands intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence and also has situational acumen. Can you remember when John Key asked the questions in the House?. He was quite devastating because he asked questions from each answer given, not just another prepared question, regardless of the answer previously replied to.

  • andrewo

    I listened to a recent interview of Hekia Parata on RNZ. I thought she absolutely mastered the politically loaded questions of the interviewer. It’s nice to see her develop into the role and it vindicates those who kept her there despite calls to move her out when she was initially struggling.

  • Keeping Stock

    John Key should be commended for holding his nerve with Ms Parata during what was a pretty disastrous first term as Education Minister. But she has grown in confidence in the role, helped in no small way by having the best CEO in the public service, Peter Hughes, and head if the Ministry of Education. She and Anne Tolley are a formidable combination on National’s front bench.

    • jimknowsall

      The Education Ministry is pretty toxic for right wing politicians given so many of those under you (teachers and educationalists) are left wing.

      • Nige.

        It has the most enemies given education has the strongest union numbers and hold us to ransom so.

  • ReginaldWellingtonJnr

    Tell me: do the MPs get a simultaneous translation (I didn’t listen with sound so apologies if it was more obvious if you did listen)? I notice Michael Woodhouse has earphones in and they look old as if provided by parliamentary services.

    • Nige.

      Well the initial question is advanced and would certainly have it in both languages. As for supplementary questions no. They are not provided in advance and therefore need interpretation presumably through the earpiece if required. If there is enough warning that there will be significant te reo used then there are a couple of translators who sit beside the speaker and translate accordingly. This is usually when the opposition are philibustering. Google is your friend if you dont know what that is.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The Material girl giving a multi faceted display of what an absolute waste of space she really is and showing no improvement with age. Like modern day wine that is produced for quick consumption while the good stuff improves with age.
    Stumbling through the primary question in native dialect set the tone of the 9 plus minutes of ridicule. Naturally as seen before all supplementary questions are in the No1 language where she also stumbled with the delivery and more so with the content.
    Few people are ignorant of the fact that identified fathers contributions are paid to IRD as they indirect contributors. Other responsible parents make financial concessions or contribute directly to the child’s upbringing.
    IRD have the power to extract a contribution directly from your pay based on a % of your income.
    We gather from her display that she has no understanding of how the system works and more importantly bothered to adequately prepare for her attempted smear. But it might have been a shock to have the question answered by Hikia Parata on behalf of the Minister targeted. She seem so ignorant of what is happening not to be aware of her absence attending a conference.
    If she can spend so long with her snout in the political trough and learnt nothing the what hope does she ever have of mastering the native dialect? She can’t even learn from her mistakes.

  • Dog Breath

    The shocker here is its obvious the material girl knows as much Maori as I and that’s not much however the Greens must have decided that she present the full Maori face so they must prior to question time have a team translate her questions to Maori (please let it be google) so that she can read it in a way that clearly shows her lack of knowledge in the language and this from the party that promotes itself as being honest.

  • zotaccore

    Turei always seems to come across as an immature young teenager. The fact she has been feeding off the trough for so long now with little to put her name to indicates she is a liability. Yet, the loopy left thinks she is just wonderful, which is way she will be sticking around for a lot longer than people want her to. That’s ok though, it provides entertainment at least when she gets dealt to in the chamber.

    • Nige.

      She talks like a teenager too when she says “supplementary question” and “point of order”

      • Blueburd

        I heard in the audio her complaining “they just don’t get it” sorry material one, it is you that just doesn’t get it.

  • Geordie

    I showed this to my 24 year old daughter and suggested she could be the next PM (I did add that she had a torrid time at the beginning and was very lucky not to be sacked), she was blown away at how good Hekia was. The Labour and Greens are always patting themselves on the back that they have gender quotas, but National is streets ahead. It is not about gender, but how good you are and National has some outstanding women MPs at the moment, led by Judith and Hekia.