Questions for Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams before she turned to a union hack

Jessica Williams before she turned to a union hack

We have already pointed out the amateurish astroturf campaign that union thug Jessica Williams is running against Talleys via My Food Bag.

We expect Jessica Williams will try to call in favours from her left wing mates in the media, trying to run a hit job on both My Food Bag and Talleys. So we would love to know the answers to these questions: 

1. Are the people posting on MFB Facebook page claiming to be customers actually MFB customers?

2. Or are they just union hacks doing Jessica Williams bidding in part of her astroturf campaign?

3. Are the union hacks actually able to get MFB where they live? Or are they just making it up?

4. Will she actually prove that the union hacks are customers of My Food Bag? If necessary we can provide a list of those who claim to be MFB customers.

That would be a good start. Lets see Jessica Williams attempt to spin that these union and Labour people are actually just normal people in the community, not plants to promote her crusade.

  • Sally

    Seems a rather big consequence that a lot who are complaining about MFB using Talleys have union links. Must be a lot of union workers so busy and well paid in their jobs that they use MFB.

  • JEL51

    Gosh, now I can see who you speak of. It has been so long since I have seen tv I didn’t know how significant this person could have been before she became an insignificant union whatsit.
    Now, there seems something really illogical for a person who purports to act on behalf of others to create a situation where it could easily put the income of those (in this case) she is suppose to represent, at risk. Do people like her not realize how damned hard it is to stay in business to be able to provide jobs in the first place? It could be much easier to outsource those jobs to Asia where there isn’t the high taxes, holiday, maternity & sickness pays to cover. Perhaps it is time for some people to grow-up !!

  • Hard1

    Back in the day, Croatians like Sir Peter Tally, Dutch builders and a myriad of other European immigrants came to New Zealand and built it from the ground up. Skilled people and others who worked long and hard to grow their own skills, molded this country to such a great extent that we are widely respected on the world stage.
    All this despite the Unions fighting tooth and nail, eventually losing as the modern era emerged.
    Are we entering a period of stagnation and decline, for example, as the old method of building housing infrastructure preemptively by councils using rate money has disappeared?
    However did anything get built in NZ in the first place? Have councils become self-serving entities, has immigration dropped the ball, are customs really stopping any significant amount of drugs crossing the border, are the Police so fed up with lame social worker judges forgiving burglary and handing out one small sentence for numerous crime so devastated Police that morale of the force has reached a nadir?
    This country needs a rark-up. Compulsory Military service for 6 months, career training to follow seamlessly, jail burglars if they’re human, and get real tough on unprovoked violence. Let the Ganga go and increase the sentencing for importers and distributors of P.

  • Ruahine

    My Food Bag has been setup by an immigrant from Malaysia. We cannot have that now can we. Also she has got one of those ‘Chinky’ names that Phil Twyford does not like.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Good luck seeking answers to your questions but it might be quite a wait. We really have to wonder at the mugs who cough up their union fees when so many of the union leaders seem hell bent on self destructing. This sort of ranting does little or nothing for their members except help to drive them away.
    As Goldie has said Talley’s started from humble beginnings and the only wrong move if there has been one is expanding from fish to meat. A primary industry where unionised strife has been the norm from the get go.
    Sadly this Williams person is yet to become aware of the fact that the majority are so over this sort of union BS that it results in them doing the opposite. Thus no matter what they do or what they say their numbers are most likely to keep declining. Lol